Monday, July 22, 2019

Enjoying Summer

There are many enjoyable events during the summer.  The best part is always family get togethers.  We’ve had those for sure.  We’ve also been up to other things.

Summer brings days with a lot to do or nothing at all.  I think I have a harder time adjusting to nothing at all.  June had a lot of both in it.  First of all the Portland Rose Festival Parade rolled around.  I couldn’t talk anyone else into going with me except for Terry.  I actually think he enjoyed it just as much as I did.   The parade didn’t seem as huge as it had in the past but it was still fun watching and talking to others. 

There was no trouble parking or getting out of the crowds because we took the Tri-Met tram from the airport.  Another treat after the parade was lunch at the Oyster Bar in downtown Portland.  We had been introduced to that place by my dad many years ago.  He loved going with neighbors across the street when they visited.  And, of course, there was plenty of seafood.

Another jaunt we took was up to Bremerton where we spent the night and ferried over to Seattle.  The weather couldn’t have been more perfect.  Last time we did this it was on a weekend and people were everywhere.  People were still everywhere but not quite as many.  This was obvious, especially at Pike’s Market.  That’s an amazing place filled with all kinds of food, seafood, crafts, and even more seafood.  

What fun for sure!  I know it wasn’t as busy as before because we actually found available seating for lunch!   Afterward, we hit the waterfront for more sights and ice cream.

Next we were on our way to South Dakota.  It would be a short one we hoped.  The plan was in one day … take care of business … and out the next.  That didn’t happen.  

We got as far as Chicago and weather canceled almost all the flights out.  We sat around all day and it was a mess.  What’d we do?  We hopped a flight and headed back where we came from.  At this point we knew we’d need to do it again soon.


Another planned trip was to Pigeon Forge, TN with Terry’s brother.  We had met him there 4 years ago.  (I know it was 4 years because my blog said it was.)  A few repeat shows were planned plus a trip to Dollywood.   It was an amazing trip but it was also hot and humid.  I loved the Country Tonite show and I loved the shows at Dollywood.  The boys had a blast riding the numerous roller coasters but I don’t do that.  Why get sick if you don’t need to?  We loved the trip and we are now inspired to do Branson again in late spring.

After Terry and I left Knoxville, we were determined to make another try getting to South Dakota.  We succeeded!   However, getting out of there was stressful. 

Again, there were weather issues in Chicago and numerous flights were canceled as was ours.  It was all day sitting around with our fingers crossed.  The 6am flight eventually left about 1:30. The Chicago airport was a zoo with people running around trying to find available flights.  Another six hours and our Chicago flight took off.  Whee!!   It wasn’t fun but we’re thankful our mission was accomplished.  Going through Chicago is never fun and I would say not going to connect there again but I have another flight through there in a little over 2 weeks.  I'm holding my breath on that one. 

Bucky is on a diet.  He’s not happy about it but it’s no doubt good for him.  He tore some tendons (ligaments?) in his leg.  We think he needs to reduce the weight on those little legs.  We’re hoping now he heals and surgery isn’t required.  His next vet appointment is coming up and we’ll know more then.

Crafting?  I haven't been doing much crafting, sewing or other things like that.  However, I’ve taken a couple classes on resin and etching.   I also bought a Curio to try etching and embossing since I left my Cameo in Arizona.   Always have to do something so I hope to do some rock painting and the weather is finally perfect to sit outside and tinker with that.

----   I smoked some salmon and brisket.

------  Our neighbors    

The Cowlitz County fair will soon be in full swing with Tracy Byrd entertaining.  So, with that going on,  a concert at the lake and the Rodeo over the next couple of days, it’s definitely going to be busy.  On Monday our “high school clique” will be getting together.  There are four of us who ran around together through those “young” years.  It’s fun getting together and talking about the “good old days”.

That’s it … be back next month (or, maybe not).

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. it's good to see you are still doing fun stuff. We do occasionally but nothing like you. We haven't been together with our high school gang in many years; I wonder what it would be like to see them all now? (Yes, Dave and I were dating back then so he's part of my gang.)

  2. Too funny flying back from where you came from. I had to laugh about that, but then I know how you like to bop around the world on airplanes. Even if Chicago is involved. ;c)

    Branson in the spring? Hmm, you're getting close to us. We like Branson, too. Hint?

  3. What a grand summer y'all are having. Let us know how that goes. I wonder how he can cheat....I always do.


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