Sunday, April 1, 2018

On the road again !

buzzard_thumb2This is Easter Sunday (Happy Easter) and this blog is a continuation from one posted last week.  I had to break it into two blogs  because we were very, very busy.  We’ve had visitors.   However, now the visitors are gone and the winter travels behind.    Today we’re on the road again.  We’ve discovered some of the best travel days are holidays and Sundays.  There are fewer folks on the road so we’re heading down that road without them – we hope.  Where exactly are we going?  Well, we’re not really quite sure about that.

The last two weeks have been more than busy.  As mentioned in my previous blog, Tammi and Sandi were here for a few days.  A couple days after they pulled out Justin flew in.  He was occupying our little “hotel suite” too.   We were ready to start playing tour guide all over again. 

Tammi sent me this picture of our cabin when she got back to Washington.   What a difference in the weather between where she was in Arizona and where she was in Washington.

Just like Sandi Justin also had a trip to the casino.  The difference was Sandi’s trip was shorter because she was only here a very few days.  We had to move fast with her.  Justin’s visit was much longer.  This time great grandma went with him to the casino.  He also walked out of it with more money than he walked in with.  However, that had nothing to do with him winning.  H23Mar--91_thumbe lost.  It had more to do with grandma winning.  


We’ve heard a lot about Saguaro Lake from our friend Jim.  So, we decided to take a ride to see it with Justin. It was a beautiful drive and a beautiful lake.  The weather was perfect and we had a great little “brunch” at the restaurant. 

We also checked out Saguaro Lake Ranch.  There were kayak rentals and even horseback riding offered.  We’ve marked this place as one we’d like to return to.  So, IF we’re in the area next year, we may make it a point to ride those horses and kayak there.


Buck had a couple visits to the dog park and doggy day care.  Justin got to see him in action.23Mar--101_thumb


With  Justin so much of the time was around food.  Our goal was to cover as many types of food as we could.  We did have an opportunity for BBQ, Thai, steak, Mexican, pizza and, of course, seafood.  The seafood was an all you could eat buffet which included sushi, crab, clams, shrimp plus.  Yummy. 

So, I bet you’ve noticed how Sandi posed for her pictures and Justin’s are from a distance.  Yep.  That’s how it was. I had to be sneaky.

Justin wanted to try a little leather craft tooling.  So, we made a quick trip to Tandy Leather for some supplies and he had a chance to try his skills.


It seemed like every day was filled doing something.  One thing Justin really wanted to do was go to the rodeo.  His timing was perfect for an annual rodeo that weekend.  So off we went.   It’d been a mighty long time since we had been to one. What fun it was!       


Then, came the competition with bull riding, bareback riding and roping.  With all that rooting, we were sure tuckered out when it was over.




---  Anyone up for the challenge?

There were a few other places we wanted to take Justin but time was getting shorter and we were finding it hard to cram everything in. 

One place we wanted to go was Rustler’s Rooste.  We arrived a little after noon and walked inside the opened door.  We walk2-6Mar--1ed around and didn’t see a soul so walked right back out and discovered they didn’t open until 4:00 PM.  Another group was just getting ready to come  for lunch too.  We let them know they’d have a long wait.

Down the hill to Aunt Chilada’s.  We’d been told that was a great Mexican restaurant.  The small dining area with about four tables next to the hostess was empty but they didn’t want to seat us there.  Instead into the main dining room we went.  It was packed plus there were three noisy groups.  If I said it was loud in the dining room, that still couldn’t describe how loud it really was.  We sat for a while and didn’t see a server so eventually continued on down the road to 3Claim Jumpers.  There we had lunch and in the evening we joined our RV group for 25 cent chicken wings.  It’s a Monday thing just down the street.

Instead of Goldfields Old Mining town Justin preferred to spend his last day in Arizona playing pool and doing a little leather craft.  It’d been a long week of running so a relaxing day sounded good.  Dinner with great grandma was on the agenda for that evening.  So, we hung around and met her and Terry’s sister for dinner.

30Mar--2Other than the drama and politics at the Elks this season we’ve had some fun times too.  We’ve met some great people.  One event we’ve enjoyed just finished on Thursday.  It was their  5-5-5 dinner event.  That’s five dinners on five nights for $5 total.  In addition to the excellent meals we’ve enjoyed, we’ve also more than won our share of door prizes.  It’s a lot more fun to be a winner than not to be. At the “last supper” we had great entertainment, a steak dinner and more door prizes.  And, yes, we won again.
Next was finishing up on transferring the last few items from the 5th wheel to the “gadabout” and then putting the 5th wheel in storage.  That was an awful lot of work!  We started finalizing and cleaning up Friday morning.  Then, the “gadabout” was moved into the space once occupied by the 5th wheel!  I really wouldn’t want to do this more than once or twice a year!  We were zonked!

31Mar--1Saturday we enjoyed a potluck dinner affair and a “farewell” to winter with a few folks.  It was our last shindig for the season.  Temperature was soaring into the 90’s.  We knew our timing was right.  It was time to move on.  The “gadabout” was hooked up and ready to roll the following morning …. today, that is.   It’s Easter morning.  We are on the road again!

        Happy Easter

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. Safe travels to your next adventure. Looks like lots of fun with Justin and Sandie!

  2. Yup, holidays are good travel times. Until Sunday night when all the families are heading back home. Glad your family managed to have their gatherings during other times.

  3. You are still keeping busy. Glad you had time to spend with Justin.
    Happy Easter to the both of you.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. I must go with you to the casino. Everyone wins with you!
    We love traveling on Sunday. This time it didn't work out, but we do it a ton.
    Saguaro Lake looks so lovely! We need to stay at that Elks next time we are out there. $5 for 5 meals is a steal!!! Safe travels. Happy Easter.

  5. Sounds like a whirl-wind visit and lots of fun with Justin. Safe travels!

  6. As usual you are always busy, but having too much fun.


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