Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Get Together, Rose Garden, Bubble Run

Pictures are really great.  They have a tendency to jog that memory.  Sometimes we need that.  I hadn’t realized what_15_3 all we’d done until I took a look at the pictures on my phone.  One thing I did forget to mention was the trip we took to the Portland Rose Garden.  It’s such a beautiful place to visit during the summer.  We aren’t the only ones who feel that way because if you happen to go on the weekends it’s packed.  The roses were beautiful and so was the view of Portland from where the gardens sit.
_15_1 _15_2

_15_7We also visited the Clark County Fair with Michael and Sandi.  It was Sandi’s last day in Washington before she headed back to Pensacola.  We had a great time from checking out the barnyard animals, to the crafty projects, vendors and dog shows.  I was not a participant with the rides but Michael, Sandi and Terry were.  That’s absolutely not my piece of cake.




These are a couple of the rides they went on. 


Can you see the dog jumping in the pool? It’s like a Dog Olympics to see how far the dogs can jump!


Another event was the 5K Bubble Run.  It was a family and friend _15_15event. 

_15_18 _15_21


The run started going through bubbles and along the way there were several other colored bubbles.  Kids loved it.  There were many families participating with small children and even those in strollers.  What fun!

Those colored bubbles really do stain.  We now know that to be a fact.


My embroidery machine has been pretty busy.  After all everyone needs a decorator piece for their bathroom or tea towels for the kitchen.  Right?  However, I think my machine has now bit the dust.  Tammi says I need a new toy.  In order words, I should replace it.  We will see.

_1__5_1This weekend we’re having a get together.  Well, we’re really not the ones putting it together or having it  but we did reserve a Kamp Kitchen for the event.  My cousin is actually the one putting it on. 



We have plenty wet cobb to keep the deer coming around for the weekend.

We had  originally figured we’d hit the road and head towards Glacier National Park once the get together was over.    However, we discovered a couple days ago the person we thought we might be visiting isn’t going to be there.  He’s taking a vacation and going to Florida.  So, now we’re not sure where we’ll go.  All we know is that we’re going.  I suggested to Terry we pack a bag, go to the airport and look at the departure board.  From there we could make our decision. 

One thought was heading to Las Vegas for a few days but then …. I might be going there with a couple “forever” friends and don’t really want to do it twice in a month or so …… or, do I?

How many can actually say they really have “forever friends”?  These are the friends you’ve known most of your life!  A “forever friend’ is really more than a friend you’ve known just forever.  They know more secrets about you than ANYONE on the face of this earth …. anyone. Well, these are my “forever friends” as we’ve known each other since we were 12.  We've gotten together numerous times as the years have moved along even though we’ve lived a couple thousand miles apart at times.  Every time we do it’s like no time has past.  Do we have differences ?   Nah!
---   a blonde, brunette and redhead
---   a Mormon, Catholic and Protestant
---   a Democrat, Republican and Independent


During the summer on Thursday evenings the city of Longview hosts a concert at Lake Sacajawea.  On this particular Thursday I went with Tammi and Michael.  It was a concert honoring the Beach Boys!  Again, what fun!

That’s it for now.

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. Sounds like you are keeping busy as usual.
    Taking pictures sure does help us remember what we have been doing and help out the memory banks.
    Have fun no matter where ever you go as I am sure you will.

  2. I bet the three of you have some lively discussions with all your alikeness. I couldn't remember anything without my pictures. So the things I want to forget I don't take pictures of.

  3. I remember as if it were yesterday that you two took us to that fabulous garden. And seeing Mt. Hood was amazing!

    The Bubble Run sounds like a blast.

    A have a “forever friend.” She and I have been best friends since middle school. Joyce is the best. I always taught my girls to NEVER let a boy come between you and your friends. They are just too precious.

  4. Six of us went to a cafeteria the evening before a model railroad convention started. We had six different beverages, six different entrees, and six different deserts. Yet we were all there for the same convention. Differences are what keep the world turning.

  5. You have a machine that does that embroidery! I was feeling pretty badly about my hand embroidery.

  6. I enjoy going to county fairs, they still bring back memories of my long ago childhood on the farm:)

  7. You've been friend since age twelve? I bet those 15 years since really went fast! ;c)

    Bubble run looks like fun. I did that once all by myself and a washing machine with too much soap was involved.

  8. Yes, thank goodness for photos!! It's been so long since I've been to the fair - I need to make that happen next summer. Love the bubble run - sounds perfect for designing a white t-shirt! You three are the perfect example of things that don't matter to true friends.

  9. The fair looks like lots of fun...it has been years!
    I like the way you plan your trips!

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