Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Wedding

Last Saturday  was the big day ….. but, it was raining in Jacksonville!  The rain had been forecast to come and expected to go away by afternoon.  We were hoping it really would.

With all the mosquito bites on my feet from Thursday night, getting my shoes on was no easy task.  Perhaps, a cheap bigger pair might work better?  A quick trip to the mall right down the road was part of the plan.  That wasn’t a real good plan for shoes but we got detoured when we passed a Sticky Fingers BBQ restaurant.  Forget the shoes.  We wanted to try their brisket.  We knew they had great brisket in Charleston so had to give this location a try too. One word describes it best, “Yummy”.

The wedding was at 4:30 and we decided to show up about an hour early.  What a perfect place to have a wedding and it fit the bride and groom to a “T”.   It was a beautifully decorated barn and a setting for many weddings in the past.  

The barn was as authentic as it could be even with horses, sheep, goats and cows.  That wasn’t all.  There were also so many unique touches to detail that fit the setting. 


Round tables were decorated in wedding colors of purple and yellow. 


The groom’s group came primarily from the west coast.  In addition to some family members he also had friends he had gone to school and worked with.  It was a nice group.

The ceremony was delayed a little due to rain but before long the drops stopped and the perfect ceremony began.  The barn animals even voiced their approval.  During the ceremony we heard the cows moo and the train whistle.  I think it added to the ceremony.  Everyone got a chuckle.   It was perfect and could not have been better.


We loved the boutonniere's ….. so perfect for outdoorsman, Mike.

Everyone took lots of pictures.  The professional photographers invited us to do so as long as we stayed out of their way!  Stay out of their way, we did!

The wedding was beautiful.   We’re so glad we were able to share this important day with Mike and Richelle. 


     Mother of the groom looking classy!    

The bride and groom arrived in their chariot – the golf cart!

1516- 1517-


They posed and posed and posed.



Mike’s family pictures …..    


We got a picture with the new Mr. & Mrs. too.


Father of the bride and the bride --- 


 ---- Groom with his sister


Even Zach got to dance with his new aunt                  

Sunday morning arrived early.  Mike and Richelle left to catch a cruise and by 4:30 am we were on our way to the airport.  The early morning flight looked great and we figured we’d be back in the Pacific NW  before noon.  However, it wasn’t to be.  The flight attendants were about two hours late getting to the airport meaning we didn’t make it back until late afternoon. Oh well, at least we made it and that’s what was most important. 

Once back in Washington State we knew our stay would be short.  It was time to finalize departure details.  We were ready to leave for the winter but we had titles holding us back. One title was for the A-frame we had just bought and then sold  as fast.  It was definitely too small for us.   The other title was for the new little “roadhouse” we had recently purchased.  They were both expected soon.  Clouds were threatening and we were hoping to get on down the road before the clouds let loose with more buckets of rain.

By 10:00 AM on Wednesday we had received both titles and were mailing them. One went to Oregon and the other to South Dakota.  There was also a small open window in the weather and we were off.  We were heading south for the winter and as I'm posting this, we're still heading south.   (PS .. Notice blue skies and no rain!)

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. Wonderful wedding pictures. So happy for Mike. And very happy you got out of town.

  2. Love western weddings. Well actually western anything. Beautiful!

  3. What a wonderful wedding and excellent photos as well.

  4. Our grand daughters wedding was very similar last year. The men had the shotgun boutonnieres and they wore camo ties and vests.

  5. Such a great place for a country wedding. Loved the pics, thanks for sharing the fun day. Glad you're safely on the road and heading south at last.

  6. Never saw a wedding reception in a barn, looked like a fantastic time in a unique place. Hope to get a chariot like the bride and grooms one of these days! :c)

  7. Glad you got to go to the wedding and glad the rain decided to take a break. And glad you are finally headed south!

  8. Looks like a gorgeous setting for a beautiful wedding. Love the idea of the animals chiming in their

  9. I love farm weddings. Very stylish and authentic.


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