Saturday, September 3, 2016

Stressful Titling in SD and BBQ/Smoking Class

seafoodCool weather and a few rain showers showed up over the last few days.  However, it wasn’t wet enough or rainy enough to keep those folks wanting to get out of the “City” away over the long holiday weekend.  So, we’re planning our own little outing for one night to get away from all the city folk.  We’re looking forward to a fabulous seafood buffet at Lucky Eagle Casino with the kids!

This was from the buffet on our last visit!

Our first outing in our new little Teepee aka Clipper was interesting.  We traveled about 30 miles to our son’s driveway.  The plan was to spend one night at his place working out whatever we might need to work out.   We had an opportunity try out the furnace and air conditioner as well as the refrigerator. 

Mooch-docking at Lee’s place.  ------

The next night we had planned to go an additional 15 miles and mooch-dock in our daughter’s driveway.  That wasn’t so easy.   We couldn’t get up the V shaped driveway without dragging the front of the trailer.  HELP!   We finally gave up and brought it back to our place.  Now we have to figure out how this can work.  One solution is to replace our drop down hitch so the front is lifted but we still may need a ramp.  Another might be to try putting it up the driveway in our Jeep.  It’s light enough that we can tow with either of our vehicles.   Needless to say, we returned pretty frustrated.


Since I had a couple questions about the inside of the A-frame, these are stock photos but identical without all the “stuff”.  The air conditioner isn’t in the picture but is mounted on the wall beneath the bed.


Our frustration grew a little more the next day when we realized that licensing in South Dakota wasn’t going to be as easy as we expected.

You would think the hard part of purchasing any vehicle or trailer would actually be finding the right one and putting out the money especially if it’s done through a licensed dealer.  Wouldn’t you think that?  That hasn’t been the case with the recent Teepee (aka Clipper) we purchased.  It was purchased from a dealer who purchased it from Camping World after they took it in as a trade.  Oregon paper work was filled out with title signed properly by the owner and Camping World.  Camping World issued a DMV transfer to the dealer we purchased it from.  Our dealer completed similar paperwork including a Bill of Sale and transfer.   However, that wasn’t sufficient to license in  South Dakota.  There is a perfect paper trail but SD requires a  “Dealer Re-assignment” form.  Paperwork is sufficient to title in Oregon and Washington  but Oregon doesn’t have those specific forms or require them.  South Dakota won’t issue those forms to out-of-state dealers.  What a stupid dilemma!  Now what?  We’ll find out on Tuesday.

  Sad smile   Sad smile   Sad smile   Sad smile


Friday was a rather dreary day so out came the embroidery machine.  With a new toy we’re hoping  we’ll eventually be able to get on the road.  That meant I had a few finishing touches and personalizing to do to some of the towels.

The dreary weather is also a reminder that winter is just around the corner and we’ll soon be heading south again.  As of right now  (you know how things change),  we’ll pull out in late October and travel south via Utah.  We haven’t taken that route for a while and we’re looking forward to a change of scenery.

Tammi surprised me with a very early birthday gift.  Actually, it’s for the two of us which makes it even better.  Groupon offers some great deals.  Just ask our friend, Sandie!  She uses it all the time.  


My gift was spending the day with Tammi taking a barbecue grilling and smoking class from the NW BBQ and Grilling School.  It’ll be so fun.  I actually tried to get someone to go with me before.  According to their website food items will be varied and possibly range from brisket and pork tenderloin to sweet potatoes and stuffed peppers

We certainly know brisket can’t be done in a 6-hour class!  We’ve also both been unlucky enough to have ordered one of their briskets in the past.  Catch the word “unlucky” ?  We’ll see if the brisket we tasted was an exception.  Either way, I’m sure we’ll have fun and learn some very good tips.  I’m excited and can’t wait!

That’s it!  Time to post and get more morning coffee!

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. Good luck withe the trailer issues and enjoy some brisket for us.

  2. I hope the trailer title mess gets sorted quickly as that looks like a wonderful getaway rig.

  3. Oh my gosh. What a perfect gift. I have to remember this one.

    Hope you can get your new "apartment" licensed correctly very soon. We don't want you getting pulled over yet again. Lol

  4. Sure hope all the issues for the Teepee get straightened out Sandie. It is really cute...I have never seen the inside of one. And your towels are perfect !

    What a cool gift. Hope you share your tips...

  5. Leave it to the government folks to make that molehill in to a mountain:(

  6. I predict a flight to South Dakota in your future... :c(

  7. Why do you have to license it in SD? Thought you were from the west coast. You can actually license all kind of vehicles in MT. Even we did that when we purchased the MH in Phoenix.You need to have a INC registered and after that no problems. We still have the Inc. in MT...just in case

  8. Oh the joys of paperwork. Makes me wish even more for national licensing! The cooking class sounds like a great way to spend a day with a good friend :-)


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