Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Summer is coming to an end

I’ve been blogging almost ten years.  At one time I even did daily blogs.  FORBID!  However, I was pretty consistent in posting at least every few days.  We had a lot going on in the beginning and I knew with a blog I’d be able to look back and reminisce.  Well, it became more than reminiscing.  I was able to rediscover places we’d stayed, where we’d been and how we felt about the travels.  I also met a lot of folks through blogging.  Things changed this year.  For some reason blogging got put on the back burner.  Even though I continued reading the blogs I’d been following, I wasn’t posting.  A few days grew into a few 20180806_130631weeks and now it’s been over two months since a post.  That’s a first for sure!

The Beach !

Here goes again and that’s really because the summer of 2018 is coming to an end and our travels are ready to start again.  If I don’t blog, I won’t be able to look back on it.  I just know in the future I’ll want to do that.  Without a blog I’d be out of luck.  So, like I said, here goes again.

One of our visitors 

Summer has been busy.  I love the Pacific Northwest summers.  It’s the best place to be.  The weather is perfect and I love spending time with family.  It was especially nice this summer since the Navy transferred our granddaughter, Sandi, from where she was stationed in Florida to a Naval Base just 150 miles away.  She always has time for us and that we’ve appreciated. 

I would say in addition to family but we really have some RV friends who we consider part of our family, our RV family.  These are our Tennessee friends  and they hung around in our driveway for a few days.  We were so glad to have them.


It’s been busy.  We’ve visited, we’ve reconnected, we’ve celebrated and we’ve had plenty of get togethers (but never enough). 

This year also caught us with numerous doctor appointments – is that an age thing or are we just falling apart? We’ve been busy but now Labor Day has come and gone.   I always seem to get the itch after Labor Day because it means summer is over and it’s time to think about heading south.  I can feel it in the air.  I can feel it in my blood.  It’s time to get on the road to somewhere. 


Entertainment at Terry’s birthday party   


First comes the planning.  The route planning that is.   I’ve planned, erased, planned and erased some more.  Weather was the major culprit for changes.  However, in less than three weeks we’ll have the little “gadabout” trailer on the road.  The “cabin” will be shut up for the winter and we’ll be following the sun.  We have friends to catch up with, new restaurants to try, new experiences and sunshine to follow.


Soon we’ll be off.  That’s it for now and next time I’ll catch up sooner than later.

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. Right at the moment I have too many things to blog about so I'm a little overwhelmed. And I will get behind but that's okay. Like you said, it's the looking back at all the memories.

  2. Or life off the road as is apparently the case for you in the summer.

  3. We really enjoyed our visit and meeting the rest of the family, you are a great hostess. Loved seeing the rose gardens and the Japanese gardens in Portland. Next time maybe Terry will plug us into the other
    outlet so I can run something other than my toothbrush. Ha ha

  4. Good job. You haven't lost your touch. I am going to blog tomorrow, I think.

  5. Nice to hear form you again, vent caught up. The itch is there and we soon heading south as well., n travel safe.

  6. That was you providing the entertainment at Terry's party, right? :cO

  7. Great to spend the summer it a beautiful place with good friends and family. We agree the PNW is the best area for summers! Looking forward to seeing where you get to this fall.


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