Wednesday, April 17, 2019


I’ve recently been chided by a friend (Joe) for not updating my blog.  He said he laughs every time he goes back to see what we’re up to because it still is dated from Christmas.  Well, here you go, Joe, an updated blog without too much travel news and only a few shenanigans in it!


   ----  Bye bye for the summer   ..

Of course, the first thing I had to do was go back and see what I had written.  Here’s the link to the last blog I wrote before Christmas.   It had been so long and we’d done so little.  Actually, that’s not really true.  We’ve been very busy but in a different way.  There was a time I blogged daily.  It slowly became blogging a few times a week and from there to maybe once a week.   If I blog now,  it might even be four months down the road.  Time does march on.

Sons of the Pioneers    ---

I mentioned in my Thanksgiving post I wasn’t sure how I felt about being in the park we had chosen for our winter months.   It was difficult at first since we were the new “kids” on the block.  Some folks were friendly and others stayed in their own little groups.   The good thing was there were other new “kids” too.  Time moved on and we met a lot of nice people.  Some I would even call good friends.  We’ve grown to love the park and most of the people in it.  Sure there are still things I don’t particularly like but where would it ever be 100% perfect? 

I don’t believe we’ve ever been so busy in the winter time ….. thus, no time to write a blog.  We’ve done a lot of visiting, been to concerts, bowled weekly,  danced a lot, shared meals, done tours, eaten some more, visited more and still volunteered around the park.    That’s pretty much it in a nutshell other than we also did the wind tunnel (kind of like sky diving but not from an airplane). 

After such a busy, busy winter, Terry’s a little worried about how I will do in the not-so-busy-summer.  He is well aware of my “hyper” side.  Right now my  plan is to have one “vacation” a month.  In May we’re heading to Hawaii for a few days.   In August we have a little “cousins” get together on the Olympic Peninsula, my stomping grounds.   In September we’re going to “pop” down to Rockport, Texas for a little boating!   In addition to lots of crafting,  I’m hoping to spend some time with family and friends around this area.

Snowbird season did come to an end and we made our way back to the Pacific Northwest arriving on Monday --- only 3 nights on the road!  We also saw snow on the route but not on the roads.  This weekend we’re driving north of Seattle to visit with Sandi.  Her ship will be out to sea most of the summer so we have to go now.

Buck has settled in and remembers the trails around here.  He also remembers where to go to watch for the deer.  I think he’s liking the freedom.  Our little gadabout is finally unloaded and we’re moving it to Tammi’s backyard for the summer.  Other than one outing with cousins in August, it’ll stay there until we head south again in October!

That’s it, Joe!  Here’s your updated blog!! 


  1. Have a great summer. Hopefully we can get together next winter. I like being a part of a community like we have here in our park. Especially when health issues are involved. Glad you found your community too.

  2. Nice to hear from you again and glad you had a busy fun winter. Now to enjoy fun summer, and enjoy your vacations. keep travelling safe.

  3. I have been enjoying winters here in Rockport since Dec of 2007. Reservations might be a good idea now days.

  4. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, glad to see your still having fun. Just maybe we can manage to catch up to you guys while your up here in the PNW. And yes it has been funny seeing how long it was in between your blogs.


  5. I'm looking at some trips for the summer. Why don't you two join us somewhere?

  6. So we can expect your next blog post at Christmas 2019? :cD

    Like I should talk about long times between blog posts...


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