Wednesday, August 31, 2016

We have a Teepee

A31_1Summer is now fading.  Matter of fact this is the last day of  August with Labor Day weekend closing in fast.  Some kids are back in school but in this area many of those kids have a chance for one more long weekend before returning to the classroom.   The start of school usually means vacations come to an end for families.  Parks and campgrounds even quiet down.  In our book that’s a good thing.

Check out this strawberry shortcake !  It was definitely a yummy summer treat and we shared it.

The weather has been quite “warm” the last couple of weeks with it teetering just below 100 degrees.  Finally those hot, hot days are now behind and cooler but still nice days ahead.

Since we left our motorhome in Arizona this summer, we have missed not being able to visit some of our favorite places in the Pacific NW in an RV.  It's not that we haven't gone places.  We have but that was from one hotel to another.  Well, that problem has now been remedied.  We made a purchase.  We’d been talking about it and finally did it.  

We’d been looking at different types of camping trailers for a little while.  We wanted it very small, light and easy to maneuver.  It's not for long-term use but for short outings -- 2 or 3 nights perhaps.   We started looking at A-frame trailers and decided this is what we wanted to try – at least for now.  Finding a good used one was a very difficult task.  One trip was an all day adventure to central Oregon only to discover a mold-infested unit.  It was a beautiful unit and we didn’t see the mold at first but mold is easy for Terry to detect since he’s allergic to it.  He’s like a bedbug dog wAline_2hen it comes to mold.

Last Thursday evening a Portland dealer posted a nearly new 2015 model and we were there at opening the next morning.  Nearly new was an understatement.  Neither the stove, refrigerator or microwave had ever been used.  Matter of fact, the propane tanks hadn’t even been filled with propane.  Within seconds we had a deposit on it until we could get to the bank to get the cash.  Now we need to see if we’ll use it …… but that’s what Craigslist is for if we don’t.  My title didn't really say we had a Teepee.  Well, it’s not really a Teepee but kind of looks like one.  It’s really a Clipper.

IA31_a2n the meantime we had a list of things we needed to purchase for it from drinking water hoses to outside mats.  We could have spent the next two days looking for those items locally.  Instead we took the lazy way out.  We made a list of what we needed and ordered most of it from Amazon.   It took less than 30 minutes and we weren’t zonked from shopping at the end of the day.

Folds down to a suitcase.       

It appears our first outing will be mooch-docking at our son’s house and then mooch-docking at our daughter’s house.  (Wonder if they’ll feed us too.)  Then, we do have another adventure tentatively planned for later in September.  It's a rendezvous with the Dixons and the Hyders close to Glacier National Park.  We will see.  

That’s it.  It’ll feel good to start making a few tracks down the highway again even if they are short little tracks.

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. Congratulations, those are wonderful trailers I am sure you will enjoy it. Much nicer than staying in hotels too.

  2. A microwave? Wow. Well equipped little teepee. I wish we could meet up too but we will be on the other side of the border, heading in the opposite direction. See you on our return.

  3. I have to give you an "A" on your find. You are certainly innovative in your travels! Nobody can say you don't think outside the box, have fun with your new trailer. :c)

  4. I love those little trailers! Can't wait to see the inside when you take your first trip.

  5. You are going to love that trailer! It will be great for those short trips! I was going to say weekend trips but are yours more likely to be weekdays when the campgrounds are quieter? I love that it has a microwave! Does it have a furnace, too?

  6. Reading the title, the first thing that popped into my head was- Yippee!

  7. You don't fool me Jeri. You did not share that strawberry shortcake. lol
    Does it have a generator or did you have to order one? Good luck. Enjoy

  8. What a great idea! You guys are so adventurous...I know yiu will love the Clipper!

    P.S. Why did you share the strawberry shortcake? It looks yummy...I would have eaten every bite!

  9. Well, there you go with your tiny, tiny house on wheels.

  10. That's really cool - it wouldn't be big enough for me for full-timing, but for shorter trips of a few weeks, even months, it would be so easy to pull, set up and get comfortable in. Congratulations - I'll bet you'll love it and use it a lot. :)


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