Sunday, March 25, 2018

Playing Tour Guide

18Mar2I’ve slowly been adding to this blog and originally figured I’d post it Easter Sunday when we hit the road.  However, with two grandkids and our daughter visiting, we’ve been way too busy with too much to post.  So, here it is a week earlier.  First blog is adventures with Tammi and Sandi.  Next blog will be adventures with Justin. 

Many of the people we have met this winter have already pulled out and started their spring and summer travels.  Others have the “magic” travel date set which is just around the corner.  We have had some fun times this winter and enjoyed a few recent events including  our St. Pat’s morning donuts.  

Serena decked herself out for the occasion.   -------   

Recently we’ve had a few visitors and enjoyed sharing a meal in between getting ready for family.  Sue and Paul spent a night in the same park which was fun.  We also had a meal out with Jim and Sandie (the first Jim and Sandie).  It’s always fun to catch up with folks we know.

We pulled our little “gadabout” trailer into an RV site close to our 5th wheel.  Our plan was to get it set up as a hotel for family due to arrive.  We put a few “requests” in the refrigerator and it was ready to go.  Tammi and Sandi were the first to occupy it and Justin followed them a few days later.  Next it’ll be outfitted for our upcoming trip east.

To begin with we needed new shades.  It’s not that the shades in it18Mar--5 were bad.  They weren’t.  They were near perfect but we wanted day shades as well as the night shades.  These were just night shades so we had them replaced. 

    --- Old shades
       Getting new ones installed  ------

18Mar1Sandi and Tammi drove from Pensacola via Phoenix to San Diego.  When the Navy decides to send you some place, you go.  That’s what Sandi had been doing.  She’ll be in San Diego for a few months before arriving at her new base in Washington state.   We were glad we just happened to be in the middle of her route west.  We had a perfect little “hotel” and it was all set up for them including  mints on the pillows. 

While in Arizona I felt it my duty as a grandmother to corrupt Sandi so to the casino we went.  She did walk out of the casino with a little more than she walked in with.  Of course, that could have something to do with me spotting her in the first place.  Tammi, of course, didn’t do so well but she had fun.

Next it was a visit with great grandma and a trip to Benihana.  That’s such a fun restaurant to take first-timers to.  We all enjoy it so much.

We also introduced Tammi and Sandi to friends at the Elks.  Sandi was lucky enough to win a couple prizes at one of their dinner events.  It’s always more fun to win than not to. 

Soon we were off to visit a few touristy places.  First stop was Apacheland where numerous movies were made.



Next stop was Goldfields where Sandi tried her luck at gold panning.  We watched and tried to help but there wasn’t much gold to be found.  Note to self …. don’t bother doing this again.  It’s a rip-off.


We watched the gunfight and then checked out the Mammoth Saloon where all the hats and boots were hanging on the ceiling.



Love the view of the Superstition Mountains.  They’re so beautiful.



Next was a trip up to Cannon Lake and Tortilla Flats.  Everyone has to go to Tortilla Flats.  It’s a must stop for sure.  On the weekends its a very busy place.  Usually there’s a band and a barbecue pit going.  This Saturday it was one hopping place.


      Don’t forget to watch for snakes.

The restaurant is definitely a fun place with all the dollar bills plastered on the walls and the colorful bathrooms.




We also drove through the Tortilla Flats campground.  It’s a beautiful place but getting there in a big rig wouldn’t be much fun!  At least that’s my thought. 

After only three fun filled days,  Tammi caught a flight back to her home in Washington and Sandi pulled out heading to San Diego.  Terry made the drive with her Sunday morning and flew back to Phoenix in the evening.

Buck met another English Bulldog staying in the RV park.  I was excited and  Buck was excited too.   Meet Penelope.  Thank goodness I was there to supervise because they were kissing on their first date.

As I mentioned I had hoped to be able to post one blog and bring everything up to date.  I couldn’t do that.  The blog was way too long …… so, I had to break it up. 

The arrival of our next guest, Justin, took place a couple days later and we started playing tour guides all over again. 

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. You are always busy. But what a great reason for being busy - kids and grands. Love "the kiss". Have a fantastic summer and we'll see you in the fall.

  2. So much fun with the family. Best times ever. Not too many full timers have a "guest" Love it.
    You have a one of the great qualities of being a grandma...corruption. You are right, Tortilla Flats is a fun place to visit.
    I think you should nickname him Casanova Buck.

  3. So great to have family visit. Even better to have a private guest house for them.

  4. Good thing you caught Buck on his first date before there were little "Buckets" running around...

    Nice of you to teach Sandi your secrets for casino wins. Maybe one of these days you can share your secrets with the rest of us broke folks? ;c)

  5. It would be better if everyone visited at the same time so you would only wear yourself out once.
    Looks like Buck might need a Chaperone.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  6. So nice to hear from you again with a catchup you have been busy and more fun to come, with family. Keep up the good work.

  7. What is it with old saloons and hanging everything possible on the ceilings and walls? We enjoyed Tortilla Flats with friends as well. That restroom is a hoot with the short doors and fun paintings!

  8. What a fun time playing tourist guide to you grandkids! Always a hoot when they are around. I love old salons and all the crazy things you find in them...way cool to have boots and hats on the ceiling!


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