Saturday, April 14, 2018

Texas Hill Country and Bluebonnets


So, we had thought our visiting was over in Kerrville but it wasn’t quite yet.  Cousins Jim and Diane stopped by because they just had to see Buck.  He’s a mighty popular “person”.   Buck welcomed them as you can tell.   In addition he was happy to find someone to play with his ball.


The next morning we were on our way to Fredericksburg. After getting set-up we headed straight to Fredericksburg Jewelers.  Terry bought a ring there 4 years ago and was told it had a lifetime guarantee.  Two years after he bought it one stone fell out.  Yep …. they replaced the stone.  Two more years and more lost stones.  So we were anxious to see what they would do this time.  We are happy to report they treated him right and offered to either replace the stones and mail it back to him or give a credit to another ring.   He took the credit.

Later that afternoon we were off to the Wild Seed Farm.  It’s beautiful and picture perfect.  They have so many fields of different flowers plus lots of unique Texas Hill Country souvenirs, seeds and food items.  It’s definitely another must-stop location.



   ---- Poppies and Bluebonnets



The next day we headed towards the very popular Willow City Loop.  We were told the Bluebonnets weren't very good this year.  Well, wow, it was outstanding for us.  I can’t imagine what it would be if it were good.  Along with other cars driving the loop, we made lots of stops and took a zillion pictures.



Loved the boots on the fence …….    

Wednesday we were on our way south to visit friends, Tina and Jeff.  We were meeting them in Blanco so chose the route through Luckenbach.  We’ve been there many times but it’s still fun to stop and check out the ever so popular town that Willy Nelson made famous.  Love that place!



We were meeting them at the Old 300 BBQ.  We knew exactly where it was … been there, done that before.  We love being able to meet up with friends along our travels.   We were looking forward to our visit with Tina and Jeff.  We filled our stomachs with barbecue and did a lot of chatting before time to head back to the little “gadabout” and Buck.  What fun!



By Thursday we were watching those winds again.  We know how this part of Texas can get.  Sure enough on our travel day another storm was predicted.  I figured I’d have to think about that.  We could stay or we could go.  As luck would have it, the RV park we were at gave us another two nights for just $10 ….. the weekly rate.

14APR_1Another BBQ restaurant was on our list.  That was Ronnie’s in Johnson City.  It had been recommended and we had to go.  It was definitely worth it plus the pit master wanted us to try his BBQ turkey.  It was probably the best turkey I’ve ever had.  Not only was the meat delicious but we found more stuff to see.


First, was LBJ's boyhood home even though we'd been there before. 


Check out the old jail.  Johnson City had a big one with mighty strong bars on the windows.  


Next stop was the LBJ Ranch outside of Stonewall.   It was another return trip but we make a lot of those.  We did have a new picture and that was of a posing Horned Hereford.  Then, Terry also found a bulldog puppy he just had to check out. 



The wind has been howling.  We’ve been rocking and rolling in our little gadabout.  It’s also been noisy due to those winds.  We’re glad we got our stay extended so we don’t have to be tossed down the road.  Soon we'll be heading a little northeast and hopefully those winds will be ahead of us by then.

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. Gals to hear from you all...thought you were heading to Arkansas and there was a tornado reported there travels!

  2. Those flowers are incredible. It's fun to revisit places especially if it's been awhile. Much much calmer here today so hopefully your winds are dying down too.

  3. Those flowers are beautiful! Love the boots on the fence posts, in case you didn't know you were in Texas already :-) Those winds have been everywhere this week, we're happy to have some calm today in Las Vegas!

  4. Those winds are here, too. Be glad you are not also dealing with a mix of rain, sleet, and snow. I hope the forecasters are right that it will be done by Monday for my doctor's appointment.

  5. Is there any BBQ place in the country that you haven't tried? I'm sensing an addiction here... :cD


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