Thursday, September 27, 2018

Dragging our Feet

In my last blog (one that was two months from the one before) I said I’d be better and trosery to catch up sooner than later.  I’m trying now.  It’s been 10 days since that one and I’m trying to get back in the practice of blogging some.  Of course, none of the pictures go with the theme but I haven’t really been taking many pictures either.

    Portland Rose Garden

A couple Saturdays ago was the day of the big board meeting for the area our cabin is in.  It’s totally politics.  We can really get burned out with politics no matter where it comes from.   Just like national politics it’s been a little dirty.  However, we went for the entertainment.  After all, summer is over and we needed something to do.  Entertainment we definitely had.

With fall just around the corner we’ve been watching the weather.  All the little cushions on our deck have been gathered up and stacked under the awning.  We’re trying to make sure that we don’t end up storing wet cushions over the winter.  So far we’ve been lucky and everything is dry.  Most everything else we used has also been covered with tarps or put in the storage shed.  Yep … we may be dragging our feet but really we’re slowly thinking about heading south.

Check out this amazing Taco Salad

  And, this amazing Cobb Salad

We’ve also been transferring odds'n ends to our little gadabout to get ready for that trip.  Even most of my hobby items have computercase1been packed away too.  That has left me wondering what to do at times.  If folks don’t have hobbies and they are retired, what in the world do they do with all their time? 

It’s been easy to stay entertained this summer.  In addition to having family around and doing work projects, I have lots of different hobbies.  Sometimes just coming up with 20180917_090127_resizedsomething new can take as long as making the item itself.  Usually my projects are gifts  -- gifts for me or gifts for someone special.  The learning process can be slow and projects can take hours and hours.  However, it keeps me busy and they are “gifted”  away.  Most are appreciated but I’m also amazed when I don’t even get a thank you.  Going forward ….  those days are history.

Nice buck 

Obviously, no matter how busy we’re keeping ourselves, with everything getting packed we’re now a little bored.  We still have a few irons in the fire and can’t quite get on the road yet.  We’re thankful Tammi has made a point to help with that boredom this summer by spending as much time as possible at their little weekend place which is just down the road from ours.   After all, we head this way to spend the time with family.


I love doing table runners 

We still don’t know how we’re going to head south.  Are we going east or just south?  It’s really t0o early to arrive in Arizona.  Temperatures are still way too hot.   Last year we were dealing with wildfires and even though we thought we had our route figured out, we were detoured by the fires and closed roads when we did leave.  This year we’re just being a little wishy washy.    Oh well, the time will soon come and we’ll have to move those wheels one way or another.

We had planned a trip to Texas but we’ve had a few “oops” that have changed that.  The plan was to be able to visit Justin (temporarily stationed in Texas) at the same time we were visiting cousins.  However, the plan became altered when Justin's truck broke down enroute and he ended up flying there.    Without a vehicle to rendezvous with us we still don’t know what we’ll do about Texas or if we will. 

The other night we were driving back about 12:30 AM.  Yes!  It was late and this HUGE animal jumped out in front of us.  It was HUGE and took a moment for both of us to digest what it was.  It was an Elk with a huge rack!  What a beauty and so much fun seeing it.

So, that’s what’s going on.  And, by blogging this I’ll remember it down the road even if dementia at some time does arrive.

‘tis life on the road (or off)


  1. Are you sure you didnt see BIGFOOT???
    Pick up yer feet you will wear the soles out!!

  2. Sure glad all you did was see the elk. They are beautiful. We aren't dragging our feet but its going to be awhile before we get to the desert. Be safe where ever you decide to go.

  3. We were recently in Mineral, Washington and saw a huge cow elk eating apples off a tree in someone’s yard. So cool!

  4. Table runners are so cute. I'm going to do that too.

  5. We too are just hanging around waiting at the starting gate to make our journey south then west, we have lotsa time, so patiently waiting.... Soon you be out and about.

  6. I understand about preparing for dementia. If it helps any, Dave's mother could still read after she could no longer remember any of our names so having memories stored as blogs is probably a good thing.

  7. Glad you didn't hit that elk, it would have made an awkward hood ornament... ;c)

    I've had a new hobby these last couple of months, taking care of my 96 yr old father who came for a weeks visit and broke his hip. Lots of time in the hospital, rehab hospital and out patient rehab. Now have to help him dress and bathe. Gotta put RV travels on the back burner for the foreseeable future. Tis life not on the road... ;c)

  8. It was actually cool this morning when we went for a walk.

  9. Waiting for the weather to do what we want it to is frustrating in every season! Sounds like you're ready to go but not ready to arrive anywhere. Will be fun to see where and when....

  10. I love you table runners. I like to try one...better get a sewing machine first.
    Where is Justin in Texas? We hope to be there is Jan.-Feb. Maybe just maybe we can get together.
    Glad nothing bad happened with the Elk.


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