Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Lazy Hazy Days of Summer

I can’t really say that our summer days have been lazy.  They haven’t been.  However, some days have been hazy while others have been rainy and others hot.  Just as soon as I started complaining about the wet cold days, temperatures started soaring over 100F.  Of course, then I started complaining about how hot it was.  The good thing is that those days are behind and perfect summer temperatures are supposed to be here to stay for a while. 

   Beautiful Mt. Hood

Terry’s been to Phoenix and back to check on his mom and to check on the motorhome we left in storage there.  We paid the price last year of not checking on the RV while it sat through the hot Arizona summer.  All our batteries needed to be replaced and the generator cost over $500 to fix.  In order to avoid more issues this year Terry has decided to fly down once a month to visit his mom and to check on the RV.  We will be making some changes when we return this fall so that worry won’t be necessary in the future.   

27jun_01We had a fun craft day with family. Obviously the boys weren’t too interested in it but the girls were.  Tammi set up two crafting tables in her garage and each of us took turns demonstrating how we “crafted” our crafts.  One of the things Tammi crafts with is pottery.  She has a pottery wheel and even a kiln.

Jordan getting ready for the crafting


Sabrina shared her creativity in card making.  She’s loaded with supplies and she supplied us with everything we needed to learn the tricks of her craft.  Then, of course, I had an opportunity to share a couple of my embroidery projects.   It was a fun, fun day and I hope we have another one or two of these in the future.


We can now say that our truck is FINALLY  back together after the accident we had in California on our way north.  The new canopy  has finally arrived and been loaded on our truck.   It took two months to get back to the way we were.  What a mess!  I’m glad that’s behind us and we’re hoping no one hits us ever again!


We have been involved in a huge, huge project.   It started with news of a county-wide garage sale/ craft fair in July at the local county fairgrounds.  We were (kind of ) volunteered for that by our daughter.  We have tables in a 20x10 foot space we need to fill with product.   There are hundreds of vendors and thousands of visitors. 

Our first thought was craft fun so from morning to night that’s what I did for a while and that certainly took the fun out of crafting.  After making over six dozen purses, bags, bibs, potholders and decorative toilet paper, we wised up.  We decided to use this opportunity to get rid of a lot of stuff out of the storage shed we have in town.  To work we went!  We sorted and sorted one box or tub after another.  Then, we started in at the cabin.  Eventually, we’ll be done with that.  Eventually.    We did such a good job with the storage shed that we no longer have to pay the rent on it for July .. or August or ever!  


Of course, I’m still not really done with these.  I have zipper pulls to put on and hand stitch seams inside!  Aargh!

I’ve always said reservations are made just to be cancelled.  Well, I’ve had to cancel some of our “camping” plans for this fair.  We’re hoping to still be able to get on the road some in July, some in August and a little more in September.  After that, it's October and right now Texas is where we're heading.   That’s the plan and I hope we can stick with it.


The Mount Hood Railway operates a four-hour train robbery event.  We got to take a breather from working and took this train with Tammi and Robert on Sunday.  It was Terry’s Father’s Day gift.  The train travels through some beautiful areas including cherry and apple orchards.  The scenery was gorgeous. We had a marvelous time and were absolutely zonked by the time we arrived back home 14 hours later.


Our seats were in the “Diamond Class” and it was really nice.    Tammi and Robert even provided us with snacks.  Num!

And, that’s what we’ve been doing.  Well, not all, really.  We've done a lot more but you know a blog shouldn't share everything!!  We’ve also eaten at some great places.  We’ve also eaten at places we won’t be returning to but you know how that goes.   

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. Darling bags - you're so talented! Feels so good to get rid of storage units and all the stuff that was in them. That's quite the snack :-)))

  2. Well I'm tired just reading about all the work you're doing.

  3. Nice to hear from you again, you guys sure have been busy, hope you can get out camping soon and relax a bit.

  4. Sitting still is definitely not in your vocabulary. You have made some darling bags. A cleaned out storage shed is such a good feeling and more money for fun. 14 hours!! No wonder you were exhausted.

  5. Have you thought of adding solar panels just to maintain the batteries. We did that to our former trailer but have gone much farther on this one.
    You're making us jealous by emptying that storage bin.
    Nice spending time with family.
    Looking forward to reading about more of your adventures.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  6. Aha I see "We will be making some changes when we return this fall so that worry won’t be necessary in the future" Always a change and mysterious too.

  7. How come you didn't put a picture of you on those motorcycle bags? That would have been very realistic... :cD

  8. Your family craft day sounds like so awesome...what a creative and fun family! And what a huge plus to have the storage room emptied. Great to hear from you Jeri...

  9. How many were there for your crafting day? Sounds like a super idea.
    I want to go to that craft show. I LOVE them.
    Six dozen!!! You sure have been busy.
    The train ride sounds like a ton of fun. I love Mt. Hood!

    1. It was just four of us making for a perfect day. Yep .. six dozen and that was lot considering several took a couple hours or more to make.


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