Saturday, November 5, 2016

You Won’t Believe Our Next Adventure !


We’ve been in the Phoenix area for about a week now.   When we first arrived the temperatures were running in the 90’s but then it cooled right down into the 80’s.  Without humidity the weather has been perfect.  However, sunshine wasn’t the only weather we experienced.  One day it rained hard and thunder and lightening cracked for hours.  We think that’s probably behind us now.

We’ve enjoyed connecting and re-connecting with people we haven’t seen for a quite a while.   Of course, that means we’ve had a lunch or dinner scheduled every day since we’ve been back.  Our schedule has taken us around the Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, Apache Junction and even the Casa Grande area.  We’ve also had a chance to go back to some of our favorite restaurants.  We’ve shared lunch with the Dixons, the Hyders, the Rempes and the Kerseys.  In addition to that we’ve also visited a few places with Terry’s mom and sister.


  We’ve also been busy transferring items from the Roadhouse to the RV. 


After we were done, the  little “Roadhouse”  went to storage.

_2_DefaultWe’ve checked out quite a few RV parks in this area.  The RV parks are definitely much lower than the $1000 a month we paid in Florida!!    We found one in Mesa and in a few days we’ll be settling in there for the next seven weeks. 

We rode the kiddie train at the local park for something to do.

At first we thought our motorhome escaped any issues (other than dust) related to leaving it in storage under the hot Arizona.  We discovered the batteries didn’t fare so well and neither did the generator.  The generator still won’t start.  So, we have an appointment to get it checked out. It’s made us re-think again about leaving it all summer in the Arizona heat.


 We checked out the boats and kayaks at Tempe Town Lake

We’ve also visited Camping World a couple times.  One was to make an appointment and another time was to sit in the waiting room while our trailer braking system was fixed.  It seems it’s been one issue after another.

We checked out the bargains at the Dillard’s Clearance Center and found interesting shoes.  None followed me out of the store though.


Interesting T-shirts were found at the Mesa Swap Meet.


Have you ever seen a Google Self-Driving car?  Well, here’s one for you.  It did have a test driver with his hands on the wheel.

What won’t you believe?

_29_04It seems we’re going to become the caretakers of Buck, Justin’s bulldog,  for a few months. We discovered airlines won’t fly Bulldogs due to their short noses.  You might guess what the only option is of swapping Buck from Justin to us.  It seems we have no choice but to drive. 
Sad smile    Sad smile

We've been working on a plan and we think we've come up with one requiring the least amount of driving and the least expensive.  When Justin gets his leave approved we'll drive our truck to El Paso and fly to Nashville or Knoxville.  Drop off charges are quite a bit cheaper renting in Tennessee and dropping off in Texas.  If we took it to Arizona, it would almost double.  

After we rendezvous with Justin, the hard part begins and that's driving the rental car ALL THE WAY BACK TO EL PASO to pick up our vehicle before returning to Phoenix.  That’s the plan unless something changes.  It’s not a good plan but it’s the best we can come up with for what we need to do.    I hope Buck likes riding in vehicles because he’s going to be doing a lot of it (and, so are we) !!  I'm guessing in a few months we'll be doing this again.

What an adventure that is going to be !   Summing it up …. Justin is going to owe us BIG time for this!!!   BIG TIME.

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. My goodness you never slow down, but as long as you are enjoying the life thats a good thing.
    Have fun with Buck and good luck with your motorhome.

  2. Since the shoes didn't follow you home, did one of those T-shirts?

    WHAT? What the heck does a short nose have to do with flying? I don't get it. You sure are a couple of great grandparents taking care of Buck. I am not sure Paul and I would do the same.

    We are looking for a place in Mesa/AJ. Where will you be staying. I know we need to start making reservations.

  3. Holy cow, the fun never seems to stop. A dog for 3 months. Honestly you are wonderful grandparents. Buck doesn't shed much??

  4. Hope if you venture back to Casa Grande you will let us know. Would love to see you!!!! Wow, you're really busy!! have one of those dog seat covers for the back seat if you would like it. We can't use it anymore.

  5. Nice of you to "Buck Up" and take care of Justin's dog. I hope he appreciates all you're doing for him (Justin, not the dog).

    I worry about our Journey now that it is going to sit in a storage lot for a while. I guess it would be smart to run it around every couple of weeks or so. It seems machinery likes to run and not sit.

  6. Glad the temps have lowered for all your adventures in AZ. I always think those kiddie trains look like fun :-) The shoes, not so much. You never know what events will dictate plans, but Buck sounds like a good reason to take a little drive. How could you say no to that face???

  7. Buck is one lucky puppy and Justin is one happy grandson...

    Looks like a really nice rv resort to spend a few weeks!

  8. Justin may be paying off that debt the rest of his life!


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