Saturday, November 4, 2017

Gatherings and Amazon

Summer temperatures may finally be coming to an end around the Phoenix area.  The temperatures have been sitting in the mid to upper 90’s.   I know the temperatures soar even higher around Arizona during July and August but in other places the 90’s are definitely only around in the summer. I can’t imagine those who don’t pack up and head to the much cooler northern temperatures …. but to each their own.    With the highs in the upper 70’s and low 80’s, it looks like a little of that perfect weather is heading our way.  We’re certainly happy about that!

The days are a little shorter than we’d like them to be.  We’ve been busy in the RV park and we’ve been busy replacing items 3nov3-we had in the motorhome.  To begin with Saturday morning means donuts and most days end with a Happy Hour get together but that’s not all.  Many of the occupants arrive and then move on after a few days so there’s a change in neighbors.  We like that because we get to meet more people.

  ------- Saturday morning donuts and mimosas

There have been several visits to the local casino with Terry’s mom.  She must have the perfect touch with those slot machines because she hits the jackpots pretty regularly.  Of course, I mostly donate.  Terry never plays so he walks out with the same amount of money in his pocket that he walked in with minus the cost of an ice cream cone.

Last Friday we had an  RV dinner on the patio.    --------  

We had an opportunity to visit with Toni and Doug and Jim and Sandie at “Can’t Stop Smokin’ BBQ in Chandler.  (We also have another Jim and Sandie staying right down the row from us.)   It was certainly nice catching up with both of them.   We all love that BBQ place to eat and as usual there were no complaints.

Later in the week we made a trip to check out Jim and Sandie’s new home in Apache Junction.  What a nice place they have with so many upgraded touches.   I really loved their electric leather Lazy Boy double recliner.  They recline almost into a3nov4- flat bed!  Terry had trouble getting me out of them so we could head back to Buck.  I can see those recliners in my future …. someday.  Later today we’ll be taking a trip to check out Toni and Doug’s new motorhome in Casa Grande.


There’s no way I can post a new blog without an update on Buck.  He’s had a few adventures playing with friends at PetSmart’s Doggie Day Care and even joined them for a doggie Halloween party.   He’s excited when he gets there and he’s excited when it’s time to leave. 


Buck’s pal, Smokey, has also been active.  He’s been active getting all cleaned up too with a bath and a trim to by his Dad. 


Our 5th wheel hitch is in the process of being upgraded.    A 15K hitch just won’t work so up on Craigslist it went.    Next was the task of getting hitch opinions from dealers, friends, forums and even from Alpine.  We were amazed at the differing opinions, differing prices and differing options.  The new hitch was ordered from  Isn’t online shopping easy!!?

Another project I mentioned was needing a bumper and a bike rack.  We were originally told by our dealer that they would provide both.  However, they coped out on that saying it would void the warranty.  However, we’ve discovered that isn’t the case.  Just another issue with Camping World sales.  So, we were back at looking for the bumper hitch and think this might be a start.   

Last Friday a group of about 16 folks from the RV park had a gathering on the Club patio.  We ordered off the Club’s menu and were served by the servers.  This Friday we were told the servers would not serve the RV gfridayroup.  They wanted the RVers to come inside for their Friday night dinner.  However, since the lodge is a private club, they allow smoking (pipes and cigars included.) You can imagine how thick the cloud of smoke is.   Most RVers from the park won’t go in the lodge due to this smoke.

In order to bring a little camaraderie with the RVers in the park, we’ve decided to organize our own functions.   We didn’t buy drinks or food from the lodge.    This lodge is booming and it’s mainly because of the RVers who stay in the park and the cash it brings to the lodge.  It’s amazing to us that the folks running this lodge continue to treat the RV park guests as the step-child. Obviously, they can’t see through the cloud of smoke either.  Next Friday we’re having a “bring-your-own-steak” event.   


Amazon is our favorite store and we’ve been busy with them trying to replace what we had let go when we sold the motorhome.  We loved the zip-off sunshade we had and, of course, Amazon had one at a better price than we could buy locally.

You might guess there were other things they had on Amazon we wanted.  You’d be right but it would make a mighty long blog to list them.

‘Tis life on the road!


  1. Are you having to replace all the goodies you use to have...its kinda fun getting new stuff again! Kinda like starting rving all over again! KEEP THE PARTY GOING!

  2. We are all making our new rigs our own. Fun.

  3. You are always having fun and staying busy! Sounds like a great group of folks!

  4. Nice to hear from you again, and that you are having a fun time with friends. Too bad about that club, they will be loosing a lot of business, nice that they can afford it. Just think of the money you can save doing it yourself.

  5. Looks like you're having a great time in the cooling temps. Buck is quite the character!

  6. Sounds like you should be the activities coordinator at that park. No way do we like any place that allows smoking.

    Paul bought the zip-off sunshade. We put it up at the Houston Elks and love it! It just lets the right amount of light in.

    Buck just cracks me up in that swimming pool. But of course his new turtle pool is the best. Rock on Buck.


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