Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Wheeling and Dealing

2914_BalancedWe have been flooded with rain.  October in the Pacific NW can be gorgeous during the first couple of weeks or it can be very wet.  Thus, in the past we have usually been on our way south by now.  However, we’ve had a lot of “irons in the fire” and not been able to get on the road.  We’re even still trying to debate whether we’ll head east or due south when we’re finally able to move along.  Right now we feel we’ve waited a little too long.

One thing we do know is that rain makes things  GROW.  Remember our little A-frame?  Well, it’s received so much nourishment from the recent rain that it  grew.  The sides filled in and it’s now a full fledged Roadhouse even though it's only a foot longer than the A-frame.

Okay .... so we didn't tell everyone what we were up to but we did tell a few folks.  Now that this part is behind us we can post a picture.  


Our little A-Frame now looks like this!

Rain, rain go away.  At least we were smart enough to clear off the furniture from our deck and barbecue area before the heavy rains arrived.  We’re ready – well, almost  as we still have a few more irons in the fire. 

We did get a chance to take a break and met fellow RV’ers,  John and Sharon,  at McMenamins.  It’s a great place right on the Columbia River.  However, it was overcast and rain was threatening.  We had a chance to chat and do a little catching up.  They are now on their way out of the rain ---- smart people.


I also got in a last little bit of embroidery.  This time it was for my niece’s 40th birthday party!     Of course, she also got the “tissue” as a decorator item along with the towel.     However, I do think that my machine either needs to go into the shop or I need a new one.  It took forever to finish this project with all the problems.


Look at all those candles on the cake!  Oh … to be 40 again!     


The big bucks are really starting to come out.  We’ve had a few big boys around here lately.  I thought this fella was gorgeous.    I never get tired of taking pictures of them.  I know that’s obvious.

  He’s watching me put food in the feeder.


     Isn’t he a beauty?    

Our “projected” departure date is now October 18th.  We’re really not sure if we’ll be heading due east or due south.  That might depend on weather.  What we do know is that we want to leave the rain behind and end up in Arizona sometime in November.   Between now and then we still have a mini-trip to Florida next weekend.  We also have a few fixes on the new Roadhouse.

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. It was great to get to see you two again. We left Portland and made a game day decision the morning of our departure. Trying to escape the wet envelope in coastal Oregon we headed to Bend. Damp here and bit chillier but a whole lot less rain.

    1. Nice seeing both of you too and glad you're out of the heavy rain!

  2. Thanks for the warning, I'll be staying out of the PNW during October with my motorhome. At 40 feet long, I can't let it grow any bigger! :c)

  3. When the weather is wet being stuck inside a small enclosure is no fun. It's a good thing that your trailer grew a bit.
    We might be crossing paths in Arizona.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. The idea is just for short road trips in nice weather. We have another place here and also our motorhome in Arizona.

  4. Love the new rig. Can hardly wait to see the inside. Our weather over here in Boise isn't too bad at all. Down in the 40's at night but not bad during the day. Have a fun trip to Florida and we'll see you down the road.

  5. I kinda knew as soon as I saw the title of the blog. You guys are amazing. Show us inside.

  6. Amazing what how rain can make things grow. Have fun with your new Road House. and travel safe to Arizona whichever way you go.

  7. Congratulations! I have to admit, I wondered if the A-Frame would work for a couple used to a larger rig. I'll bet you have lots more room now. Yay!

    That very handsome buck looks like a stuffed model in a sporting goods store. He's perfect. A really big boy. Love the buck shots. :)

    I hope to see you guys at Quartzsite this year. Safe travels. :)

  8. Somehow your grown up A-frame reminds me of a certain Bungalow. :)

  9. Oh my gosh. You two change things so fast, I can barely keep up with y'all. Your "grown-up A-frame" looks so much more spacious. Good luck.
    Oh Terry, could Jeri borrow a few hundred bucks for a new machine? lol
    He is a beauty for sure.

  10. The rig had quite the growth spurt! In the old days that last buck would make my hands shake:)

  11. I kinda knew that you wouldn't stay with that tiny little A-Frame. The new trailer LOOKS like something.

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    1. The A frames are so cute, but I'll take space any day! Enjoy your last few days in Oregon.

  13. Love the newest trailer. Your buck is a very handsome fellow! Can't wait to see which direction you head :-)))


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