Thursday, June 8, 2017

Coastal adventure plus waterfront RV sites

08jun_03My dad used to say he stayed in Washington instead of going back to Texas after being drafted by Uncle Sam because he discovered the Pacific NW was God’s country.  Well, I’ve heard many people say that about other areas but the Pacific NW is really a great place to spend the summer.  We've learned arriving a little too early can mean temperatures aren’t quite up to what we prefer.  It also may mean that there’s a little more rain than we want.  However, the weather and the early rains is what makes the area so beautiful.

One thing Justin wanted to do while on leave was take a day trip to some of his favorite places on the coast.  So, there were seven of us and that’s where we went.  The day was beautiful and perfect for a day of reliving “memories”.  First we stopped 08jun_40at the Tillamook Cheese Factory in Tillamook, Oregon.  We had been there many times with our grandkids.  This time we discovered the old visitor’s center was no more.  Instead, a temporary one was in the old parking lot.  It wasn’t the same thing for sure but they did get their “free” cheese.  However, “free” isn’t the right word when you have driven that far to get it.  


Garibaldi was just a few miles north of Tillamook.  Harborview RV park is located in this little town that we keep saying we’d like to spend a night or two at.  It’s still on our list but we haven’t done it yet.  The sites back to the bay.  Within a short walk are several restaurants and a boat launch.  Also, if you are looking for a day of fishing or viewing, day trips are offered within a short walk.


Next stop was another one of our favorite places on the coast.  We’d been crabbing at Jetty Fisheries many times with the kids.  We were about the only folks around this time but  summer will bring the crowds.  Their campground overlooks the bay, the breakers and the dock.  What a great place to stop if traveling on Hwy 101.  (Note to self:  Book this for a few nights).

From there we passed through the little town of Rockaway Beach heading to one of the RV parks he had camped at several times with us.  We walked the docks, the clubhouse and the campground.

Nehalem was the plan for lunch.  We had an idea where we were heading but the town was pretty much closed up.  It wasn’t summer and the crowds weren’t swarming to the beach yet.  We didn’t starve for long because just around another corner was a restaurant just waiting for our group.

We wound north along 101 with several stops taking in Arcadia Beach and also Seaside.  Even though the other little beach towns were near empty, Seaside was popping.  Jordie wanted salt water taffy and one of the biggest sellers of it in the area was located there.  That was about the limit to the time we spent in the bustling town of Seaside.



Astoria is home to a definite “must-see” and that’s the Astoria Column.  It’s a phenomenal structure and sits high above the little town.  What a view!    However, as clear as it had been at the coast, the clouds were beginning to roll in.  It was still a fantastic stop and one I’d definitely like to repeat.



Overall, the weather has been gorgeous but we’ve also had our share of cool weather.  We had that mostly when we first arrived and realized our furnace didn’t work.  The furnace finally was fixed the day before temperatures hit 90.  Now that it’s fixed, we’re hoping not to need it for a mighty long time.  However, the worst mess was the one with the clogged septic.  Terry cleared it and said he felt like it was just like watching “RV”.  Oh, PHEW..

Repair was finally completed on our truck but since the insurance company totaled the canopy after the accident we’re still waiting for that.  It seems this little accident is going to continue on for a while yet.  The canopy has been ordered, built and on a truck heading in this direction.  However, it doesn’t seem to be painted in the right color.  Hopefully, just a little paint and we’ll have this behind us. 


Our lake is full of water.  New logs have been brought in to rebuild the waterfront area.  The lake is about as high as I’ve seen it.  Hopefully, this will mean that there won’t be as many issues with low water in the late summer or fall.

With th08jun_11e Portland Rose Festival just around the corner we booked an RV site on the Columbia River to watch the ships come in for the festivities.  We have a river front view and very few people are in the park.  Even Buck has enjoyed this outing because he gets to go wading.



You just never know what (or who) you’re going to find in an RV park.  This time we found an RV painted in the colors of the Seattle Seahawks!  I bet they get lots of attention.  Plus, we know the people.  So, you never know who’s going to pop up next.


Then, we discovered this See Ya!  And, it wasn’t the Hyders!

We’ve enjoyed watching all ships travel along the river .  I guess it doesn’t take much to entertain us.  This is the one we really wanted to see.  It’s a new class of Navy ships.  It was something for sure!
  < -----



Even cruise ships and steamboats went by along with commercial ships.




A couple Canadian ships took part in the festivities too.

Along Hwy 4 between Longview and Long Beach, Wahkiakum County has about four county RV parks.  All of them have a great view.  Some have beach access and the rate is good.  The County Line park is about 10 miles west of Longview and Vista park is another ten miles at Skamokawa.  We’ve booked that one for July. 

We’ve been busy with family and projects. We’ve tried a few new restaurants and even made a short visit to the new casino close by and lucked out by leaving with a little more than we walked in with.  Our calendar is already starting to fill up with  summer activities and outings. 

So, for now …………….

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. We are spending three weeks at Harborview in Garibaldi and have been looking forward to it for months! We agree the PNW is the best place to spend the summer - it is so much nicer here! How fun to watch the variety of ships going by.

  2. Thanks so much for the pictures of the ships coming in Especially the new one.

  3. All such familiar places for us. Hope to return that way in 2018.

  4. Hope to be headed to the PNW this summer/fall....keep an eye out for us!!

  5. Nice to get out and about visiting old and new places. Love watching the ships too.

  6. yes we have been told by many locals not to get on the Oregon coast until after July 4th

  7. We loved the Oregon Coast and were lucky to spend lots of time there when our son was stationed in Astoria. I keep harping on him to look for his next assignment to go back there. ;c)

    Many happy memories there, and so many RV parks to choose from, I wouldn't know where to start!

  8. As always--busy, busy, busy. We, too, enjoyed our time on the coast of the Pacific Northwest. Even before we went fulltime RVing we visited Fort Steven State Park a couple times. Wonderful part of this great country!

  9. What a nice "Making Memories" tour. I am so glad we visited so many of those places. As you describe them, I could picture what we did in each of the towns.
    I would love to see the Portland Rose Festival. I remember y'all being at that site watching the boats last year. Awesome.


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