Friday, February 24, 2017

Pizza, Cowboys and a Rally

21feb_05It seems the last couple of weeks we’ve had plenty going.  We’ve had plans and outings and projects.  We’ve also had some great get togethers at happy hour and dinner.  That’s one huge advantage of being in an RV park that also has a restaurant.  We’ve figured out that eating there is sometimes much cheaper than fixing it.  One thing we’ve had plenty of is pizza.  Thank goodness we like pizza.


There’s nothing special about the pizza served at the RV park restaurant but there was about our evening at the Organ Stop Pizza in Mesa.  The company, the pizza and the music was fantastic at Organ Stop.  The best thing though was meeting up with MJ and Tom plus her daughter and SIL who are RVing around the country with them. 


We had a great time and love meeting with old friends (not old in years but just in time).  Note to self:  We have to take Terry’s mom here again before we head out.

21feb_02 21feb_07

The organ is amazing.  It’s connected to colored lights and even puppets.  The show is free and the pizza reasonably priced.  We even have another gathering planned there, perhaps!


We try to take Buck to the dog park at least once a week.  Sometimes it’s more often than that.   Tuesday he had quite a work out with all the dogs.  He also had a chance to play with Cali.  Cali is Jeff and Tina’s dog who also decided to visit the park.   Since we had quite a bit of rain over the weekend, there were several mud puddles.  Keeping Buck out of them was impossible.  Needless to say, from there we headed straight to PetSmart for a much needed bath. 


As in his usual fashion, he stole another dog’s ball and ran to the gate trying to take it home with him.  The only way to give it up was to offer another ball, Cali’s ball.


We finally made a visit to the Mesa Marketplace with Mike and Deb.  That place is so large that we originally limited ourselves to an hour. However,  I had to extend it by a half an hour.  At least it was enough time to drop some bucks and walk the four long aisles.  Yes, we did find a few things we couldn’t leave without.


After that we were on our way to the Farmer’s Market in Mesa.  That place is always packed.  It’s because they usually have some great prices on fresh produce and fruit. 



 Thursday we decided no pizza and went to a western style restaurant.  Rustler’s Rooste sits on one of hills of the area with views of  Phoenix and the area around. We were there for the happy hour but I sure would have liked to taste one of their steaks.  We had great seats and a good time visiting. 


It was interesting reading the menu because they offered some unique drinks. If you wanted, you could order a cow pie martini or even snake venom.  If liquid snake venom wasn’t enough, rattlesnake was on the menu for dinner.


When it was time to exit, we had a choice of walking down the stairs or sliding down the slide.  Most of us did the slide.

Here goes Jim !!!  

This time of year there are usually several RV events in Arizona.  Thursday was the beginning of the Good Sam Rally.  We wanted to go the first day and definitely not over the weekend.  So, Buck went into Doggie Day Care again at PetSmart and we took off with Jerry and Janice for the Phoenix International Raceway where the event was being held. 

This was our first Good Sam Rally.  We expected it to be big, big, big.  It was “big” in RV’s for sale but we were rather disappointed in the number of vendors.  However, we did find a few things that followed us back to the RV including new step covers and two new folding rocking chairs.    It was nice having our chairs.  Thank goodness Jerry and Janice also bought two chairs because we had an opportunity to use them while Jerry took care of business.

It was interesting to see some of the new features on the RVs.  One we were surprised to see was the “elevator” in some of the RVs.  Actually, we’re sure it was a wheelchair lift  but it certainly could be used for bags of groceries too!

DSC03094 DSC03095

Buck had a visit with the Vet on Friday.  It was time to think about updating his shots and get a new one.  We discovered Buck has an ear infection and he also has allergies.  It wasn’t a fun visit for him or for us ($$$$).  Now we have two weeks worth of medicine as we attempt to get rid of the infection and treat the allergies. 

After the Vet with Buck we picked up Terry’s mom and took her to the casino.  She did pretty well too.   Why does she mostly win and I always lose?  She left with about $1400 more than she walked in with!  I didn’t walk out with more than I walked in with.  Nuff said.

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. I still recognize MJ and was pleased to see her looking well. I'm glad she and Tom found each other. Everything else looked like fun too. I would like to have tried the slide but not sure if I could get on and off it. :(

  2. I would have gone down the slide too! What fun! Buck is a lucky puppy to have you! Hope he feels better soon.

  3. It was fun watching everybody go down the slide. You guys really started something. Ear infections are not fun. Scooter used to get them frequently. Hope Buck is doing much better.

  4. You have been busy again as usual. The slide in the restaurant sounds like a fun thing for sure.
    We have been to 1/2 dozen of those Rallies over the years and they all seem the same, about the only things did enjoy was some of the seminars, and entertainment of it was a nice night.
    Good luck with Buck.

  5. We love Organ Stop. We always go there at least once when we are in that area.

    Did you attach a tether ball for Buck?

    Mesa Marketplace on our list.

    I see the whole gang was there for HH. Count us in on one when we get there.

    $ gosh, to us that would have been like winning the lottery! Good for her.

  6. Looks like lots of fun as usual! We saw those chairs at Lazy Daze and thought they looked great. Nice to not have the big rockers at the bottom. We got rid of our last rocker but might have to reconsider those :-) The slide looks like great fun, even after a dinner of snake!

  7. Way to go Mom, my kinda lady!! Guess we know why Buck is itchy..poor baby.

  8. We have been tromping the same grounds. We went to Organ Stop just before Christmas and we went to the first day of the Good Sam's rally, also. We agree about the rally...not enough vendors. But we had a good time. I will have to check out that farmer's market in Mesa.

  9. $1400! Gosh, the most I ever won in a casino was $14. Terry's mom has my winnings beat by a couple of zillion percent.

    Did you happen to get Buck some more balls at that market, seems he doesn't have enough! :cD


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