Sunday, January 15, 2017

Lazy Blogger


I’ve definitely become a very lazy blogger because I haven’t been doing any.  I’ve also not been on FB or any forums much.  That’s really a good thing because there’s more time to do other things.  We have shared lots of meals out and done gobs of visiting with other RVers and family. 

 Loved the double rainbow …


Sunny Phoenix hasn’t been too sunny lately but it’s certainly sunnier and warmer than where we spend our summers.  Here it’s been cool and cloudy but the good thing is we know the sun and some warmth will return in the next couple of days.  After all, is 70 degrees warm?


We’re still dog sitting our “grand” dog.  He’s kept us mighty busy with his walks.  We’ve visited the Tempe Lake numerous times with him.  It’s such a beautiful place to walk along the waterfront with or without a dog.



We’ve also discovered a great dog park close to one of the Cardinals practice fields.  It’s only a few miles from where we’re parked so it’s very convenient. 



Buck has met several new friends.  We had to buy him his own Frisbee because he kept stealing them from others.  Buck will play with the Frisbees and he will play with the other dogs but he does not share his toys. He's a thief because he's always stealing toys that belong to other dogs. 



A few days ago we said “See ya” to Tina and Jeff.  They had been here for a couple of weeks.  What fun seeing them again

So, other than eating out, visiting with people and walking Justin’s dog, naturally I’ve been working on genealogy mysteries, most specifically DNA odds ’n ends.   Well, some of them aren’t mysteries anymore and only finding proof makes the segments a mystery.  Then, I’ve also had my machine out and been doing some sewing and such.  The problem with this is I make so much stuff, I can’t keep it and run out of people to give it away to.

15jan_02 __15jan_01 __15jan_02


We made a trip to Mining Camp Restaurant which turned out to be a fiasco.  Now that wasn’t with the Mining Camp but with the coordination of events.  Oh well, we still enjoyed taking another peek at the area.  It’s just gorgeous there.


Sun and warmth should return to this area on Wednesday. That’s the day we’re heading to Quartzsite.  Instead of taking our motorhome, this year we’re going to take our little trailer.  I wasn’t originally excited about going to “Q” because we’ve been there so many times.  However, since it’s still the winter mecca for RVers, the closer we get to departure time, the more excited I am. There are hundreds, or is it thousands, of vendors to browse.  Some of the stuff is junk but you never know what treasures you might find.  There are lots and lots of treasures.

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. are you gonna park with us, or in an RV park? Looking forward to seeing everyone. We arrive tomorrow- quesadillas on Thursday!!

    1. It's supposed to RAIN on Thursday! Leaving motorhome with the solar panels in Phoenix and taking our little trailer .... one battery, one propane tank. :( .

  2. Beautiful rainbow.
    Enjoy the Q. I have had enough of that place.
    I would much rather spend time with family and friends than blog!

  3. Enjoy Q we have been browsing the vendors, enjoy the decent weather and just hanging out with some friends here and there, wherever we are.

  4. Hey! So great to hear from you. Keep it up. Its,always nice to read about Arizona winters

  5. Smart move tailing the little trailer to Q. Much less space to store all those vender goodies you'll find! :cD

  6. I enjoyed this update. It's good to know you are busy enjoying life.

  7. Great title:) That is almost my permanent state these days:(

  8. Buck is going to miss you both! Nice doggie parks are hard to come glad yiu found a great place for Buck to play.

  9. Safe travels to Q, I can't believe I'm missing another blogfest! Love the double rainbows :)


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