Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Big trucks, little roads

During the summer we spend a great deal of time in the middle of nowhere.  Actually I should say away from nearly everywhere.  Getting back and forth to town requires traveling on narrow two lane roads.  Rarely are ---11j01the backups too bad.  It’s all in timing.  However, this year we've been behind more than our share of logging trucks and other oversized rigs. Sometimes I wonder why some of these trucks pulling two trailers are even allowed on the roads when they can’t go around corners without being mostly in the other lane.  This two-part trailer being moved required vehicles of all kinds in the other lane to pull off the road often even in places without shoulders.  It was quite a slow adventure getting to town.  However, it sure beats having to spend the summer in town!


We have great summer neighbors.  They even feed us.  Well, not all the time but I can certainly brag about the dinner they put on last week.  They were actually the instigators for the Traeger we purchased last year.  Now that summer’s half over, I think it’s time to start ---11j14seeing what I can cook up too. 

  Smoked Salmon Appetizer ….. Yum !   

The fourth of July came and went.  One good thing being here is that fireworks aren't allowed in the area.  We normally head into town for the big display.  This was probably the first year in many years we haven’t done that.  What’d we do instead?  We played cards!  What fun! 


Buck got a new 4th of July bandana for the local holiday events.


Longview has a big celebration each year around Lake Sacajawea.  The weather was gorgeous and all the vendors were out. 


In addition there was a cornhole competition.  Terry tried to buy a set-up but no such luck (Sorry, Jerry). 


The only thing we found to purchase was lunch.  Terry’s lunch was an icee.  Mine was a little different.  It was a plate of fresh, wild Pacific salmon!  Yum!


That wasn’t the only salmon I’ve had recently.  I sent Sabrina a recipe I was received on FB.  What did she and Lee do?  They cooked it for me!  YUM again!  I think I’m going to try sending them more recipes!

A huge casino was built between Portland and Longview. Naturally we’ve had to check it out a few times.  The slots are quite different, restaurants expensive, food court lacking and there is NO BUFFET.  There is a boondocking area for RVs.  The area is dusty, a good walking distance from the casino and there is no shuttle. We weren't too impressed except that I've walked out with more than I've walked in with a few times.

The following morning after overnighting on the lot for RVers, employees started swarming the RV parking lot with their cars.  The lot got very busy, dust was flying and a shuttle bus showed up.  It wasn't to take the RV folks to the casino.  It was to take the workers there.   It works but most Casinos we've been to have been much nicer.  However, it's new so we'll certainly try again at another time.


Our HUGE garage sale event is this weekend.  We’ll be glad to get this behind us.    Tammi’s trailer is nearly loaded with junk (er stuff).  It’s going to be a long three days organizing, selling and packing back up again.  Hopefully we’ll be able unload a bunch of odds’n ends.  At least that’s the goal!

I posted this on FB so thought I would post it here.  This is my color coded travel map for fall but if you know me, it’s all subject to change.  You can tell I’ve been busy planning.  The Albuquerque Balloon Festival is even coded in there.


One other thing we accomplished this week was finally stopping by the Elks and having our membership transferred to the one in Arizona we frequent the most.  We think it’s only right to support the lodge we use.


Buck after his grooming appointment.  Pretty, clean and ready to go.

Now what?   With temperatures soaring near 120f in Arizona it’s almost time to check on the motorhome again.  A task we won’t be worrying about next year.  We’ve had the rig about 9 years and it’s time to let it go.    Keep posted.


Temperature at 8 AM this morning …. it’s not quite soaring here!

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. I wish you luck with the giant garage sale. You will have lots of traffic being a community one. Packing it all back up is the worst.

    49*, you must have had the air conditioning on.

    1. Definitely no air conditioner. That was the outside temperature and we had jackets on, seat warmers on and the heater.

  2. Oh my gosh...Paul and I wonder all the time how it is legal to tow like that. We HATE being behind any of those trucks.
    Looking very sexy, Buck.
    Good luck with the garage sale. Hope you drive home empty, but your pockets full.
    We transferred our membership to Houston. Like you, might as well support the place we go to the most.
    A new home....excited to see what y'all decide to call home.

  3. How about those triple towing trucks you see in CA. Can you imagine trying to back that up?

    How come Buck wasn't dressed up in Navy colors? Justin must be disappointed... :cD

  4. Keeping up with you guys even when you're "not doing much" is hard. Love that Buckeroo.

  5. I hate those logging trucks - they always look so much bigger than any other truck! Buck looks adorable. A summer with lots of salmon is a good one!! Loving these cool PNW temps.

  6. You have been busy, Buck looks wonderful again. Gotta love all that amazing salmon too.

  7. Now, if I could just figure out your color coding. Not enough clues to do that, though. :)

  8. Jerry said Terry could build you a corn hole game so this winter he could come up an play at the Elks. Hope you get all your stuff sold so you can start all over again that will be fun!!

  9. Narrow roads and huge trucks sure make me nervous. I feel you frustration! Hope the garage sale goes well. All that salmon made my mouth water!


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