Saturday, May 14, 2016

Wishy Washy Plans

We had plans for this last week.  However, we should know by now that not all plans work out like we think they will.  Our plans started with catching a flight from Portland to Phoenix.  That worked out just fine.  We both ended up with 14may__1first class seats.  We’d much rather be in “first class” than “last class”.   You get better seats and still get fed in first class.  We know with rule changes coming in June grabbing a seat up front will become very difficult if not, impossible.  Our thought is to enjoy it when we can and we did – both ways. 

   Take off from Portland airport

14may__8 14may__7

The sky was clear and we were rewarded with gorgeous views of Mt. Hood and the surrounding mountains.
20160509_161344 20160512_150822

We also got a peak at the Grand Canyon as we got closer to our destination.  


Grand Canyon 
There wasn’t much left in the day when we arrived in Phoenix.  The day was almost over and it gets dark earlier there than the Pacific NW.  Thus, we waited until Tuesday morning before we rushed over to Terry’s mom place.   We had promised we’d take her to the casino and then barbecue at  Can’t Stop Smokin’ BBQ in Chandler.  She loves that place and so do we.   However, from then the day started going downhill.

handTerry’s brother was also visiting from Virginia and had spent most of the previous day at Urgent Care with her and her very swollen hand.  Tuesday afternoon we were back at her doctor’s office and then the emergency room where she was admitted to the hospital.  The diagnosis at that time was a fast spreading cellulitis and there was fear of it moving to the bone.   Surgery was first scheduled that night and then it was changed and changed again.  Finally at 8 PM Wednesday she was wheeled into surgery. 

Spending several days at the hospital can get very tiring.  It’s amazing all the people watching you can do in the waiting rooms.  It was entertaining for sure.  If you find yourself bored one night, stop by any big city hospital waiting room.  You’ll certainly find it interesting.  

I ended up catching a flight back to Portland on Thursday.  Terry and his brother hung around for another day.  Originally we had planned on hopping a flight to Ohio and the Amish country.   Like I said, plans don’t always work out. Wishy washy plans are the reason we write things in easy to erase chalk. 

Remember the compromised credit card I had in March?  Well, the bank has really outdone itself this time.  I’ve had four different card numbers issued to me since that time as they try to correct the one erroneous charge to my account.  I wish they’d get it right !

Not sure what’s on our calendar next.  We haven’t had time to think about it yet. So, for the moment we're back feeding the deer, birds and feral cats.

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. The pictures from the plane are amazing. Great job.

  2. Yup plans written in chalk, works very well because no matter what something usually comes up. Have fun feeding your pets.

  3. Chalk is an important thing for an RVer to pack. Or for anyone with aging parents, really. Glad you got to fly first class this time; I do like it so much better but at least you still fit between the arms of a last class seat. I found out I no longer do when a seat mate tried to put the armrest down.

  4. Whenever I read your blog with all the nice pictures, you either moving with your RV or you are zickzacking in high altitude with a jet from A to B. (or vice versa) Are you ever staying for ...say 6 months in one spot? Talk about being a frequent flyer.

    1. Can't remember a time when we've stayed totally in one spot for 6 months. We were more frequent flyers when we worked than now though.

  5. Oh yes, people watching at hospitals and airports - a great past time :-) Mom's hand looks super painful, hope the surgery fixed her up!!

  6. Hope the surgery went well for Terry's mom looks serious. You know spur of the moment works the best when planning anything! Lol

  7. My mouth started watering when you mentioned Can't Stop Smokin Bar B Cue.

  8. sure do eat good in first-class. I will never know that perk.
    Oh my gosh. So sorry to see mom's hand. What type of surgery did they do?
    You were coming to Ohio and we didn't get a heads up? Were you just going to sneak in and out?

  9. I'm going to have to call you "Ricochet Rabbit" the way you bounce around the country at a moments notice. :cD

    Nice benefit from all your working years, you certainly earned it!


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