Friday, July 29, 2016

The Good and the Bad

My laptop hasn’t been overheating from use recently.  I’ve not been blogging or doing much on Facebook.    However, my  phone sure has been working full blast with all that Pokémon Go nonsense that’s going around.     Terry and I’ve been out collecting all those monsters just like so many others.   It’s been amazing how many people of all ages we’ve met doing exactly the same.   It’s been fun and quite a challenge.  It’s also kept us walking as much as we can.

One of our Pokémon adventures took us to Esther Short Park in Vancouver.  Our timing was perfect because we were there when the Red Cross was having their own event.  They had bands playing and  lots of vendors in the park. 

Esther Short Park is the oldest park in the Pacific NW.  It’s beautiful.  There are plenty of benches to rest on, a water area for the kids to play in and it even has it’s own rose garden.  Many cafes surround the park.  We picked a Thai restaurant.  It was amazing.


Another adventure took us to the historical area.  Ulysses S. Grant’s house is there.  Lunch was underway and the place was packed.  It’s a great place to eat.  We’ve only been there once for lunch but visiting the area reminded us that we needed to do it again.


We weren't through because another hotspot found us at the  Pearson Air Museum.  This was another place we hadn’t visited in a very long time.   We figured it was about time we checked it out and we did.

We have certainly been able to be outside and enjoy the beautiful weather  in the Pacific NW but that still didn’t stop us from taking a short trip to Arizona.  We had left our motorhome in storage in that hot desert and wanted to check on it.  We also wanted to visit with Terry’s mom. 


His mom is such a classy lady.  You’re always proud to be seen with her.  She always dresses so nice and looks so great.    She’s also always ready to go casino hopping.  That’s what we did.  We spent the day with her at the casino.  For a change it was profitable for me as I walked out with an extra $120. 


Temperatures were over 110 so staying inside the car, the hotel, a casino and even a restaurant was what we did.  One of those places was Can’t Stop Smokin’ BBQ in Chandler.  We all love that place and love their brisket.  The food was delicious and service, perfect …… that’s because we served ourselves.

Back in the Pacific NW we welcomed the cooler temperatures from Arizona.  The nights are cool enough that we sleep under a light blanket but during the day temperatures have been in the mid 80’s.  It’s been close to perfect.  Now we just want it to stay that way.


We’re still feeding the deer and the feral cats.  Forbid that we should run out of supply for our little friends.  However, we also know we’re not the only ones who feed them. 


We’ve been having a little issue with keeping the deer off our porch and eating the flowers I have there.  One day I have lots of flowers and the next day none …. that doesn’t make me a happy camper.

Thursday rolled around and we had a visitor.  If you’ve read any of my blogs, I’m sure you can guess who this visitor is?   Many of you have met her and she’s home on leave from the Navy!  Happy days ahead for us!


It’s birthday season for our family.  We celebrated Jordie’s 21st birthday a few days ago.  Now it’s Michael’s turn.  Sandi planned her leave to surprise him and celebrate his 23rd special day with him.  We’re busy with birthdays right now … eight days and three more birthdays !  That’s a lot. 


That’s the good and now the bad.  We’ve had a stinky mess.  We didn’t smell it but our kids did!  Well, somewhere along the way when we had it stored our pickup caught mildew or mold. It’s been professionally detoxed now … at least we hope it’s all gone.  However, we’re not taking a chance ….. we're going to sell it!

Summer is fleeting.  Another month from now and we’re hoping to hit the road again.  It’s hard to believe summer is moving so fast.

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. You sure have been busy and like you said summer will soon be over but we have a great one so far.
    Nice that you actually came out of the casino ahead this time.

  2. My mouth was watering when I read where you went for barbecue.

  3. Wow - coming out ahead at a casino is almost unheard of. Congrats. The bbq is one of the first places we'll go when we get back. Love it. Good luck vehicle shopping. Not my favorite thing.

  4. Love the cover over your flowers. The marmot came and ate all the tops of the pansies and the stock but it is amazing how quickly they come back. Now for the tomatoes....

  5. Terry's mom looks great. Wish we could have gotten her and my dad together. They would have had a blast. $120...share your secret.
    I cannot believe Jordie is 21! Wasn't she just playing soccer in HS? What a doll.
    I think selling your truck is a great idea! Enjoy the rest of the summer...can't believe it is almost gone.

    1. Jordie's birthday was a couple weeks ago and she did play soccer in high school and two years in college. The pictures posted are of Sandi. She's home on leave for a couple weeks. Yes ... they're both dolls !

  6. Looks like Pokemon took you to some fun places! Wonderful to have Sandie home and that she gets to celebrate so many birthdays :-) Those deer are so beautiful, you don't really need all those flowers...... Have fun finding a new ride, we're loving ours.

  7. Jordi looks sharp in her uniform. I know you're proud of her (and Justin, too!).

    I admire your casino win, I still owe you that buck you lost for me a while back. I've not forgotten... ;c)

    1. Sandi is the young lady in her uniform and also standing on our deck! I think I need to post some of both of them together.

    2. Oops! Hard to tell them apart. ;c)

  8. You have definitely had more to blog about than you though. Probably just got caught up in the moment and forgot to post it.
    It seems the Navy is agreeing with Sandi but it looked like she couldn't relax wearing her Civis.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  9. I agree...yiu have been very busy! All good stuff too....

    Enjoy family and your time together!


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