Sunday, February 5, 2017

Sunning in January


Arizona is known for fairly warm winters.  Snowbirds “flock” to the state to get away from the cold weather usually experienced in the north.  We are no different.  However, last winter we were in Florida.  The weather was warm and humid.  We loved the beach, the friends and the sun.  We didn’t care so much about the crowds, the bugs and the prices.


Our RV stayed in Phoenix when we went to "Q"

This year has been a little different.  Arizona has been cooler and wetter than normal.  The good thing is we think that’s all behind.  Temperatures are finally in the 70’s and hopefully will remain where they belong. 

We left our motorhome in Phoenix and made a short trip in our small trailer to Quartzsite.  We didn’t boondock as we have in the past.  With only one battery and small tanks, that would have been difficult.  The weather was nasty and there were fewer vendors than in past years. 


The Big Tent opened on Saturday but we decided not to hang around that long.  We have been to the Big Tent many times over the last few years when we boondocked with a group of friends. We drove out to Plomosa Road to see who from the old "gang" were there.  Some were but many of the faces were new.  However, no trip to Quartzsite is complete without a stop at Silly Al’s Pizza.  Well, we did stop but there were so many people we didn’t stay.  There were no seats at the Yacht Club either.  However, the Stagecoach turned out to be perfect and that’s where we met Tina and Jeff for a great meal.  We’re thinking everything was packed because the weather was bad.


We also made a point to visit Quartzsite’s bakery.  This place makes the best rhubarb pie.  We had no choice but to order one and take it back with us.  Nummy.



Back in the Phoenix area we spent more time with Terry’s mom, said goodbye to his uncle and played with Buck at the local dog park.  Buck loves the dog park.  He plays well with the other dogs.  He just doesn’t share his toys or their toys with them … especially balls.

We met a group of "old" friends at Harrah’s in Maricopa for their seafood buffet.  It was awful!  The people were great but the buffet was awful.   The price was high and the food lacking.  One thing led to another and before long we were planning a gathering for old times sake.  And, that we did. What fun! (More on that next blog.)  We gathered.

We’ve been making some changes. First, we pulled out our couch and replaced it with a new one.  That wasn’t a fun job but neither was replacing the stuff in the dinette area either.  Monday we have an appointment to have our windows measured for new blinds.  Next, we hope to have the flooring replaced. 

5feb_05Of course, that hasn’t been all.  Hobbies and projects always take some time.  I bought a new embroidery machine.  YAY!!   It took a while to decide how much I’d be willing to spend and what machines fell under that amount.  Then, there was all the researching I had to do.  Now I have two machines to sell on Craigslist.  That’s next.

I’ve tried to touch on a few things we’ve done over the last three weeks.  I still have to update on our gathering plus other activities are in our future this week.  It’s going to be a mighty busy week!  This weekend I’m hoping to catch a flight to visit with our “Valentine birthday” girl in Pensacola.  My fingers are crossed that it all works out.

So, until next time ……..

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. I am so glad the weather has gotten back to perfect. Love the blueberry turnovers from the Bakery. Did not love the buffet.

  2. We would prefer AZ over FL any day. Like you we did not like the crowds and the prices. And it's not a state for boondocking.

  3. Florida not for us either, much nice here in the desert and wide open spaces. We enjoy Quartzsite this year as always, the weather still much better than back home.

  4. Silly Al’s Pizza is just about the only thing I miss about Q.
    Oh I love the touch of lights with your new "Hearts and Flowers" pot. lol
    Hope you get that flight without too many headaches.

  5. I guess we were lucky when we went to Silly Al's. We didn't have to wait for a table at all.

  6. You are the busiest rver I know...two fisted sewing, you must be doubling production😊 Tell Sandy Hi for us.

  7. By the time I finish one of your blogs I'm always out of breath. I don't know how you do it all. Better you than me. :)

  8. The big crowds is why we do not go to Q during the show season.


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