Friday, January 19, 2018

Casa Grande - Yuma

19jan_99We had one more appointment with Camping World and that appointment worked out great.  Was it because we complained so much about 8AM appointments but not starting to work until 5PM?   I don’t know but they did get right to it this time and we were out of there in less than 2 hours.  Since it was the light on the awning we also asked about adjusting the awning.  However, service manager told us it was Camping World’s policy to only fix one item per appointment.  I’m sure that’s because they get paid more for the warranty work than doing doing several fixes at once. 

The paint damage caused  to a side panel on the 5th wheel was discussed.  Previously the service manager indicated he would order a new panel because the RV had been back 3 times before they finally fixed the issue.  This time we asked about Igourdt and he told us WE should take it someplace else and have it painted ourselves.  It’s hard to recommend an establishment when they continually offer poor service.

We also made another trip with Jerry and Janice to the Wuertz Gourd Farm in Casa Grande.  That place is fantastic and loaded with all kinds of gourds.  We picked up a bunch and wandered through their piles and piles of gourds.  

So far I’ve practiced a lot, made three birdhouses, painted one penguin and used the lightening rod we have on another.  I discovered painting on a curved surface wasn’t as easy as it looked.  I can’t tell you how many times I had to start over again.  I still have a lot more ideas on what I want to try out and with new crafty ideas also comes new tools.  We all know it would be cheaper to just buy the one or two I want.   



Janice and I registered for a “Paint and Sip” class in Casa Grande.  We didn’t sip but we did paint.  I discovered I’d much rather piddle with the crafts I’m already involved in than get involved with oil painting.  I’m also thinking oil painting isn’t really my bag.

We made another trip to Casa Grande and got to meet Toni and Doug’s new family addition.  She’s a kitty and her name is Zoe.  She is definitely a friendly and playful kitty.

Sometimes when we take off, Buck gets to visit his favorite place.  It’s the Doggie Day Camp.  He’s always so excited to go play.  He’s also so happy when it’s time to go home.  Usually he sleeps the rest of the day on his return.



Check out the airplane Jim made for Terry.  It’s made from Home Depot paint sticks!!   Jim also has a fancy hot rod.  Terry wanted it but that wasn’t going to happen.  He did get to sit in it for a while.  Jim says it’s a 1931 Ford Pickup.‘  It looks like a hot rod to me.

It was definitely past time to add a bike rack.  I figured eventually I’d order one from my favorite store, Amazon.  However, I never really got around to it.  Jim just happened to have one that he wanted to get rid of.  Thus, we bought it and  we have a place to carry the bikes.


Just before we left for Christmas we had a rock hit the truck’s windshield.  We didn’t think we had time to schedule a repair but should have.  The cold Washington weather took that little crack and spread it half way across the windshield.  We had Safelite take care of it on our return.


Jerry and Terry decided to be “daring” and turn somersaults in the air.  We tried to snap pictures as did the crowd watching them.  Their only complaint was that the ropes were very constrictive.  Obviously, there were no pictures of Janice and I doing the same because it didn’t happen.

The little “gadabout” got a new set of 6 volt batteries.  Our motorhome at one time  had six 6 volt batteries and 5 solar panels.  We figure there won’t be a lot of  boondocking in our future with the “gadabout” but there might be a little so we converted the one 12 volt to two 6 volts.   Those should work just fine with our Honda generator.  We may still get a portable solar panel but have to give that some thought whether we really want one or not.

Thursday was departure day.  We were on the way to Yuma and it  felt so good to get on the road again.    The travel was uneventful and we pulled into our park just about noon.  Our site was perfect. 


After setting up it was off to explore.  First it was a walk down by the Colorado River and then to the trails next to the park.


After the long walk it was a refreshing dip for Buck …


We connected with my cousin, Wally, and his wife, Suzie.  Then, out to dinner with a bunch.  What fun for sure. 

Next on the agenda was the Arizona Marketplace.  It was fun walking through but we didn’t find much that grabbed us.  The marketplace doesn’t seem as large as what it used to be.  Has it decreased in size?  We thought so.

19jan2_3Since we were close, we thought we’d check out the foothills and some of the RV lots.  There are many dual lots. We were both very impressed by the size and the appearance.  19jan2_4

Then, it was another wonderful evening with Wally and Suzie.  This time it was dinner at their place.  What a nice time we had.  There’s nothing quite like getting together with family and reminiscing with old family stories and memories.

We have one more day in Yuma and then we’re off to Quartzsite to experience the great RV Gathering …. again.  We’ve been there numerous times in the past but always find something new and exciting to do.

That’s life on the road!


  1. I was impressed with those RV lots in the foothills, too. We spent a couple nights on one when we had our big rig driving lessons. Our instructor and his wife had built a small casita that was basically a lounge and laundry if I remember correctly.

  2. You have been busy and finally getting out and a about . nice to get the 2-6 volt batteries for the gadabout . We thought the Arizona Market Place was a bit smaller ad well, less vendors for sure.
    Enjoy your Time in Quartzite and maybe will will see you again.
    travel safe.

  3. I want to be there and paint gourds with y'all. :( I am going to try the lightning rod method when we get back to Ohio. Don't tell Paul.
    I would never go on that thing Jerry and Terry were on. Not sure my old bones could take it.
    We have stayed in the foothills. Lots of really nice parks and individual lots.

  4. Hope you enjoy your time in Quartzsite and if you are still there next Saturday will be Blogger-Fest. It would be nice to finally meet.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  5. Sip and Paint? Good thing you didn't sip, I bet that paint tastes terrible! :cD

  6. Looks like you got a lot done and had some good fun as well! The plane is so cool, and brilliant to use free building materials :-)

  7. Our experince with Camping World is such that we will never take a rig there again and cetainly not recommend it to others.


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