Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Going, Going, Gone

Just in time the cabin awning over the patio was rolled up.  What furniture wasn’t removed from the deck was covered with tarps.  The BBQ awning was put away …. however, not before I accidentally poked a whole in it trying to splash off the rain that had co20180929_074621_resizedllected.

It was moving time.   Food was cleaned out, floors were swept, sheets were washed and folded on the bed.  It was time.  We could feel it in the air and in our bones.  Fall was definitely here.  Some days were warm and other days were wet.  We had to catch a dry day to make sure our “stuff” was put away dry.  Then, we placed humidifiers around to help with wetness over the winter.  In addition, all food was removed and so were utensils.  We weren’t going to make it convenient for a mouse to ruin any more of our belongings.  We’ve only had mice one year.  Thank goodness.  Thanks to Tammi and Robert though those mice were gone before we arrived.  However, we also replaced most of our utensils and other stuff because of them.  Like I said we’re not taking a chance this year.

We still had some “irons in the fire” so even though we had a few days before it was time to head south, we still moved out.  We finished up shots not only for us but for Buck.  It was a vet appointment and a trip to the groomer for him.  Then, it was down to Tammi’s backyard where our little “gadabout” had been stored this summer.

There was also a visit to my cousin’s house in Portland.  We played around with embroidery stuff.  I love getting together with crafty people to share ideas and see what others have done.  It’s so much fun.  Then,  she brought out this amazing caramel apple dip.  Ever try it?  It’s amazing and addictive.  I must have dipped a whole apple in it piece by piece.  I’m sure it’s calorie and carb free!! 

flagI do have some crafty little projects on my “to do” list but doubt I’ll be able to get to any now since we’ll be on the road.  What do people do if they don’t keep themselves busy doing something?  Anyway, I think I forgot to post this one.  It’s a flag I made for Tammi’s birthday and THEN she decided not to have a birthday party.

One interesting thing we saw on our trip to Portland was how they have come up with an idea to deter tent people from living under overpasses and bridges.  They bring in rocks !!!  It must work because no tents under this bridge!

I had heard there was now a Hobby Lobby in Portland so had to fit that store into my schedule.  That was a must!  They have Hobby Lobby stores all over Arizona and other places but not in Portland. 


Tammi and I discovered this cup at Home Goods after we left Hobby Lobby.  We just had to get it for Sabrina!

Horse races started at Portland Meadows.  Terry and I hadn’t been to a horse race since our kids were babies.  We had to go again.  Michael, Lee and Sabrina joined us the first time.  However, not so sure they had as much fun as we did.


Then, we went again the following Sunday.  This time Tammi and Robert went with us.  I think they had as much fun as we did!  Plus it was fun cheap entertainment.

Another date on my calendar had been marked a luncheon with a couple high school friends.  I always enjoy getting together.  Who knows more about you than the friends you made when you were still “wet behind the ears”?  That’s a term my father used so it fits here for sure.


There is a Scraps store in Portland and it is just what it sounds like.  It has scraps and Tammi drug me along!  However, some of their things are really scraps and others are brand new.  Some of the prices make you feel like you’re stealing the item.


They have tons of used, donated and new supplies for crafters.  They also have lots of office supplies, sewing and knitting odds’n ends.  Some of the stuff is pretty crappy and other stuff is pretty great.


Another place we visited was the Stash Tea Factory Store.  I think she wanted me to feel guilty that we were leaving because she was taking me to places I liked!   If you drink tea, this is a must stop.  They have about every type of tea imaginable on their shelves plus cups, strainers and other odds’n ends for tea drinker. 


It’s an amazing store and we didn’t walk out empty handed.  We bought more than our share of tea and I even walked out with a new Christmas Buck cup!  

New tires were put on the truck.  Then, we hooked up the little “gadabout” trailer and  down the driveway we went ….. it was only to the local Elks RV park for the night.  You could tell snowbirds were on the move as later in the day several other RVs moved in but remained hooked up.

Dinner was with Lee and Sabrina.  In the morning we hope to inch through Portland traffic with the nose of the truck heading due south. 

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. Nice to get things taken care of and on the road again. Travel safe.

  2. Lots of shopping before heading out. I'm sure you have lots of stuff ready to be made into beautiful crafty things. I love seeing all the things you make. Safe travels and great adventures.

  3. Yep I was trying to make you feel guilty amd your still leaving... Guess i have to try harder next year =p

  4. Glad to see you're back on the road again - safe travels!

  5. I want to see pictures of Buck drinking from his new cup. Hope I don't have to wait until Christmas! :cD

  6. Yes, I know caramel dip. Yummy. It's hard for me to read about getting back on the road but I am fine, for now. Have fun and be safe. We love you.

  7. Come on down the weather is fine...and yes kids can make you feel guilty but I'm sure sweet little Tammi would not do such a thing..would she???

  8. We're waiting until the 1st because of appointments but maybe our paths will finally cross in the Southwest.
    Catching up after Computer Problems.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.


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