Thursday, July 19, 2018

Beautiful Washington

19hjul-8Here it is two months later and I finally am getting around to updating my online “diary” errr  blog.  I think I actually wrote most of this one mid-June.  At one time it was daily, then every few days and rarely more than a month.    I think I get so far behind blogging because of posting to Facebook.   I’ve been following along with other blogs I read via my phone and for some dumb reason, I can’t post comments on them from my phone.  I have been following though.

We’ve been so very lucky with the weather.  It has been gorgeous mostly.  Only the weekend of the Rose Festival Parade did the skies open up but that figures since we had big plans to go.

We spent a little time out in the “Gadabout” sitting on a sandy beach watching all the ships coming into Portland for “Fleet Week”.  We’ve done that every year for the last few years.  This year we picked a different location but the same gorgeous view at Skamokawa.  Sandi had been home on leave so she was even able 19hjul-21to join us.  However, she is now at her  new base in the State of Washington. 

We also had a nice time catching up with “snowbird” friends in Chehalis.  It was lunch with Anders & Cheryle and Chuck & Carol.  We’re hoping to do it again but summer is moving along.

We were back at the cabin on Father’s Day with family.  The menu included 19hjul-5scallops, halibut, tri-tip and all the little things to go along with those.  Then, Terry decided to add a little grass to the area.  Of course, Buck decided to help. Then, he got to rest a bit.


In the meantime, our barndoor slider has been installed, new flooring is finished and the embroidery machine has been busy.   Well, one embroidery machine was busy and then I bought another one …  Oops  $$$$


We’ve managed to stay pretty busy and even had an opportunity to visit Terry’s mom in Arizona a couple of times.  She moved into a new retirement home which is much nicer than the one she was at.  We had to check it out and even share a meal cooked by their chef.


While there we also checked on our 5th wheel which is in storage. 

We love uneventful flights but our return trip wasn’t quite so uneventful.  After take-off there was a medical emergency in the row ahead of us which meant the pilot lost no time in returning to the airport.  Thank goodness there were three paramedics on board. 

Flight crew and medics were amazing.  However, we were stuck at the gate waiting for ground crew before the fire department could board.  We couldn’t believe the pilot could beat the ground crew to the gate.


There was also an overnighter with girlfriends in Olympia and dinner at Anthony's.  One girlfriend lost her husband in June so a visit was definitely in order.  Now I’m trying to get her to visit me this winter in Arizona.  We will see.

Jordan is getting married!!  She showed off her ring and announced the engagement at her birthday party last Sunday.  Five dogs joined us for the celebration and now our new grass has brown spots.  I’m sure you get the drift on that one.

19hjul-10Buck thought he had found a ball but it was really a watermelon.  He happens to be obsessed with balls. The hard part was when Tammi tried to get it away from him.  The local deer got to finish it off.


The lake was gorgeous.  What a fun place to celebrate a birthday, go kayaking or even just enjoy the view. 

There are so many things we wanted to do while in Washington but summer is moving along pretty fast.     Tomorrow we’re heading to the Naval base in Everett.  Sandi is getting “frocked” and wanted Papa to be there.  So, we’ll head up in the morning, attend the frocking ceremony and then eat at the Anthony’s that evening.   YES!  There is an Anthony’s in Everett, my favorite PNW seafood restaurant chain.

19hjul-1We still are hoping to have a little beach time.  We’ve had to work our schedule around gobs of doctor appointments, birthdays and other odds’n ends.  However, it’s still in the plan but we just don’t know when yet.

Just in case I don’t post again for a while ……

We’ve got a couple beach trips on our calendar plus we’re also hoping to put together a September-October-ish trip to Texas.   This year we’re thinking we’ll head south about the end of October but weather may decide otherwise.  In the past we’ve started migrating late September or early October.    We’ll probably spend some time in the Phoenix area and after Christmas head to Yuma for several months.  That’s the plan but you know how our plans usually work.

Okay, so this has been posted!  Yippee!!

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. Great wrap up. Congrats to Sandi. That's exciting news. Love that Buck man.

  2. I forgot a special congrats to Jordan.

  3. Congrats where due including Terry's mom for finding a better place.


    1. I had meant to post a meaning but forgot ---
      In the United States military, frocking is the practice of a commissioned or non-commissioned officer selected for promotion wearing the insignia of the higher grade before the official date of promotion (the "date of rank"). An officer who has been selected for promotion may be authorized to "frock" to the next grade.

  4. Thanks for the up date. Have fun doing whatever you're doing.

  5. So nice to see you haven't faded into the sunset but are keeping so busy sunup to sundown!

    Congrats to Sandi, she'll be passing Justin in no time the way she is advancing. :c)

  6. Nice to hear from you again and glad all is well and keeping busy as usual.

  7. Busy as always Jeri! You two are great at getting things done. Congrats on engagement and promotion...I know you are very proud! You live in a beautiful state...Joe and I are enjoying our time on the Oplymic Peninsula!

    1. Would love to run into you. If you're down our way (Woodland), let us know so we can meet with you for lunch or something.

  8. No doubt you've been keeping busy. Sounds like the cottage is looking great. Buck is such a character. I'm sure the deer appreciated his water melon offering :-) Congrats to Jordan and Sandie!


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