Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Two plus weeks in a nutshell !

We’ve done so much and I’m so behind in writing or even reading blogs.  Is it possible to wrap up the last two plus weeks in one blog?  Well, I’m going to summarize.    I left off just before I hopped a jet to meet my Texas cousins for our reunion.  So, here we go.

Flights went perfect and even my chauffer was there when I landed in Austin.  Actually it was two cousins picking me up and we were soon on our way to Kerrville and the Jellystone Cabins and RV park.  Kerrville is the town our fathers were born in and where they sowed “their wild oats”. 

Staying in a “campground” was  a great idea.  

We had a Guadalupe River-front  two bedroom cabin waiting for us.  How amazing is that?  Needless to say, we loved it!

Friday night we met with four more cousins at Jim and Diane’s gorgeous home on Johnson Creek (offshoot of the Guadalupe River).  

There was plenty conversation, discussions and catching up to do.  We weren’t done yet as the next day was at Sandy’s beautiful home on the other side of Kerrville.  There were seven of us in total and I’m sure I can say, we all had a great time.  I just love that area of the country.  I’m hoping maybe (just maybe) I can talk Terry into heading back this fall.  We will see about that.


The wonderful weekend flew by and before long my plane was landing back in Monterrey, California.  With only one more day to recuperate before we were on the road again, we decided to go back to the wharf, of course.   The weather was perfect and so was my lunch!

Tuesday morning we were on our way to the Win-River Casino RV park in Redding.    We had stayed there in the past but then there were no hookups.    Now they have an RV park with full hookups.  However, if you stop, park in the front and not in the back  if you want good satellite reception.  There are plenty of trees that may block reception in the back.

Wednesday morning we crossed over the Siskiyou Mountains.  Again, the weather was perfect and the scenery beautiful.   I took lots of pictures of Mt. Shasta.  We “thought” we were on our way to an Elks RV park around Salem for the night.  Plans changed midway and we didn't do that.  Instead, we went on to Portland and arrived just in time to hit the work traffic back-ups.  It took forever to finally cross the 205 bridge from Oregon and into Washington. 

A short time after that, Mt. St. Helens came into view and we knew we were only a few minutes of finishing up for the long journey that day.  We finally pulled into the driveway of our little “cabin”.  We were thankful Robert and Mike had been up before we arrived.  They cleaned all the winter leaves off the deck and straightened up a bit for us.  It definitely was appreciated.

Most of Friday was spent cleaning, doing 7 loads of laundry, unloading our “gadabout” trailer and moving it into a storage lot about 20 miles away.    The weather was much, much cooler than we were used to and our furnace wasn’t helping to remedy that.  One more day to keep warm until the furnace repair person returns and warmer temperatures roll in.     We don’t want it to get too warm though because we discovered our air conditioner also went out.

The Jeep was off to the mechanic to fix gaskets and a few other things just as soon as we arrived.  We got it back last night .… $$$$   The truck is also  in the shop.  We are having the damage repaired caused by the fella who hit us in California.   The truck is almost finished but the canopy was totaled so it’ll take about another 3 weeks to finish up with that.  The accident saga goes on .

We tackled one more big project and that was converting our dining area into a craft room for ME.  We’re mostly done with that now but we moved furniture, bought more and discarded others. 

It’s been a busy time but I figured I also needed to get current with this blog and catch up by reading what’s been going on  with my other blogging friends.  Eventually things will slow down and we’ll get back to normal.  However, at this time in our lives, I’m not really sure what normal is.  All  I can add to that is we’ve really been blessed to live the life we live right now.   Golly, if we could have, we would have done this 50 years ago ….. obviously, we couldn’t because we had kids to raise and work got in the way.

For Mother’s Day Tammi and I took a painting class.  What fun and the food was marvelous.  Lee & Bri took me to lunch and spent most of the afternoon beating me at Spades.  What a great time!!

My finished product.

Buck is such a good traveler but even he was ready to get out of the truck.  He loves the area and now has more room to roam.    He’s been welcomed by the feral cats, the deer and the raccoons (okay, that’s not true).  He’s not been welcomed at all but he is now aware of what they are.  Justin flew in Monday.  He’ll be on leave for ten days.  Buck was pretty excited to see him.  

That’s my summary in a nutshell. It’s long but it also covers a long time and it brings me almost current.    We’ll be hanging around here for  bit but do have several trips planned over the summer.


‘Tis life on the road.


  1. Somewhere along the way I hope you take a tiny rest!!!!! Enjoy. I'm bracing for 100 on Sunday!

  2. Good to catch up with you. And a great summary. Very well done.

  3. What a busy two weeks! I know you are excited about your new craft room.

  4. Geesh slow down woman you make me tired!! Glad you got your craft room now go craft.

  5. We were lucky to get satellite from the back row and Win River, although we shared the park with a few sketchy folks. Glad you were able to see Shasta. We were really disappointed that it was completely socked in with clouds since we'd heard how much snow there is. Thanks for sharing how beautiful it is!!

  6. It is amazing how busy our lives are now that we are all retired. Just how did we all survive when we had careers?
    Looking forward to more updates.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  7. I always have to come here after reading your blog on my phone. I can't post comments on the blog on the phone. You and Terry have been busy as usual. I wish we could get busy but as Doug says we are resting up for the busy time (with the next two or three weeks). Settle for a while girl.

  8. Your painting is beautiful! I don't think we own enough clothing and linens to do seven loads of laundry. :)

  9. Goodness, you cover more ground in two weeks than most of us do in two months! But then, if you slowed down, you'd probably self destruct. ;c)

  10. Love Kerrville. Glad the weather was great for a fun-filled get together.

    Oh how I love seeing photos of Mt. Shasta and Mt. St. Helens. They are gorgeous!!!
    You have a craft room!!! I am official jealous!

    Your painting is awesome. When Carrie comes to visit in July, we three girls are going to do that.


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