Thursday, June 2, 2016

Memorial Day and Alaska - Part I, Juneau,

Getting ready for our trip to Alaska took a different turn and it wasn’t our fault.  The weather forecasters blew it again.  When we were planning it, the weather was expected to be gorgeous.  This is the beautiful weather we packed for.



However, we were thankful we were advised not to purchase any tours until we arrived. This is what that weather forecast changed to very fast.  Thus, what we originally were going to pack no longer would work.  We still had time to change what we were taking and that's what we did. We exchanged the short sleeves and sweaters to sweatshirts and rain gear.

Happy campers we were not!  Taking pictures in the rain may not be a lot of fun.  Our timing was definitely off because temperatures in our area would be climbing in the upper 90's and we'd be getting rained on in Alaska.  

Besides following the weather in Alaska, it was a busy Memorial Day weekend.  It always is if the weather is beautiful and it was definitely a nice weekend.  One activity by the lake was a Dance Blast.  Of course, I had to grab the drone and capture the group as 1memorial__1they were getting set up for it.  I wasn’t quite brave enough to get out during the dance.  It wasn’t just flying over the top of people, it was also not crashing into one of the trees while watching my steps in the crowd.


Out came the drone again on Monday.  This time we were in the middle of more trees so maneuvering was a little challenging but I did get a few photos of the brake changing job that was going on with the Jeep.


We also made our normal trip putting flowers and flags on the graves.   I was pretty disappointed I couldn’t find the grave of my brother who died in 2014.  

Then, it was time to think about catching a flight.  Our little roller bags were adjusted for wetter weather and off we went to the airport.  Watching the long lines on TV recently gave us a huge incentive to get there early.  We were thankful we were TSA pre-checked because that usually means we can bypass those long lines.

The flight from Portland to Seattle gave us some great views of Mt. Hood, Mt. Adams, Mt. St. Helen's and even Mt. Rainier

The only problem with this is the windows were dirty and streaks were reflected in the photos.

When we arrived in Juneau it was misting but the temperature wasn't really cold.  The hotel shuttle was at the airport just as hoped and from there it was a short ride to the hotel.  We were pleasantly surprised with the hotel.  It had been completely renovated and the rooms were beautiful.  The first thing we wanted to do was get a good night's sleep because we knew the next day would be a busy one.  We had a glacier to visit, town to check out and seafood to eat.  We also had a late night ferry to catch after all of that.


As I'm writing this we have already left Juneau and internet is no longer very good.  Thank goodness most of this blog had already been uploaded or I probably wouldn't be able to post.  More to come on the next blog.

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. Enjoy your time there, looking forward to updates.

  2. We love TSA pre-checked! Can't understand why more people don't do this. What do they have to hide?
    No window streaks could ruin the beautiful of those mountains!
    Enjoy your when you get back home.

  3. And they're off! Have a wonderful trip - I'm looking forward to seeing all the photos. You are such busy people, I'll bet you will do lots of fun things. I hope the weather cooperates. :)

  4. I hope the weather guessers are wrong again and your trip turns out to be wonderful--not to hot but not to cold and it only rains when you don't care anyway.

  5. Zoom, zoom, zoom have fun rain or shine!!

  6. The substantial coastal rains we remember from Norway. Heavy rain clouds would butt against the coastal mountain range and sit there for WEEKS, dropping their wet load every day and night. The east coast of Canada is much different as we have no major mountains to speak of. Weather is moving in and out all the time. A day of rain is better than weeks of rain.


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