Monday, December 18, 2017

Christmas Express

20171211_144829Getting ready for the holidays usually means at least one gathering with folks we have known for a while.  Such was the case as eight of us met at Benihana’s in Chandler.  We had an amazing time catching up and the place was perfect.  We were entertained by the chef as he displayed his skill in preparing delicious food in front of us. 



18dec_3We’ve also been having gatherings at the RV park.  On this particular night we had a huge bonfire!  What fun that was for sure.

There have also been some craft projects in the works.  More to come on that though.

Check out this cute angel gourd that Janice made.  


We visited with Terry’s mom and had a Christmas lunch.   


Plus, Buck went for a good bath before it was time to hit the road and head up to Washington.  He totally disagreed with the “sometimes naughty” sign that he had to wear.

We definitely could have been compared to Santa as far as speed went.  Well, maybe not exactly but we did feel like we were flying north instead of driving.  We were also loaded with presents but unlike Santa l, we still had shopping to do. 

Why is it you never sleep well the night before a trip?  I didn’t get very many winks after 3:00 AM and neither did Terry.  By 6:00 we were ready to go.  Even Buck was ready for the next adventure.  

santaFirst we needed to get through the Phoenix work traffic and at that time of the morning it was a snap even though lots of cars were still trying to weave in and out of the lanes.  Such was the case with one motorcycle rider who didn’t quite make it safely.

We cruised through Quartzsite curious about the number of RVers that already arrived for the winter.  There were quite a few but know many more will show up in January.  

On down the road from the “Q“ we pulled into the RV lane at Flying J to top off the tank before we crossed over in California and the land of expensive fuel.  Our credit card was dinged with a pre-authorization amount of $500 to cover the $40 of fuel actually purchased.  We had been warned so we weren’t too shocked.

Next it was on through California.  We were greeted with signs not recommending travel for high profile vehicles. Dirt and sand was blowing across the freeway and many trucks were pulled off and sitting on the shoulder.  Thank goodness we weren’t pulling or towing or we might have been with them …

On to Los Angeles and the Grapevine.  As usual the Grapevine is always chaotic.  It’s not that the climb is so bad .  It’s all those California drivers who cut in and out of the lanes.  The “professional” truck drivers aren’t any different.  I wish I had kept count of all those who pulled out in front of us causing us to slam on the brakes.  Anyway, glad that portion is behind.

On up the road and into Stockton.  Of course, it was my turn to drive and dark when we arrived.  It was a very long day considering it was 700+ miles.  We were totally exhausted. I think Buck slept most of the way so he was probably the 18dec_12exception. 

The next morning we were up and through Sacramento before 6:00 AM.  We beat the work traffic.  The Siskiyous were straight ahead.  There was no snow or ice on the roads but the temperature did dip down to 29 degrees.  Mt. Shasta was beautiful.  Hopefully, we’ll have the same dry roads on our return.

Portland was next and naturally, it was my turn to drive.  Traffic was a mess and it took about two hours to get through the stop and go work traffic before we finally hit the 205 bridge into Washington.


Candy canes lined the road after passing through the gate at our place.  It was exciting to finally arrive even though it is very, very dark.  Of course, the furnace and water had been shut off so the place was cold but it didn’t take long to warm it up and unpack what we needed for the night.

 A little unpacking was done and then, Tammi, Robert and Mike pulled into our driveway to welcome us back. 


The trip north is behind us.  Hopefully, the trip south will be just as uneventful but with temperatures predicted to be dipping into the low 20’s, it might be a challenge.  We’re hoping moisture stays away.20171218_114841-1_resized

We also had some visitors.  They actually spotted us first and then they came running to welcome us back.

Now to get busy to the activities of Christmas.  There is wrapping to do and some Christmas shopping to finish up.  We seem to have a pretty busy week ahead.  

Nothing is better than spending the holidays with family.  We just wish that all of them could be here but that isn’t always possible.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. That is a lot of driving in a few days, glad you are safely home for the Holidays. Might be cold and wet but it's still home!

  2. Merry Christmas to you and I hope you both sleep well tonight.

  3. 700+ miles? Wow, you're now driving like me. ;c)

    That camo clad Santa better be careful driving his sleigh through the woods during hunting season. :cO

  4. Glad you made it safely after so many miles and I really liked your welcoming committee.
    Be Safe and Enjoy a Merry Christmas with the Family!

    It's about time.

  5. Oh my gosh...I just love that Angel. I actually was going to do gourds for my Christmas gifts, but couldn't find what I wanted around here. I am going to have to order them on line for next Christmas.
    I never tire of seeing photos of Mt. Shasta!
    That is some welcoming
    Merry Christmas!

  6. Quite the whirlwind trip north!! Glad it was uneventful with good weather. Mt Shasta looks so pretty - she was covered in fog when we passed by last spring :-( Have wonderful time with family for the holidays.


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