Thursday, March 31, 2016

Phoenix – Our week in a nutshell

So, I started this blog nearly a week ago and never got back to finishing it.  When I do that I have to go back and change all the tenses from present to past.  I usually miss a few and when changing that I usually miss some deletions too.  Oh well, you’d think I’d learn.  Anyway, here goes.

__doris1We felt then that we’d been running around like crazy since we’d arrived in the Phoenix area.  We had quite a few people we wanted to connect with,  stuff to pack and unpack and even the front windshield to replace.

We knew the time in town would be busy …. as usual.  We sorted stuff and went through odds and ends like fat clothes and skinny clothes, electronics and old papers.  Most of this was put in tubs and stored in Terry’s sister’s garage but the storage was intended to be only temporary because we still needed to be consolidate it.  We also have other stuff to finish going through that was also stored for us over the last few months. However, we’re still trying to find some of it.  We're also trying to decide if we need to tow a U-Haul trailer to Washington.   

One of the first things we did was visit Terry’s mom.  He needed to set up her new “Jitterbug” phone.  Jitterbug has a few nifty features for seniors and he thought it would be perfect for her.  The 5* red button gives immediate access to emergency help if needed. That button will also connect with an operator who will even dial her phone contacts if she wants them to.     It’s right down her alley and just what she needs to help her feel secure.

His mom moved into a senior retirement facility a few months ago.  She no longer has to cook or clean.  It’s all done for her.   We’ve learned that having family members visit and share a meal, elevates an occupant's social status among other residents.  So, we plan on doing that several times while we’re in the area.  It's important to them so it's important to us.  We've been there once for dinner and Saturday we'll return for breakfast.

We’ve eaten at Joe’s Real BBQ in Gilbert many times.   After eating at other barbecue places across the country, we wanted to compare.  So, we met my brother and his wife there for brisket.  I thought it was good but I’ve had better.  Terry thought it was fantastic but we weren’t  through with BBQ yet and he's always anxious to compare other barbecue places.   We had plans for tasting the brisket again at Can't Stop Smoking BBQ” in Chandler on Monday.

Easter Sunday rolled around and we went to church with Terry’s sister.  What a huge church she attends in Chandler …. HUGE !   From there we were off to her place for an Easter party with family and friends.  What a great dinner it was!!  We ended up leaving stuffed!

327_42_Default 327_44_Default

Monday morning finally arrived and just as scheduled at 8:30 sharp, the serviceman who would be replacing the windshield in our motorhome arrived.  Talk about being punctual.  He arrived at exactly 8:30!  Within an hour, his job was done. 

Next we were off to meet with a few RV folks at Can’t Stop Smokin’ BBQ in Chandler.  I don’t think we ever get tired of good brisket.  We had visited this place last year and loved the brisket.   We were anxious to give it another try.

Good friends and good food … what more can one ask for?  The brisket was fantastic too!!

Tuesday was cleaning day.  We had just about everything pulled out and even a paint brush in hand when we heard a knock at the door.  We had company.  Aargh!  I think that’s Murphy’s Law, isn’t it?  Well, Terry’s mother, aunt and uncle showed up.  Timing is everything.  We were happy to see them but the timing was way off.   Oh well ... what could we do but invite them in.

We knew casino day would come.  Wednesday became designated casino day.  We stopped by the senior living facility and picked up Terry’s mom at 8:00 am.  Off to the casino we went.  We hoped by taking her early the smoke would be at a minimum.   How’d we do?  Well, they don’t have all those employees and fancy buildings by letting you walk away with much money.  Let’s just say we contributed to their bottom line.

That’s it!  That's been our week.  March is now nearly over and tomorrow is April Fool's Day.

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. Sure glad you like brisket so we could try out Can't Stop Smokin. So many things to do so little time. Good luck.

  2. if you need a break on your journey, we're in Havasu, and have a place for you :)

  3. Wow ou have been busy, soon you be outta there, travel safe.

  4. We have had to do the present to past before also. What a pain.

    That “Jitterbug” phone might be something I should look into for our dad. Where did you buy it? What plan are you on? Sounds like mom is all set up to enjoy life without the hassles.

    A repair company arriving on time. Miracles do happen.

    Great photo of the group.

    I knew mom would get to the casino sooner or later. hehehe

  5. Thanks so much for introducing us to the BBQ. I know we'll be back.

  6. I want to live where someone else does the cooking and cleaning.

  7. While we love our full size windshield, when having to get it replaced, we wish we had a two-piece one too! Hope the paint brush managed to find its way back to your hand :-)

  8. That was very considerate of you helping out that poor casino with your donation. That means I'll always have casino buffets to visit... ;c)


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