Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Rodeo, Washington DC, Port Townsend

There are several places where you can go in the evening and enjoy city-wide concerts. Lake Sacajawea is one of those places we've done a few concerts at. 

This picture may look like no one attended the concert.  It was actually packed.  We were there early to get a seat in the shade and eat our picnic dinner.  Ten minutes later you could hardly see the grass!

This last month has been busy.  They always seem to be a little busy.  We had four birthdays we kept trying to squeeze in during July.  Finally, they were all celebrated on the same day the first part of August.  I love family parties.  There just haven't been enough of them this year.  Work and plans tend to get in the way.

I didn't take pictures but it was also another gathering with four close high school friends.   I always look forward to those get togethers.  It's another summer gathering that there just doesn't seem to be enough of.  We love to talk and share secrets that only we know about.

Getting those horses to stand still for a photo just doesn't work.

The Cowlitz County Fair was a blast.  We went twice.  Once was to just check it out and also catch Tracy Byrd in concert.  What a great evening with Tammi and Robert.  We went back a second time for the rodeo.  Next summer we plan to do the same. Love those local fairs!

Washington DC was next.  Tammi was a speaker at a conference and I got use of her hotel room.  I'd been there several times before but didn't hesitate to go again when asked.  I spent two days riding the trolley, walking, enjoying and even took a boat ride to Alexandria.  Now that's one place I hadn't been before.  

I loved the boat ride and also loved the Navy Memorial. The water in the fountains at the Navy Memorial had been gathered from all seven seas!

My return flight was a long combination of 3 legs.  I booked 2 legs on Southwest to coincide with Tammi's departure.  It had been a while since I had been on Southwest and didn't realize the only entertainment offered on those flights required using your own devices.  No problem except they don't have charging outlets on their planes!!   Last leg was on American and I breathed a sigh of relief!  No need to ask me if I'll do that again!  It's a whole new meaning to low-cost airline (and, they aren't necessarily).

Tammi introduced us to an interesting store.  It's the Washinton State Surplus store with loads of odds'n ends.  There was furniture, office supplies, electronics and items seized from TSA.  Terry loved it and is already planning another trip back.

Next we started getting ready for our trip to Port Townsend.  Port Townsend is where my father was originally stationed during WWII.  Uncle Sam took that Texas boy and put him at Fort Worden after boot camp.  Needless to say, he met my mother, started fishing for halibut and salmon.  Then he stayed in the area the rest of his life.  Port Angeles is my stomping grounds.

Our little "gadabout" trailer was ready and we were off.  It was a short trip but we still broke it up into two days.  The first stop was at the Little Creek Casino just outside of Shelton.  There was no need to unhook as they have long 60' paved sites in their RV park.

After getting set up, we headed towards their lunch buffet.  Total cost for two was a little over $23.00.  What an amazing buffet it was!  All you can eat crab legs, clams, oysters, cod, steak, turkey and the list could go on and on.  Delicious!

I only played the slots for a short time and was pretty much even when I hit a $250 jackpot. It's more fun to win than lose ... obviously.  The good part was I still walked out of that casino with about $210 more than I walked in with.  I'm thinking now we're going to hit this same place on the way back next week.

We woke up to rain .... ugh.  Oh well, Port Townsend is today.  Rain, rain go away.  Come again another day.  We have plans to meet up with friends we haven't seen in a while and of course, Sandi will be crossing those ferries from where she is stationed and stay with us over the weekend.  Besides that ... I love Port Townsend!  More on that after we get back from the Texas Gulf Coast next month!

Soon we'll be heading south for the winter and closing up the cabin ... err our little "shanty".  However, for now, we're still on vacation.  Love that we're still able to come and go!!  Can't imagine what it'd be like if we had to stay still!

'Tis life on the road.


  1. Can't imagine you guys every standing still!! How fun to spend some time solo exploring in DC. I can't imagine ever being able to see everything. We love both Port Angeles and Port Townsend - enjoy!!

  2. Love that you do fairs. I love fairs too.

  3. Yes, it's good to see you are still out and about.

  4. Once again you're bouncing all over the country. Very nice to get some time in DC, lots to see and do there. I'm a bit jealous of how good you did in the casino, but I just remembered I still owe you a buck for the time you loaned me one for a failed casino attempt at winning a fortune on a one armed bandit.

  5. We just booked our third trip to DC in two years, looking forward to all those sites:))


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