Saturday, September 9, 2017

The End of Summer

realtimewildfiresmapLabor Day turned into a couple of things.  One was a weekend of great food.  Saturday we were treated to pulled pork at Lee and Sabrina’s.  Yummy!  Monday was another foodie day along with a family get together.  This time it was at Red Lobster for their  endless shrimp.  It was the first day of the promotion so we all headed in that direction.  I love the time when the whole family can get together.  We did it twice over Labor Day weekend.  Yippee! 

Fires are everywhere ------>

The holiday weekend also brought a huge wildfire into the Columbia River Gorge.   Along with thousands of acres burning due to some 15-year olds playing with smoke bombs, the air quality became very hazardous.     It’s so very sad.  The area was so beautiful.   The fire still is not contained but finally a little improvement is starting to be seen.  The smoke is no longer in our area as the wind direction changed.  The I-84 freeway heading east and west is still closed.  Will we change our route from traveling through the Gorge to traveling through California …. again?  Maybe. Only time will tell.


Labor Day usually marks the end of summer for many folks.  That holiday weekend tends to bring the crowds – good and bad.  There are those on fun family outings and those out to party without a thought to others who might also be wanting to enjoy the last weekend of the summer.   Sometimes a simple call to the park management or security can solve the problem once and for all.  However, other places security is lax and on-the-ball management non-existent.  This picture tends to represent the latter.  

Finally the holiday weekend came to an end.   Schools started, families got back to regular schedules and we moved a few miles north.  

Next, was an outing to the Washington coast with a couple of “Forever-Friends”.  When does a friend become a “forever-friend” ?  Well, that happens when you’ve known them most of your life and such is the case.  Pictures were shared, school books laughed at and stories exchanged.  This is one of the pictures shared from about 20 years ago in St. Thomas.

We've continued to have some mighty hot days.  Who would have thought temperatures in this area would reach over 100f in September?  Records were set.  We have a reprieve from warm temperatures as it drops into the upper 70’s.  Then, it’s back into the upper 80’s (at least that’s what the weatherman is saying) before it settles in the pleasant 70’s again. 

There are some chores we needed to finish up before we start heading a little south.  To begin with it was clean out the “cabin” and get it ready for winter.  That’s mostly completed but one more trip to make sure everything is as it should be.  We still have birthdays to celebrate and two doctor appointments coming up.  Plus, there are a couple local festivals/expos that might be worth a visit.  A Tiny House Festival is coming in Vancouver and an RV show is coming to Portland.  If we go, we’ll stay an extra day or two.  If not, we’ll pull out early.  As usual for us, everything is up in the air.  

We have now closed up the cabin and moved into our little “gadabout” trailer.   It’ll be a busy few days before we start heading south.  The route is still in question and that’s my short update.

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. The fires are changing lots of people's plans this year. I hope the gorge stops burning so you can go that way.

  2. Wouldn't it be boring if the trip was all planned out?

  3. Now after all that fun you can now head down south again and enjoy some time on the road and warmer winter weather, travel safe.

  4. All these fires are horrible. Then the hurricanes on top of that. What is going on in this country? So scary.
    I love the throw-back photos of your “Forever-Friends.” The one of FB was a hoot.
    Safe travels whenever you decide to leave and where ever you decide to go.

  5. Fires, hurricanes, flooding oh my it's crazy this year! Think westward for us soon.


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