Thursday, February 16, 2017

Pensacola and Our Valentine’s Day Baby

__12feb36Our granddaughter, Sandi, was born on Valentine’s so she’s our Valentine’s Day Baby.  Friday rolled around and I was at the airport on my way to Pensacola.  I had a few little gifts packed, reservations for a car and a place to stay. 

Getting to Dallas was no problem as there were plenty vacant seats but the next flight had every seat accounted for plus.  There went my seat which meant I had to wait for the next flight … 3 1/2 hours later.  The good thing was on the next one there was even a first class seat available and it was mine!


Sandi was at the airport to meet me but I wasn’t sure how or where we would meet since I had a rental car.  As luck would have it just as  I was driving out of the rental car area, she was driving by.  I followed her to the Navy Lodge which is down the road from her barracks.  We couldn't ask for a better view because Pensacola Bay was out our window!

After a lot of talking and catching up with each other, I brought out some of my gifts.  Her birthday is on Valentine’s Day so she had to have some gifts to open. (I didn't realize until I returned two of them were still in my suitcase!  Oops!)    We chatted some more and then headed out to Sonny’s BBQ before we returned for  sleep.


The first plan on Saturday was a visit to Pensacola Beach. 

The beach was wonderful.                    


We dangled our feet in the cold water and let our toes sink in the sand.  It was pretty awesome.  



Afterwards, we decided to drive towards Fort Pickens on the Gulf Islands National Seashore. 

It was a beautiful day and nice to see even though we had visited Fort Pickens last spring with Sandi. This time we just drove around it. 

__12feb25 __12feb26


Back on the mainland we made a quick stop at Joe Patti’s.  This place is very popular and especially on the weekends.  Just about every type of fresh seafood is available.  


We walked along the counters checking all the seafood out and wishing we had a place to cook some of it.

             I’m thinking I should have bought this.  It fits me to a “T”.


Next on the agenda was a visit to the Greyhound Dog Track.  Last winter we had visited with Sandi several times.  We loved the live dog racing and so did she.  We figured we wouldn’t come out much ahead but we also knew losing a lot wouldn’t happen either.  We figured wrong.  I had a $20 and gave Sandi one too.  We both came out ahead.  That was mainly due to several quenelles we won.  What fun!  Food is fairly cheap at the track so we pretty much stuffed ourselves on appetizers.

After the races, we were off to the next adventure.  This time it was back to the Naval Air Facility.   There is a huge aircraft museum on base along with some of the Blue Angels’ planes on display.  After all, Pensacola is the home of the Blue Angels. 

We toured the museum last spring.   Since then Sandi had an opportunity to ride in Fat Albert.  Fat Albert serves as the transport plane for the US Navy Blue Angels.  Wouldn't that be amazing to fly in it?  


This time we were here to check out the Pensacola Lighthouse.  Sandi wanted to climb close to 200 steps up to the top.

Look at these stairs!  They wind and wind and wind.


I offered to hold all her stuff and let her go.  Then, I snapped a picture of her while she took one of me.  She had a gorgeous view from up there.


There she is !

Here I am  … See me ?


We also walked through the house where the lighthouse keepers had lived.    There was a wedding  planned that evening. 


According to the staff, this place is haunted.  TAPS visited once and recorded their findings for a TV episode.

We still had time to do a little shopping at the NEX and also at Beall’s Outlet.  It was just a little time but then we opted for dinner at Ruby Tuesdays before heading back to our hotel room at the Navy Lodge. 

Originally I booked a late flight out of Pensacola on Sunday.  Flights don’t always work and that one didn’t either.   The flight ended up having more people than seats.  Thus, I had to change to a much earlier one.  Neither of us were happy about that and didn’t have a lot of time in the morning.  However,  we did find time for breakfast before it was back to the airport. 

Then, it was a little visit inside the USO.   There are lots of free snacks, food and travel necessities given to traveling military.  What a nice idea!


Soon it was time to say goodbye and head through security.   I grabbed a seat at the gate and then noticed the “DELAYED” . It was an hour delay and that meant my connecting flight in Charlotte would leave before I arrived.  I needed to change it.     At least the flight looked good and I’d still make it back to Phoenix that evening.  It sure beats sleeping in an airport.  Been there, done that.

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. I'm sure Sandi felt she had a perfect birthday with her Grandma there to celebrate with her. And per usual, you crammed a whole lot in a short time. Happy Birthday (belated) Sandi.

  2. My gosh, Jeri. You two did a week's worth of sightseeing in two short days. Did you sleep on the plane the entire trip? One day I hope to be a grandma and will use you as a good example. I might not be able to fly at the drop of a hate, but I sure will plan like you do. I am sure Sandi loved having you with her for her special celebration.

  3. Ha ha, you packed the returned gifts too. We all do things like that at this age.

  4. So, were those returned gifts a surprise when you opened them? You did think they were for you, didn't you? :cD

  5. I haven't been to the MSP airport in years but back in the 70s there was a USO facility there. I wonder if it still is?

  6. What a wonderful visit and you were busy as usual. Love the Pensacola are , have toured that Naval Museum a couple of times, love it..

  7. A few days eralier and you would have had better weather! Joe PAtti's is our go to place for fresh fish, one of the best we have ever been too.

  8. Looks like a fun time with Sandie I know she was glad to see you, wish you could have stuffed your bag with some of that good seafood...and invited us up. Lol

  9. Lucky sailor girls to be stationed near the beach and have a traveling grandma!


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