Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Gathering, Kayaking, Finally Better Wi-Fi


Our annual “Gathering” is now behind us.  Campers and visitors have pulled out and gone on to other destinations or in most cases returned home.  The feral cats and deer are usually happy to see all the weekenders pull out. 

However, in this particular case the deer were fed more to keep them hanging around.  For the most part it went well.  Lots of food was ingested and a lot of “hot air” was exchanged.  In other words, we had a great time.

_10a1_18_10a1_20 _10a1_17

Most of the pictures posted here are not my pictures but that of a cousin so I can’t take the credit for them.

_10a1_29 _10a1_25 _10a1_30


The weather has been hot, hot, hot.  When it’s hot and someone parks in our RV spot out front, we have to share the electric and that’s not really fun because they get the air conditioner and we get the fans.  It worked and that’s all that mattered.


_10a1_23 _10a1_26 _10a1_24

Terry’s allergy doctor came to the same conclusion we did.  It took him tests to do so.  We just analyzed the data.  He’s allergic to mold and ingested way too much of it.  So, we’re trying to get his system cleaned out and we’re sure it mostly came from the little Ford Ranger we had to ditch.

_10a1_32_10a1_31 _110a1_2

With the final release of SOTA (Shroud of the Avatar), we’ve been scrambling to increase our WIFI signal.  I think we may have just done that with a new antenna system.  Of course, we’re hoping our poor connection was just a signal problem and not a bandwidth problem.  That appears to be the case as connection is much faster and signal has increased to 88%.  We’re also picking up other Wi-Fi connections too.   We’re thinking Terry’s game should play just fine now.  It appears to be much, much better and obviously, that’s a good thing!

_110a1_3Can you believe it’s the end of August?  We’ve got two busy months ahead of us.  Thus, I’ve gotten out the old chalk to start making winter plans. Getting out the chalk is actually as far as I’ve gotten but at least we’ve been thinking about the plans.  It certainly won’t be Florida again but our eyes are on the Southwest.  We know the humidity will be low and we won’t have to keep spraying ourselves with bug spray.   Actually, we will be going to Florida but it’s only for a few days and to attend a wedding.  It’s not like hanging around all winter. 


We still want to take a short jaunt in the next day or so but we haven’t accomplish much in where we’re going or what we’re going to do …. a plane trip, a road trip or a beach trip?  I guess we’ll figure that out soon.


There is bad news.  The word “diet” is catching up with me.  I can’t seem to run fast enough to stay ahead of it.

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. Great picture of momma and baby. Just fans. I don't think I could survive it.

  2. The word "diet" does not belong with you, Jeri! (Cheryl G)

    1. HAHA ... You remember the "Jeri" before she retired !

  3. Hope that chalk remembers how to spell.... ARIZONA!

  4. Hmm diet? Try saying healthy eating habits sounds much nicer, that's what we did and it worked. We have had the heat too but cooling down now fall is in the air.

  5. Don't forget you also need an eraser to go with that chalk.

  6. Looks like y'all had a super time! The deer are like having a dog around begging for food. Lol

    Hope Terry feels better very soon. It has been very very hot here also.

    Looking at our plans. We changed them
    Since Paul had knee replacement. We can't go climbing mountains in CO for awhile.

  7. I forgot to mention. How old do we have to be before the word diet isn't part of our vocabulary?

  8. Looks like a grand gathering - how fun that you all get together each year. I think it's been hot everywhere this summer, no one seems to have been left out. Hope Terry gets that mold out of his system soon, nasty stuff!

  9. Lots of fun! Lets not forget-diet is a four letter word:)

  10. Hope to cross paths sometime this winter as we have a good excuse to visit CA, namely four granddaughter who now live there. :c)

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  12. What a fun gathering...everyone looks so happy!

    The fawn with her mama is so sweet!

  13. A day of fun in the sun....so good for you!


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