Friday, April 22, 2016

Phoenix Botanical Garden

13__1Being behind in updating my blog (aka diary), I still have to report on my visit to the Phoenix Botanical Garden.  I love that place and if the season and timing is right, there are many visual rewards.   I did just that about ten days ago.  My time was limited because we were getting ready to hit the road again but this time it would be without the motorhome.  Terry opted not to go but I grabbed my camera and was there when the gates were opened.


No matter when you visit there are always things to see and many times I’ve lucked out with special displays.  This time the display was all natural.  Many plants were in full bloom and others just starting to bloom.  I think if we actually lived in the area I’d have one of those seasonal passes.  It’s a great place for an early morning walk and many people do just that.  This time there were quite a few people just walking while others were involved in serious photography.

Several school classrooms were there for a field day.    Students were everywhere with their drawing materials. 


There were many, many saguaro cactus.



Then, it was time to leave the desert behind.  We were on our way to Washington State.  However, plans will have us back in Arizona the first part of May but this time it will be in the Sedona area.  Sounds like fun and lots more pictures to take.

Upon arrival in Washington I had to check out the Tulip Festival which is put on by the Holland Bulb Company in Woodland.   I do this every year.  There used to be many fields full of tulips but last year we noticed there weren’t as many plants.  This year even less tulips were growing.  Wonder what’s going on with that.

We’ve been busy cleaning out our shed, taking stuff to storage, painting the deck and getting vehicles repaired. We've made a zillion trips to storage, a zillion more to the dump and a dozen left to go to the Goodwill !  No, I'm not exaggerating.   Today the furnace repair person shows up.  Hopefully, it’s an easy cheap fix.   We even had eight (8 ) loads of laundry doing sheets, covers and blankets!  Whee ……  I guess that's what happens when you spend all winter in Florida and return to a place in the spring. 

I do think a Trager Smoker / grill may in my future !  Yes, I do think that!  It may just be around the corner. 

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. A great way to spend Earth Day! Being from WA I do miss the tulip festival ... sorry to hear it's not the extravaganza I remember.

  2. That really is too bad about the tulips. Glad to hear you're not relaxing. Hahaha

  3. Amazing pictures of the garden.
    Now back home to purge and clean, isn't that fun? lol.
    That smoker looks amazing too, wanna see some wonderful food come off of there.

  4. Your laundry reminds me of a time we were stuffing a triple-size washer when the attendant came to warn us how big that was. We told him we were washing a king-sized comforter then he thought we probably picked the right machine.

  5. Grass won't grow under your feet for sure! Gotta make room for more stuff and toys? Try to relax a little. Love the desert pics.

  6. I love that Garden. The desert is sooooooo gorgeous in the Spring.

    Tulip Festival...wish I could be there to share it with you. So lovely.

    Will we be calling you two the Grill Masters?

    1. I love using the smoker but a Master .... probably not.

  7. I thought you would have toured the garden at night.

    1. Garden is lit up at night but I'm a morning person. Besides can't take pictures as well at night.

  8. Just make sure not to use the smoker for the laundry... :cD

  9. Beautiful blooms, I really need to get to that place next time through! Always feels good to clear out and clean up - even if you're going to be off and running again in May :-) Sweet smoker!

  10. Great pic's of the gardens. The Tulip Festival up here in Skagit Valley has a lot less fields now than a few years ago also. And this year they topped all the Tulips by the 15th due to an early bloom.

    As for the smoker, might I suggest that you also check out the Green Mountain Grill series of smokers. I've heard a lot more good things about them than I have the treagers.

    Joe aka EX treager owner

  11. There is so incredibly much to see everywhere. We love botanical gardens and are developing our own moderate garden at home.


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