Friday, October 20, 2017

Albuquerque's Rodeo of Shapes

More and more RVs started moving into the RV park Thursday morning.  We’re sure they were coming in to catch some of the unique balloon shapes and probably staying over the last weekend.    The different shapes of the balloons were absolutely awesome.  We could see why they called it the “Rodeo of Shapes” because it was.  If you’re interested in many of the different shapes, here’s a link to Sandie’s first blog and here’s a link to her second blog.   She’s already done the sorting, organizing, cropping and posting of her pictures.  I’m taking the lazy way out and sharing a link to her blog here.  Thanks, Sandie! 


It was cold but not as cold as it had been. Instead of morning temperatures in the 30’s, there was a warm-up to the low 40’s.   That was a good thing but it still meant our hands froze as we continued to take pictures of all the balloons.

Humpty Dumpty and Armadillo are also borrowed from Sandie's blog.  


Buck still hadn’t gotten over his fear of the balloons, fear of the hissing noise of the gas or even the rocks.  Not willing to venture out to potty we were afraid he’d burst.  So, what’d we do?  We loaded him in the truck and took him down the road where he wouldn’t associate the balloons with being outside.  Whee!  Mission accomplished.


Once the balloons finished launching, we moved on out.  Traffic was a zoo but we expected that.   Now I could say, been there and done that.

Another 200 miles down the road after we had left the park we were in Arizona, Buck had a chance to walk again and he did just fine … finally he was back to normal.  He’s such a good little rider.  We put his doggie bed in the mega cab and he sleeps most of the way or looks out the windows.  I think he was back in his own element.


We gained an hour as we crossed over into Arizona and we even contemplated going on to Phoenix making it a one day trip.  However, that thought lasted for just a short moment.  We were looking forward to a real long shower and having hookups so we made the stop.  The next day would be soon enough to finish the little journey.   We stopped at the OK RV park in Holbrook.  The park was cheaper than the KOA we had stopped at on our way to Albuquerque.  It also had much, much bigger sites and the roads weren’t as rocky.  It wasn’t long after we arrived that the Dixons pulled in right next us.  Neither of us unhooked.

The route from Holbrook cutting through the mountains via Payson definitely isn’t my favorite route.  Arizona definitely has mountains.  Our elevation was pushing 8000 feet at times (we didn’t quite make that mark) and it was drop, drop, drop. Then, it was climb, climb, climb.  That was the pattern until we finally were down to about 1200 feet outside of Mesa.

We’re settled for a while.  We never know how long we’ll be settled.  There are a few things we need to accomplish especially after checking out another 5th wheel like ours in Albuquerque and all the add-ons it had.   First, is trying to get a rear bumper with a hitch welded on.  Dealer promised to do that before he reneged.

Temperatures are still in the 90’s but hopefully they’ll be dropping soon.  

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. We can't wait to see Buck. Oh and you too.

  2. Amazing balloon designs! I wonder if they got them to fly upright by design or trial and error:)

  3. Glad Buck recovered quickly.

    Cold nights in ABQ then hot days in Mesa--sure would be nice if we could make our own blends.

  4. Glad to hear Buck recovered from all the trama and those bad bad balloons.

  5. Sounds like you had a wonderful time at the Balloon Festival, now back to full hook ups again and Buck will be happy once again.

  6. Now that is an adventure you will never forget.
    Poor Buck...I am sure he was calling y'all a few names in dog language. LOL

  7. Forgot to mention...I like the cactus in the header.

  8. Thank you so much for posting all the many balloon pictures. I have always dreamed of going there but probably won't see them in person, so your pictures are the next best thing!

  9. A dealer reneging on a promise? Hard to believe (not!!!). :c(

  10. Thanks for braving the chilly temps to share all the great balloons. Someday we'll get there! We're dragging our feet hoping for cooler temps in SoCal :-)


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