Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Norfolk plus planning the next move west

---  Meet Buck -- Justin says he's ADHD!

We were just about ready to wrap up our last few days  in the state of Florida.  We’ve been with our motorhome someplace in this state since the middle of October.  Well, we did take a vacation or two away from Florida.  In December we went “home” for Christmas and this last weekend we took another quick trip to Norfolk.  It was only for a couple of days to visit with Justin and meet Buck.  

Sandi was more than willing to babysit the RV while we were gone.  She was actually thrilled to spend “alone” time in her private retreat away from base.  We loaded up the refrigerator and then called a taxi to take us to the airport.

Flying north from Florida  gives you a reminder of why snowbirds go south.  It was much colder in Norfolk than it was in Florida.  We thought we were prepared by packing a couple pairs of our warmest clothes but we were still cold! 

We had a delay at the Charlotte airport before continuing on to Norfolk but overall the flights worked perfectly.  As long as there’s a seat for us on the plane, short delays don’t matter too much. 

We met Justin’s new pal, Buck.  Buck is super friendly.  He also has a playmate, Red,  for the time being as Justin’s roommate is on deployment.      Getting a doggie fix was pretty easy with both Buck and Red eager to be petted. 

We had a great time catching up with Justin, wishing him happy birthday and eating out at some amazing restaurants.  We were pretty busy most of the time and it was nice to be temporarily out of the loop.

Sunday rolled around pretty fast.  It was time to catch the flight back to Pensacola.  Again, it was an uneventful flight and a few hours later we were back in Florida at our RV with San

Check out our new bags. We found these small Kipling roller  bags / backpacks figuring they would work perfectly for short trips. And, We were right!  It's also easier to store these bags than our larger roller bags.

We had thought once we returned to Florida we’d spend just a couple more days before we crossed over that Florida border into Alabama.  Then, we had a second thought.  We do that often.  We’ve decided a few more days before we hit the road.  So on Sunday we’ll pull out of this state and head for Mississippi.   Sandi has assured us she’d be sleeping on our couch until we leave.  That we enjoy.

dell5We do need to hang around  in order to meet a UPS truck.  I decided to replace my tablet with an 11.6” convertible notebook.   There are programs I want to take with me on the road and a tablet just doesn’t work as well for that.  With a Pentium core processor and 8GB of memory, this should be great for travel with maps and photos ... I hope.   And, we do plan on taking a few more vacations this summer!  We’re just not sure where yet.

Back at the Elks RV park, we’ve had three RVs pull in.  Snowbirds are starting to move north now that we’re finally into March.  It’s still early but the itch is on.  I just hope RVers heading north aren’t planning on taking up spots in RV places we may want to visit.  And, where are those spots we want to visit?  Well, we’re still working on that.

This is the tentative plan.  First we’re off to Biloxi, Mississippi.  I have no idea how long we’ll stay and we have no reservations.  Everyone knows we’re not good at making reservations.  After that, we’ll wander on down to New Orleans.  It’s been a while since we’ve visited so it’s time we did again.   Eventually we’ll pull out of New Orleans but  we have no idea where our next Louisiana stop will be.11apr_313 

It seems that Texas bluebonnets may be early this year.  After all, in some places they’re already starting to bloom.   Hopefully, our timing will be perfect to see beautiful displays of Texas wildflowers.  If not, we'll catch them another year.

And, that’s the basic plan as we head west towards Arizona. 

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. Justin looks really good!
    New bags look great.
    Where are those bluebonnets blooming. They always seem to come in in April and we miss them.

    1. The picture of the wildflowers were taken close to Columbus, Texas on April 13th, 2014.

  2. Bull dogs? Such characters.

    Check out Ponchartrain RV park in New Orleans. Very nice people, infinity pool and a bar with great pizza.

  3. That the way we love to travel , no reservations and just go where the wind blows us. I a,m sure you will have a wonderful time no matter where you go.

  4. It does not matter when and where we go as long as we are enjoying ourselves. You do that well.

  5. Plans made in Jello...that's how we roll!

  6. We had a good time in Biloxi but a terrible rv park. I'll look for the name tomorrow and let you know.

  7. Love all the spring flowers along the roads down there.

  8. I sure hope you see the bluebonnets so we can see the bluebonnets...take lots of pictures!
    Justin and Buck look great!
    Sade travels.

  9. We don't like to make reservations, either. So far, we've never not found a place to stay, despite all the snowbirds and weekenders that hit the RV parks. Plus there is always "Camp Walmart" somewhere when we need it.

    Nice that you had fun with Justin and Sandi, I'm sure they appreciate your visits and getting a change from Navy chow. ;c)


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