Thursday, March 9, 2017

Old Town Scottsdale, New Shades plus Repeats

Time is getting short for us in this part of Arizona.  I figured I should probably summarize what we’ve been up to.   So, I have about 13 days to throw into this blog.  Forbid if I didn’t put it together.  We both know this is my diary and if I don’t write it down, I certainly wouldn’t be able to remember on my own!

8mar_02We’ve had a few do-overs.  We found places we liked previously so decided we wanted to repeat.  I mentioned the Organ Stop Pizza last time.  Well, we did it again but with mostly different people.  So, this time it was with the Dixons, the Cox duo and the Planty “kids”.  The pizza was fabulous and the organ music was out-of-this-world as usual.  We loved the lights and the action created by the music.  Beautiful.

We also repeated a visit to Rustlers Roost. We were celebrating our anniversary.  We had a beautiful view of Phoenix and the steaks were delicious.  However, the only problem we had was a table of 8 next to us.  Every one of them tried to talk over the others.  We finally asked to be moved.  We wanted to have our own conversation and not have to talk over them to hear each other.  I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about.




Other than the meal, our anniversary gift to each other was to replace our shades with new ones.  We should have had this done years ago.  We were glad to toss out the old and have the new ones take their place.  What a difference!


Sunday we took the light rail with Tina and Jeff into downtown Phoenix.  What a great way to get around this area!  Our original destination for the day was Alice Cooper’s restaurant. 


If you eat this big long hot dog, you get your picture taken and posted on the wall.  I didn’t wait to see if this fella ate it. 


The light rail runs right by the Phoenix Greyhound Park which is the location of the Park’n Swap.  It’s a huge outdoor vendor and flea market.  What did we buy?  Nothing


We saw Buck on this billboard !  I think he looked great in sunglasses.  The problem is now he wants his own pair.  

Tuesday was Mike’s induction into the Elks so six of us met for a quick Taco Tuesday dinner before the event.  You just can’t beat the price of $1 for a huge taco.

There was one last trip with Terry’s mom to the casino.  We were to be back at 3:00 to pick her up but we ended up returning about a half hour early giving me a little time to try the slots. Thus, I ended up with more going out of the casino than in it.    I wish all our visits to the casino were like that ….. but, sadly, they are not


With her birthday coming up soon, I figured this was appropriate to make for her.  It’s a place to keep her casino stash money.

8mar_18A return trip to Old Town Scottsdale was also on our bucket list.  It’s fun wandering through the quaint stores.  Terry found a couple trinkets he could not leave without but there wasn’t much for me except looking. 


We stopped at the Rusty Spur Saloon for lunch.  It was crowded and another place where everyone was talking over the top of each other.  Oh well, the food was good and the bar stools interesting.



There are lots of unique little items to look at.  I couldn’t think of anyone who would want these “Pain in the Rear’ boxers or the “Tail End” pants.

We also found some great western boots.  These were only $1,000.  Anyone interested?


Then, we found Porter’s Place.  We had to check it out but wasn’t sure whether we should mention we knew the Porter’s or not.  Just to be safe, we didn’t mention it. 


On our way back to the RV we decided to drive by the Scottsdale Elks.  We had stayed there several years ago.  However, it has really turned into a trash dump.   Obviously, there are people who live at the Elks and their “junk” is scattered all over.  It was awful.   



Thursday we were meeting Jerry and Janice at the FMCA Rally in Chandler.  Buck was excited we were going so he could go to Doggie Day Care.    Here’s a picture one of the attendants took of him.  He found a ball and wasn’t going to give it up.. 


We thought there were many more vendors at the FMCA rally than at the Good Sam Rally.  It was held at the Rawhide Western town just south of Chandler.  We checked out all the vendors .  There were several things we were interested in but didn’t actually walk out with much more than we walked in with and that’s a good thing. 

Dinner was at the Elks for our $2 meal.  This evening there were door prizes.  We all won something.  Jeff got the best prize and Terry the next.  Being almost last I declined either of the two items left..  Tina was thrilled with her “red hat lady” cup  (Not!!).

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. You have been having a pretty busy winter this year and fun with Buck. thanks for you update.

  2. As always, you have been so busy! What a difference new shades make...we did that last year!

  3. We were hoping to get to Organ Stop Pizza this stop. We only have two more days...isn't looking good.
    What a difference a shade makes...hehehe Glad you are enjoying them.

    I love hot dogs, but that one looks gross!
    I love to see Buck in sunglasses. What a hoot.

    Great gift for mom. Good job.
    How can the Scottsdale Elks allow that to happen! That is disgusting. That Lodge should be reported.

    Well, big shots. If Paul and I were there, we would have been the only losers. Glad we didn't bring you table

  4. That hot dog looked delicious. I'll have two, please. :cD

  5. Sounds like a fun couple weeks. Those look like ostrich boots - very soft. Really sad to see the Elks have let that spark get so bad - I didn't realize any of them allowed permanent residents.


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