Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Texas Bound ?

April has finally arrived.  The weather has remained fairly warm and much warmer than we had thought or even originally predicted.  We’ve had the normal winds come by meaning that our awning is like a yo yo.  It’s up and down 4Apr17_02and up and down.  The weather has been like that too.  It was 90 F Thursday and on Friday 69 F.  Strong winds one day and next to none the next.  At least it’s not snowing and rain isn’t even in the forecast.

We got out our gourds to clean some more and carve but working on them didn’t last long.  Once the winds started coming in we had to pack up and put our “toys” away.  We’re thinking the gourds just might be a craft for later this summer. 


So, it’s to the inside crafts and some of which I’ve already posted on FB.  At least we don’t hav4Apr17-_01e to worry about the wind blowing everything around inside. 

Terry’s mom is now back at her own little place.  She went a little backwards when she first got home but once we got her to walk in her walker to lunch, she started improving.  Laughter is definitely the best medicine and it really helped to get her out and to lunch with her friends.  So, we’ve been doing that regularly now.  We’re going to miss tomorrow but she can probably do it herself now as long as a nurse walks with her so she doesn’t fall.  Improvement is what’s important and that seems to be coming now.  Spirits are finally high.


Her lunch group always grabs the table in a corner.  

Today we took her a wreath for her door.   That was her Mother’s Day present.  She 4Apr17_08beamed from ear to ear when she saw it.    

We also took birthday present #1 to her b4Apr17_07ecause now is the time she could really use.  It’s a case for phone I made with a bling lanyard.  She has a Jitterbug phone that she just presses the button if needed for help.  We figured she needed the phone to be handy.   The problem is that some of her friends at the lunch table wanted me to make them one too.  Oops.

It’s a little blurry but the only picture I took.

Buck is so used to his weekly Doggie Day Camp that he runs to the PetSmart door when we take him.  Then, he comes back in the afternoon totally exhausted. He loves their groomers too.  He thinks he goes for a massage.  Mud puddles are his thing at the dog parks but we just got something to help with that mud.    It arrived today from our favorite store, Amazon.  We think he’ll love this too!

maxxairOne of the rally vendors at the rally we attended in Tucson had a surplus of MaxxAir fans.  These are a quite different than the fantastic fans in the motorhome.  The vent has a cover similar to the MaxxAir Covers but this one opens and closes automatically when the fan is on.  It is operated by remote and regulates the speed of the fan and desired temperature.  They are pretty cool.  Terry bought two and it took about an hour to install each one. Wish we had bought one more at that price!   

4Apr17_11 4Apr17_13

We also took one last trip to Old Town Scottsdale.  However, we forgot it was Saturday and the crowds were out.  A Farmer’s Market was going on which was fun to walk through but we’re in the process of trying to off load the groceries we have already accumulated so didn’t want any more. 


We’re starting to think about getting on the road.  Hitch itch is setting in.   Looking back at our calendar from 2016 it was interesting to see our departure date was about the same --  April 13th then.


We’ve spent time at Pismo Beach in the past and hoping to do it again.

Our “current plan is take about a month as we venture up the coast.  We’ve set our departure day for middle of next week and are anxious to go.  


We also plan a little time in and around Santa Barbara      


Okay that’s what I wrote a few days ago about our plans but remember some plans are made to be broken and some may be just that. I just received an email about a trip to Texas.  So, that may be in the forecast for the end of this month.   We will see how those plans come together.  So, more on that later when I know more about it myself.

In a few days we’ll pull our little “travel trailer” in next to our motorhome and start getting it ready for the trip.  First of all, cousin, Shelley, and I will throw ourselves an overnight party.  If we’re lucky, we might even stay up until after 9:00!

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. So happy to hear Terry's mom is doing so much better. You have stayed busy with all the cute crafts.

  2. I'm loving the gourds ! So pretty Jeri!
    Great news about Terry's mom. Looks like yiu will be busy making phone pouches before you leave!

    1. The gourd above is just a sample of one we want to make. We have about 5 gourds to take back with us for playing with this summer.

  3. Gotta get moving again, travel safe and scratch that itch.
    Great to hear Terry's mom is improving.

  4. As soon as I saw that groud, I said..."Oh my gosh, Jeri, that is amazing. You are so good at that." Back to reality. lol
    So glad to read that mom is back and enjoying her friends. Laughter...the best medicine. What a thoughtful gift for her. Looks like a piece of jewelry. Good job.
    Enjoy your new toy, Buck!
    Paul wants those MaxxAir fans. I read where they are much quieter too.
    You are coming to TX just about the time we are headed for OH. Darn the bad timing!

  5. We love our fan and also wish we would have bought a second one. You have to plan on visiting the gourd festival next February in Casa Grande.

  6. Staying up later than 9pm? Oh you kids! :cD


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