Sunday, March 4, 2018

Such is life

28feb_1So, I know it’s been a long time since I last posted.  Golly, it’s been nearly two months.  I don’t believe I’ve ever gone that long without updating.   It28feb_2 seems we’re always busy with something or other such as  traveling, with gatherings or just with food.  And, that’s been the case.  So, now I’m playing a little catch-up.  I’ve been fairly good at following but not so good at posting…. oh well.

We’ve been to Yuma and even though we didn’t see the rattlesnakes as posted on the sign, we were careful.  Our trip to Yuma was mainly visiting cousins and planting a new love in their hands.  Meet Yuma.  She’s a new family member of Wally and Suzie.

28feb_29We also swung by Quartzsite but our stay was short.    We tried to visit some folks but timing was off.  Other than that we’d been there and done that with “Q” many times in the past.  We were there during the “short” Government shutdown.  RV’ers were everywhere and the “dump” line long.


28feb_4We’ve had some great food adventures with groups from Benihana to Benihana and to Benihana again.  We even took Terry’s mom and  I’m sure we’ll have another visit within the next few weeks.  After all, we do have some visitors heading this way in the next week or two (children and grandchildren).  That’s not to say Benihana hasn’t been the only place we’ve eaten.  It hasn’t been.  We’ve more than tried our share of other restaurants too.

Then, there’s been the crafty times and the gourds.  We even went to the Gourd Festival in Casa 28feb_38Grande and saw thousands of decorated gourds along with plenty to buy and do ourselves.


Terry’s been experimenting more and more with his lightening rod project.  The results have been pretty good.


We’ve certainly played with lots of crafty items.    There’ve been the birdhouses plus the lightening gourds to the aprons to the woodburning, painting and the list goes on!  The problem is I love figuring out what I can make but we certainly can’t keep all the stuff! 

28feb_2328feb_11 28feb_10

Then, I went to Portland.  It was snowing while I was there.  It was pretty to look at but didn’t want to be in it too 28feb_16much.  I guess that’s why we go south for the winter.  However, I still enjoyed my time with family, seeing the snow, going to Craft Warehouse, Fabric Depot, Scraps and Powell Bookstore.  I also had a chance to check on our cabin.  We certainly don’t want to spend the winter there.  The security guard and his mom came to check on us.  We assured him we had no treats.



The weather in Arizona suits us during the winter and has been fantastic this winter with temperatures running in upper 70’s or 80’s.  That’s not to say we haven’t had a few chilly 28feb_6days because we have.  Overall, it’s been wonderful.   We’ve enjoyed sitting outside and mingling with friends.  Buck has also been busy at Doggy Day Camp or the local dog park.


There have been lots of gatherings from potlucks to wine tasting and the list goes on and on.  Plus there's a chili cook-off today!  What fun that will be.  Lots of free chili to taste.

However, the Tempe Elks turned over a new face this year and there’s been plenty drama in the RV park.  They fired the hosts plus food in the lodge has gone downhill so many of the RV'ers aren’t eating there.  They even cut Wi-Fi to the RV park probably to convince guests to use the lodge but 28feb_44most have their own. Yes, lots of drama this year!  On the good side, we’ve met more terrific people here!  Where will we spend next winter?  Who knows!

Sandi has new orders and will be leaving the Pensacola Navy base.  From there it’ll be to San Diego and then to Washington State.  Yahoo!  Justin received new orders also and will be stationed in Japan. It'll be great for Justin but I'll miss seeing him as often.  Since Tammi and Sandi will be driving from Pensacola next week, I’ve been toying with joining them for part of the trip but still watching flights and still trying to figure it out.  Either way they’ll be around here for a couple days too.  What fun!

We’re into March and many folks we know have either started heading to their summer destinations or are planning their move.  So far we’re thinking we’ll head out about April 1st.  There’s no way we want to be around Arizona during the summer.  Lots of plans being considered but nothing definite right now.  The weather will probably make part of the decision for us.  However, we went west last spring so planning east again this time.  After all, we've got to go while we can.  You never know what the future holds.

That’s it.  I tried to keep it short but at least my “diary” has a entry and that’s what counts.

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. Hey you did a great job of summarizing. Benihaha's we will definitely revisit. Have fun with your projects and have fun figuring out where you are going I'll be watching.

  2. Figured you'd been busy as always! I've seen several incredible carved and painted gourds recently and wish I had half that talent - it would be a fun project. Portland is way to busy for us, but the snow would be fun for a visit.

  3. I wonder if you will EVER slow down? Somehow, I doubt it. :)

  4. Well it is about time we find out what y'all have been up to. I can see why you haven't had time to post. Family, friends and fun are way more important. Glad it has been a good winter. Too bad about the Elks. Wonder if they will revisit the WIFI connection situation.
    Benihaha....never been there, but there is always next year.

  5. Justin has orders to Japan? I'm foreseeing lots of sushi in your future... ;c)

    I bet you're glad your cabin has such observant security officers on the job!

  6. We know even when you aren't blogging that you are going, going, gone. But you do such good summaries that are fun to read.

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