Monday, December 4, 2017

Post Thanksgiving


We were lucky to celebrate Thanksgiving with family and that’s what turns a good holiday gathering into a great one.  I took very few pictures.  The family-folks are getting a little tired of being “captured” all the time.  I try to refrain from pushing the little shutter button too often.  Then, I always regret not taking more.

Terry had a dental appointment before Thanksgiving sdownloado I dropped him off at the Phoenix airport on Tuesday.  On Wednesday Buck was taken to the Doggy hotel.  He was booked into a “private dog suite” with TV and all.  During the day he enjoyed doggy daycare with other dogs. and had his doggy shows at night.   He definitely is not spoiled.

thanks_1My flight to Portland was uneventful.  However, parking a big truck just before the holiday in the economy parking lot was.  After circling row after row a few times, I finally followed someone to their vehicle.  First I tried to back in but couldn’t.  After several turns and inching up slowly I finally made it in the tight spot.  Well, it was tight for the truck and I was certainly proud of myself getting it in there.  Now the issue would be getting out but that would be Terry’s job and not mine.

The temperature in Washington was very different than the temperatures we had been enjoying in Arizona.  However, we were prepared for it.  We had a great visit with family.  We were all gathered together except Justin who was spending the holiday in Virginia with Terry’s family.  Even our granddaughter, Sandi, was home on leave and able to spend the holiday with us.  Tammi ended up being sick but dinner was still at her place and other than making the gravy she had the rest of the turkey dinner all prepared for us.  It was a nummy turkey day.


The girls are usually willing to pose for pictures … thank goodness!

We had a chance to check out our cabin and everything was just as we had left it except there was evidence of mice!  We’ve never had mice but this last summer we also had Buck.   The  feral cats and raccoons all but disappeared. 

Soon it was time to head back to Arizona and prepare for another outing.  The next was to be to Chicago and the Christkindlmarkets. 

We had ordered a few things on Amazon and knew they would be there upon our return.  One such item was a camera that Terry wanted to install on the 5th wheel.  Buck was trying to help him but wasn’t quite so helpful.   

I’m keeping this short and sweet because as usual, I’m way behind.  In a few days I’ll catch up and share our Chicago adventure.

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. You sure d get around ad usual, keep enjoying it and keep us posted, always fun to read about your adventures.

  2. We had a good turkey day too- hope Chicago was fun!

  3. Glad you had an Enjoyable Special Day with family.
    We use the Victor Electronic Rodent Repellents that have kept the mice away but they need electricity to work.
    Terry should teach Buck his tools so he could fetch them.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. Buck figures with his fancy overnight accommodations he's better step up with the helping around home!

  5. Nice to see Buck supervising Terry on the camera installation. Buck probably learned how by watching his TV at Doggy Daycare... :cD

  6. Love the header photo.
    We have a difficult time a lot of time the parking Paul's big a-- truck!
    Poor Terry. Buck's heart is in the right place


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