Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Bremerton, Seattle, Pokémon Go

We’re back from our three day whirlwind trip.  Thursday we ended up in Shelton at Little Creek Casino.  We were actually pretty lucky.  I had thought about making a reservation for one night but figured the casino wouldn’t be full and we could probably just drop in.  Maybe we’d even get a better rate.  Besides I was thinking we might just change our 13_2mind about where we would be.   I was wrong, wrong, wrong.

We did drop in but the hotel at the casino only had two rooms left and both of those rooms were two-room suites.  You might guess we didn’t get a better rate.  My procrastination cost us double …. but don’t tell Terry.

I certainly enjoyed the buffet that evening with all the seafood.  Terry didn’t enjoy it so much since he’s not a big seafood lover.

What we did get in was a jet spa tub big enough for four!



This is what it looked like when we arrived.    --  

Later on this is what it looked like.  -- 


The next day we drove the short 40 miles or so on to Bremerton. 

We had another great room with a great view of the wharf. 

After checking in, we headed to Poulsbo.  Poulsbo is known as “Little Norway” and it was only a 20 minute drive.  The streets were packed and people were everywhere.  


We still had an opportunity to stroll in a few shops and check out the town before heading back.


Back in Bremerton we walked along the wharf and did a lot of people watching.  We also watched the ferries come and go before heading off for dinner at Anthony's.  I had been to Anthony’s previously and was looking forward to eating there on Saturday night.    However, we ended up eating there Friday night too.   Friday it was just Terry and I.  Saturday we had a great meal with Lee, Sabrina and Jordan.  What fun for sure.

Saturday morning we met the kids and headed towards the ferry.  This ferry takes about an hour to get from Bremerton to Seattle.  One good perk is that we wouldn’t be driving downtown Seattle or looking for a parking spot either.  The ferry terminal is almost in the center of town and not far from Pioneer Square. 



Pioneer Square is where the Underground City Tour starts.   We did this tour over 40 years ago and Terry has always wanted to repeat it.  This time he had an opportunity to do just that. 


The original town of Seattle is underneath the streets of today’s town.  The tour guide was great and we learned all the sordid details about the dirt, old plumbing and scandals.  We walked beneath the city on the old sidewalks that people used before the fire of 1889.  It was after the fire that the  Seattle of today was built above the old town.


We heard about the criminals, the crimes, the disgusting sewer system and the Mercer Girls aka seamstresses.  It was fun and I’m glad we had an opportunity to do this tour again.  I’m also glad we were able to share with Lee, Bri and Jordan.


Pioneer Square could be another tour in itself.  There’s lots to see in this area of Seattle but it wasn’t on the plan so maybe another time.


Anyone for Cow Chip Cookies?  -- 


From there it was 874 yards to Pike Place Market. 

I’m sure just about everyone in Seattle was visiting along with us on Saturday.  Finding a place for lunch was pretty difficult.

There were lines everywhere.  Eventually we found a line that we got into at Piroshky Piroshky Bakery.  Ever hear of that?  I hadn’t but Lee and Sabrina salmonhad.  They made amazing little pocket sandwiches filled with a choice of different fillings including salmon, beef, chicken, apricot and many other fillings.   The line was worth it and the sandwiches were delicious.

This was salmon filled.  Can you tell by the shape of the dough?   -- 


There were hundreds of vendors at the Market.  Some were inside and others were lined up outside.  The ones I liked looking at the most were the ones filled with seafood.


Just about every type of seafood was available.  Look at all these crabs!


From Pike Place it was down to  the waterfront, an ice cream cone or two before heading back to the ferry. 

There’s a lot to see.  We missed much of it because we didn’t have time but I’m already interested in going back to do a little more wandering.


We needed to hop back on the ferry for our dinner plans at Anthony’s.  We were also zonked.

Dinner started with an appetizer (compliments of the Marriott since they really goofed up my room charges).  Then, it was lingcod, salmon and fish’n chips.

13_26 __13_2 __13_1 13_29


The Bremerton wharf was packed.  A band was playing, a wedding was in progress and the weather was certainly cooperating. 

Sunday was all about Pokémon.   Lee and Jordan caught Pokémon all over Seattle on Saturday.  Sunday was the day the addiction spread to the rest of us.  Bremerton was full of Pokemon hotspots and we caught our share until check-out time.  From there we were down to Centralia where we  stopped, ate lunch and caught a few more.  What fun for sure!

13_87 13_81 13_76


What a crazy addiction for sure but it does make you walk and that’s a good thing.   Then, just adding to that addiction a little bit more ….. I came up with another idea for the kitchen towel and sat down and did a little embroidery.

  --  Wouldn’t you know it …. a Pokeball !

Next adventure?  Well, we’ll probably head to Arizona next week ……. maybe.

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. Love those markets looks like you found a good one. And the seafood, yum...
    We like to hit the markets real early before the crowds begin to show up.

  2. the tub photo. I can't seem to find the two of you through all the bubbles.

    Rats...we missed Poulsbo and didn't make time to do the underground Seattle tour. Our loss.

    We stopped at Piroshky Bakery too. Delicious.

    Oh my gosh...this Pokémon is going nuts. I did hear on TV it is a great way to get exercise.

  3. Wow, your embroidery is beautiful. Do you give lessons?

  4. I couldn't see you in that tub under all the bubbles! ;c)

    Do tell, how were the Cow Chip Cookies?

  5. I couldn't see you in that tub under all the bubbles! ;c)

    Do tell, how were the Cow Chip Cookies?

  6. Oh the food. And we are doing really well on our diets.

  7. All that seafood...what an awesome market! The salmon stuffed sandwich looks yummy!

  8. "Poulsbo" is actually a Danish name, but I know Norwegians settled along the North-West coast and around Seattle. Love that mural with the wiking ship.

  9. What a great, and full, weekend in a beautiful place! Although I don't "do well" underground, I really want to do that tour! We ran out of time and missed Poulsbo as well. Just more reasons to return to the area. Great pics of the market and waterfront.


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