Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Dwarf Car Museum – Maricopa


Some people are great at finding unique places to visit.  Our friends, Sandie and Marsha, do just that.  One place Sandie discovered is the Dwarf Car Museum just south of Maricopa, Arizona.   The price was right.  It was free even though there was a donation box. 

  Arizona sunrise .


We decided to meet and check it out.  The size of the cars is obvious when you have someone stand next to one of them.  Thus, Janice decided to do that. 

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Do you think this might have been owned by the Beverly Hillbillies?

We really enjoyed checking this place out.   It was phenomenal.  These may be dwarf cars but they run just like the big ones do.  Everything is put together much the same as the original car.  Some are even road legal and one vehicle even made the trip from Arizona to Chicago.


Check this one out.  It isn't just a dwarf car.  It was made out of old refrigerator parts.    


There’s always an old tractor to get the attention of the boys.


Obviously, this wasn’t really the bathroom.          


The area driving to the Dwarf Car Museum was gorgeous.  Sagurao Cactus were everywhere.  You just never know what you're going to find in the desert.  We found a house built like an Egyptian Pyramid.  We would have loved to have gone closer but decided to pay attention to the trespassers warning sign.


Arizona definitely has beautiful sunrises and sunsets.  We were able to enjoy a few of them.


 If you’re interested in more about the Dwarf Car Museum, check out Sandie’s blog.  She posted more info on it.

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. Now that looks like spot we may just have to check out, thanks for the tip.

  2. hahahaha...I have our post ready to go up today on this museum. It really was a pretty cool place.
    We went to another great place yesterday. Put on your list the Cloud Museum. Pretty amazing.

  3. I bet Freddy had some knowledgeable things to say about that tractor.

  4. Have never heard of dwarf cars, let alone a museum for them - they are wonderful!!

  5. Fascinating. They look like fullsize cars.

  6. I guess they left the cars out in the rain too long... :cD


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