Friday, March 24, 2017

Phoenix to Tucson to Phoenix

24mar17_01One of the last functions we had at our park in Tempe before we pulled out for Tucson was a chili cook off.  It was a lot of fun.  In order to entice votes some of the contestants added guacamole and chips to their table.  Others added pie, cake and other snacks.   We had a good snack and enjoyed the food too.

Janice has  done some fabulous woodworking in the past.  When we parked our motorhome on 24mar17_20their property in Tennessee almost 2 years ago, we had a chance to take a look at her chainsaw skill.  Several stumps were turned into arty creations with that chainsaw.  This week we discovered she’s also into carving gourds and lucky me, she gave me one of her gorgeous gourds! 

They are amazing.  This one is a  “Thunder Roll” with a combination of carving, wood burning and painting.  The long spring on the bottom gives it a “thunder” roll sound.  Matter of fact, we decided to visit a local gourd farm and check out the gourds just in case we wanted to try carving a gourd or two ourselves.  Well, we decided we could do it too (maybe) so we picked a few out, bought supplies and spent a bunch of $$$ before we left.   Thanks Janice. 

Take a look at a few of the gourd farm samples that were on display.  

24mar17_09 24mar17_16

Now we just need the free time to finish the job we started on the gourds.

    What about a ceramic Buck?

Before long we continued our route to Tucson.  We had actually planned on staying at least two weeks in Tucson.  We had lots of places
24mar17_38 we wanted to visit – again.  Our first stop was at a Passport-America park were we stayed with Tina & Jeff and Freddy & Delcie.  It was only a two night stay while we hung around waiting for the rally to start.  We had full hookups and with temperatures in the mid 90’s, the air conditioner ran almost constantly.  The good thing about Arizona is that it does cool down at night.


We ended up going to a Wine & Food Festival with Tina and Jeff.  There was only one table with wine which really didn’t appeal to Tina, Terry or I but it was still fun going.   We had free food and drinks.  
At least we had someplace to go and something to do and that’s more fun than sitting in a hot RV. 


Our rally started on Sunday.  It was estimated that there were 1100 RVs there!  I don’t know how many were boondocking but most of them were for sure.   It was so hot without hookups that our generators got a good workout. 

Terry and I volunteered to help with transportation.  So, on Monday we had alternating shifts to drive the transport golf carts.  That’s always so much fun.  Terry and I decided it best to work opposite shifts because the weather wasn’t just warm.  It was still hot.  With Buck in the motorhome we had to be sure our generator was running while we were “working”.   


Welcome meeting on the first night!    ---- > 
We didn’t get to stay as long as we had planned.  Our stay was cut short.   Terry’s mom ended up in the hospital and we knew we needed to head back.  We were only at the rally three days but you do what you need to do and we did. 


We stopped at a truck wash on the way back.  Dust was everywhere on the rig.  These truck washes are so handy and the price is certainly better than those who visit the RV parks.  Granted they are nowhere near as good as others but the wash helps.


We were back in the Phoenix area on Wednesday and after setting up the RV we left to spend time with his mom. We've been running ever since.

Thursday morning Terry was back with his mom a little after 7:00 am to spend most of the day with her.  The same went for Friday.  It seems this is the daily routine for now but she seems to be getting a little stronger each day.   So, that’s a good thing.  Our fingers and toes are crossed hoping the improvement continues.

We were also able to take advantage of the last day on food tickets we had bought before we left.  The tickets were for five meals for $10.  That’s right $2 a meal!  The meals have been fantastic.  Tonight was the final drawing for the door prizes.  Terry won three times and I won once.  We even ended up with money and an Epson printer, along with a couple other items.  What fun.  We should have run right out and bought lottery tickets that evening .... but, we were tired.

So, we’re back in the Phoenix area now and luckily moved into a bigger site today.   We know we will be hanging around as long as Terry’s mom needs us and then we’re off again.    We do have a tentative direction and partial route out of the hot weather but not quite sure exactly when that will be.


Marsha, check out the cuttings you gave me!  It’s growing and growing.

I know I missed a lot but this is it until next time.  We’ve done too much and been too many places in the last couple weeks.  I’d be forever trying to catch up.  So, now my job is to catch up on other’s blogs.

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. Busy, busy, busy.

    Those cuttings are amazing. Wish we could have taken some too.

    Big hugs to Buck.

  2. I'm sorry Terry's Mom is not doing well. That's hard on everyone. I'm sure you are doing your best to take care of yourselves, too, during this time. At least, I hope you are. Remind Terry he has to take care of himself if he is going to be able to take care of his Mom. Remember, "Put your own mask on first..."

  3. You have been very busy as usual. Love the ceramic Buck.
    Hope Terry's mom continues to improve.

  4. Janice did a gorgeous job on that gourd! Lucky you.

    We have always wanted to volunteer at the Albuquerque Balloon races and drive the golf carts. looks like a lot of fun.

    Oh so happy your Hearts and Flowers are doing super. Hope those pink/red flowers are coming out. Mine blooms each day.

    Prayers for Terry's mom. So glad to read that she is getting stronger each day. Wonderful news.

  5. Cute gourd, you do know what that character painted on it is supposed to cause? :cO

  6. I used to have a beautiful carved gourd and once thought I'd enjoy carving some myself - maybe I'll look into that again :-))) Glad your genny kept up with the heat and that you had fun at the rally. Good to hear Mom is improving, hope that she's soon up and about so you can hit the road and head to cooler temps.


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