Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Happy 89th Birthday and Goodbye Arizona

1003We had a lot to accomplish during our last week in Arizona..  The biggest thing was a BIG birthday to celebrate with Terry’s mom.  We dropped Buck off at daycare and had her picked up by about 8:15.  We were heading to the casino …. breakfast was first and then she was free to play the machines until 2:00.

   ----   SURPRISE !       
After that it was back to her place and a surprise birthday party with her friends.  We’ve been giving his mom little gifts all week and most of those I’ve posted.  We did end up getting her one more after we discovered the residents tend to mix up their own walkers with ones that belong to others.  We 9Apr17-_06added a colorful cover to hers.  She’s been thrilled with all the birthday stuff but the surprise party was still to come.  That was the grand finale

1004We’ve eaten lunch with Terry’s mom several days at her retirement home and met many of her friends.  She loves company to come for lunch and sit with her and her friends.  They all have their own apartments and are independent for the most part.  This party was special.

Terry’s sister picked up flowers to decorate the tables and take-out from Joe’s BBQ.  Let the party begin.  Needless to say, she was very surprised.



The last project before my sewing equipment got packed again! ---  Sad smile 

Our  little travel trailer was moved out of storage and pulled in beside our motorhome.  For the last few days we’d been transferring stuff back and forth.  However, before we did too much my cousin stayed over one night.  It gave us a chance to catch up and chatter a bit.   Buck also visited a few times and didn’t want to leave her alone.  Every time we went for a walk after that he headed right over to the travel trailer.   Actually, that was a good thing because he’s going to call it “home” for a while. 

We had spent several months in Arizona and been busy with some great people.   One couple still left in this area was the Dixons.  We met them for a farewell dinner at Logan’s.  It wasn’t a goodbye really as we’ll see them in the fall.

  ….   My little project for Sandie ….

Thursday we volunteered to help with lunch service.  Since there isn’t a cook on Thursday, members usually volunteer to help in the kitchen.   We did just that.  What fun for sure!


On Saturday we had another RVer light up his new smoker and experiment with smoking a whole bunch of ribs …. Nummy.   It was so nice and we were sure thankful he decided he needed to test out that smoker while we were still around.  

Off to storage …. 

Monday night was the final night in the motorhome.  Tuesday was spent moving the last items into the trailer and giving it a good scrubbing.   In came the slides and it was road ready …. well, ready for the storage lot.


Wednesday morning we were off after a short visit with Shelley.    We waited until we hoped the Phoenix rush hour would be over.  We do have plans and even reservations!

Our first stop was Quartzsite, Arizona.  We just had to drive through the little town.  We’d mainly only visited when this place was popping with thousands of RV’ers.  It wasn’t like that this time.  The streets were near empty and there weren’t a lot of folks to be seem.  However, the most popular place in town, Silly Al’s, still had a few cars in front.

We noticed an RV on the first lot.  This one looked like it was getting picked up by a truck.  It was very obvious there had been one heck of a fire.

After a quick hamburger at Carl Jr’s, we were back on the road heading towards Palm Springs.  We made pretty good time until we ran into construction about 30 miles from our destination.  We crawled and crawled.

After the long days Buck did on the trip from Tennessee to Arizona, he thought this one was a piece of cake.  He slept most of the way.


Our stop for the next four days and we’re expecting the Jerry and Janice to pull in tomorrow.

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. So nice to see Quartzsite with no crowds we have been there off season as well.
    Enjoy your time in Palm Springs.

  2. Have a wonderful summer. Thanks again for the doxie case. I absolutely love it.

  3. WOW...the cover looks beautiful. What a great gift. Terry's mom looks gorgeous. Please Lord let me look like her at 89!
    Another great job on Sandie's purse.
    Nice place to stop. Enjoy your time with Janice and Jerry! Miss ya!

  4. I thought it was kind of eerie driving through Quartzite. We saw things that we never noticed in January.

  5. I am SURE Sandie loved that gift. And Terry's Mom loved her surprise party. You are one talented woman.

  6. Mom looks so good, I'm sure she loved her surprise party! We like Q when it's not so crazy. It's like a completely different place. Glad you had a good travel day, even with a bit of construction. Enjoy Cali!!

  7. Hope you don't miss wearing your red bikini now that you've sewed it onto that bag... :cD

  8. We stopped at Silly Al's for pizza on the way home today. Man, its good!!
    Travel safe!


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