Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Wedding, Hawaii and What's to Come

It's a blog!  It's hard to believe that at one time I put out several blogs each week.  They were actually more for me and hoping to remember where we were, when and what we did.  We all know how memories work as we age.   I'm not saying "I" have problems with memory! 

We've had a couple highlights this spring that I want to remember so figured it was probably time to jot it down .... just in case.

First of all, Jordie's wedding has come and gone. I took a couple hundred pictures and here are two of them.  That, of course, was one of the main reasons we landed in the Pacific Northwest sooner than usual.  We were lucky that those days weren't as dismal as they could have been.  Matter of fact, some days were even in the 90's.

Soon after Terry and I hopped a Delta flight to Hawaii.  I know.  I said a Delta flight.  It was convenient but we didn't luck out with a new, roomier one.  Once in our seats, we felt like we had been stuffed in a sardine can.  Coming back we had much roomier seats on American.  It was a newer plane with more room between the seats. The flight wasn't quite as convenient though as we had to go via Los Angeles.  The connections worked and we didn't get bumped off that one.  Thank goodness!

This trip wasn't to be one of those touristy trips because we'd already been to Hawaii a few times.  It was actually supposed to be relaxing as we didn't need to rush all over the island checking it out.  We went to an evening magic show, a comedy show and, of course, another luau.  Then, most of the rest of the time was spent enjoying the beach.

Back "home" (wherever that is), I bought an Instant Pot and between trying it out for some amazing meals and using my Traeger, we've been eating pretty good.  On the Traeger I've smoked a brisket, done ribs and smoked salmon.  In the new little pot I've done corned beef and cabbage, a pork roast, a stew and the list goes on ......... but now what?

<  View from our hotel room

I've made a couple little purses.  I discovered I hated taking my bigger one on the trip and wanted a couple zipper bags for our future trips.  

Needless to say, I don't want to sit all summer.  Hard to believe?  Saturday is the Portland Rose Parade and unless it rains, I'll be there.  Then, next week we're going up to Pike's Market in Seattle for a day or two.  The temperatures should be in the upper 80's so the timing will be perfect.  Also, just booked a hotel in Pigeon Forge, TN for July.  We've been there but not to Dollywood so we're looking forward to it.

A couple little shoulder bags  \- one double zipper and the other a single zipper

While I was trying to convince Terry to go to Savannah for some of those great fried green tomatoes, Tammi offered another option.  She has a business trip coming up the first part of August in Washington D.C.  Since she has the hotel, I decided to tag along.  I'm sure there won't be any problem entertaining myself visiting the Smithsonian's again while she's in her meetings!

Wait!  There's more.  Later in August, we're meeting up with cousins in the Port Angeles area.   And, we're still on for our boating trip with other cousins in the Gulf of Texas in September.  I hope that's enough to keep us busy.... if not, I'll come up with something else I'm sure.

'Tis life on the road.


  1. I just cant begin to keep up with where you're at when. Wow. When you pass the IRS building on Constitution Ave wave at it for me.

  2. What a wonderful time your have had. So nice that you haves an update. Continue to enjoy life in the fast lane and maybe have time for a few more postings.

  3. Glad to read that you didn't fade away into Bloggers Graveyard.
    Hopefully we'll finally get to meet next winter in the southwest.
    Don't forget to include Buck in your travels.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. Girĺllllll.....are you filling up another bucket????

  5. I'm glad you keep so busy so I don't have to. :) Our daughter and her boyfriend are coming for 4th of July weekend and we've invited Dave's family to join us on the 4th. That's enough excitement to last me all summer. I do enjoy reading about your doings, though.

  6. If I could get around better, we would meet you somewhere. Soon I hope.

  7. Life has a way of keeping us busy :-)

  8. What a beautiful bride.
    Nice you could go th3e Hawaii and just relax. You weren't in sightseeing mode!
    I LOVE DC!!! You won't have any problem keeping busy, even if this is your 10th time there.
    Glad to see you two haven't slowed down. Maybe when you both hit 90....that is maybe.


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