Sunday, April 8, 2018

Bluebonnets, Friends, Cousins

It felt so good to get on the road again.   Our drive out of Phoenix was uneventful and that’s just the way we want it to be.  We cruised on down the road with very little traffic.  Our only issue was the weather forecast for New Mexico.  Wind gusts were projected to be upwards of 50mph!  Eek!  We don’t travel in that unless they’re pushing from the back.  Besides this low flat area of New Mexico is known for its winds.  Those winds bring blowing sand and windshields can get pitted.

Our first stop was in Deming.  We’d stop1apr-2ped at the Dreamcatcher’s RV park many times in the past.  It’s perfect with pull-thru sites and barely off the freeway.  Okay, so we know that means it’s a little noisy at times but it couldn’t be more convenient.  Besides, people are always nice.  We were just a little early for their ice cream social.  Terry rarely turns down ice cream especially if it’s a double scoop for 50cents!  Guess who we ran into ……  Bill and Jan.  You just never know who you might run into.


This is the picture I took of them …


This is the picture she took of us.


More gusts were expected the next afternoon so on down the road we went.  It wasn’t far to the Texas border and before long we were through El Paso.  We’re always happy to get through that town.


Our next stop was Fort Stockton and we made it before more winds were to hit.    It was another great stop just off the freeway with pull-thru sites and even a small café.  What an excellent place to stay …. Fort Stockton RV Park.  We could tell snowbirds were on the move.  When we arrived there were many vacant RV sites.  By evening the park was full.

One more full drive day and we pulled into the Johnson Creek RV park.  A few sightings of bluebonnets started showing up the closer we got to our day’s destination.  That was exciting but nearly impossible to take pictures moving along.

We didn’t have a pull through as on the previous nights but we didn’t need one this time since we weren’t pulling out the following morning.  It was better than a pull-thru.  We had no one behind us or on one side.   Buck loved the site and so did we.


Buck was in love with the grass and the ponies.  Maybe I should say he was very, 1apr-12very curious of the ponies.  He ran up and down the fence trying to play with them.  They didn’t want to play.



Johnson Creek at RV park -----    

It’s amazing how many people you know are in the places you are.  Mary Jane and Tom were staying just down the road.  She suggested we meet at Toucan Jim’s in Center Point.  What a cute place!  Not only was it worth the short trip to see them but to also check out Toucan Jim’s place.

Friday night was our first gathering of the clan.  We met with cousins at Mamacita’s Mexican restaurant in Kerrville.  Terry and I were there about four years ago and we enjoyed it so much that we really wanted to return.   The food was just as good as we 6apr-5remembered!  From there we reconvened at cousin Jim’s ranch.  Bluebonnets were everywhere.



Here’s a quick shot of that gathering.  However, photos are small because they are out of focus and it’s not so noticeable when they’re tiny.



First thing Saturday morning three of us made a visit to James Avery.  This was one of our favorite places to go during the reunions of years ago.  My aunt loved the factory and the factory was just a short distance from where our reunions were held.  It’s changed over the years.  Now just a display area, museum and corporate offices are there.  They used to have the “real” factory and you could watch the artists make the jewelry.  Now you can “buy” what they make.  AND, I did!  So did my cousins.


Our next stop was one for crafting and fabric.  Thank goodness I have cousins who are as addicted to crafts as I am.  We were in heaven for a while but I’d been warned that our little gadabout wasn’t big enough for all the crafting stuff I’d lik6aprBa-2e to take back with me. 

There were a few more get togethers planned including a delicious BBQ dinner at Sandy’s later that day.  We did what most families do.  We talked, we joked and we ate lots.  What fun for sure.  The following morning we met for breakfast and before saying goodbye we planned our next cousin adventure.  Then,  Diane and I hit the craft store AGAIN.  Yes, AGAIN.

In the morning we will hook up and move on down the road.  We’re hoping to have another outing with friends as Tina and Jeff will be close.

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. It was great seeing you two. Hope we have more time to spend with you next time.

  2. Sounds like a fun time with the cousins. Be sure to tell Jeff and Tina hi for me. Watch the crazy weather.

  3. I added Johnson Creek RV to my Pinterest. Looks like a place we would enjoy.
    Love seeing the Bluebonnets. It sounds like another successful cousins reunion!

  4. It is amazing the people you run into when travelling, A visiting with family is always fun, travel safe.

  5. Hey Jeri, looks like the weather at Ft Stockton RV Park was a whole lot better for you guys than it was when I stayed there in 09. After meeting you guys in Mexico Beach. That time the temperature was 14 degrees the evening I pulled in and as I left the next morning, heading west, it was down to 13 degrees and snowing.

  6. I'm jealous of your travels, some family issues have us locked in place right now. Thankfully I can enjoy the travels you're on for now. :c)


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