Monday, April 11, 2016

We’re Road Ready

10__11We are finally road ready.  The vehicle has been serviced.  The canopy is stuffed.  Terry’s folks use to collect antiques and a few months ago the antiques were split up between the three kids.  We couldn’t ship the larger items so we’re taking them back with us.  They are packed in the canopy along with odds ’n ends from the motorhome.   We’ve stuffed and crammed and pushed.  Our efforts were so successful that we no longer need to rent a U-haul.  Yippee!

Our plans for departure have also changed.  Originally we were going to hang around the Phoenix area until about Friday or Saturday when Terry’s brother returned to Virginia after his visit but …. Saturday rolled around and Terry’s mom ended up in an Urgent Care facility with food poisoning.   Her surprise birthday party was cancelled but she did feel well enough finally for a little get together on the big day.  Terry’s brother decided to visit in May instead when he hoped his mom would be feeling better.   Thus, no need to hang around until the weekend. 
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We’ve pretty much said our “good-byes”  to friends, aunts, uncles and siblings.  All we’ve been doing for the last couple weeks is eat at one  restaurant or another with folks in the Phoenix area! 

We had hoped to do more quadcopter flying but that’ll also have to wait.  We did do a little though.  We’ve learned a lot but have a whole lot more to learn for sure.  We went to Papago Park for one of our outings last week.  I love that place.  It’s so beautiful.

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11__1One thing I definitely wanted to do was visit the Phoenix Botanical Gardens before we left Phoenix.  We’ve been there many, many times and I know that I like visiting in April best when so many plants are blooming.   So, that was the first plan for Monday.  The gardens opened at 8 AM and I was there not long after.  I took a total of 186 pictures while there but it was a hectic day so pictures will have to wait until next time except for this one. 

We had much more to do.  The refrigerator needed to be emptied and cleaned as well as every place else.  We also had more good-byes to say and more stuffing to do.  Not only is the canopy stuffed but we finished cramming the club cab too.  Terry will be up at 4:00 Tuesday morning to run his aunt and uncle to the airport.  Then, we’ll move the motorhome to storage before we hit the road ourselves sometime before 9:00 Tuesday morning.  

That’s it for now ….. I have a feeling the next few days will be long ones so unlike when we travel in the motorhome.  

‘Tis life on the road.                   (PS .. I think I'm ready for a little life in the air !)


  1. Sorry about the food poisoning. That would not be fun. I'm hoping the poor little truck can get up and over those mountains. Safe travels.

  2. So sorry to read about mom. She sure looks good in the photos!

    We love Papago Park also. Did the long trail. Beautiful.

    You two travel safely. Making you can go into running a moving company...that is once you both retire. hehe

  3. Safe those saguaro blooms!

  4. Travel safely and we'll see you when you return.

  5. I don't know what a canopy is but it's great that yours is big enough to avoid having to haul a trailer of stuff! That park is lovely - super aerial shots :-) Safe travels, glad this little storm has moved on.

  6. Safe travels guys,the adventure continues!


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