Thursday, March 24, 2016

New Mexico to Arizona

It’s hard to imagine we left New Mexico just five days ago.  Those five days have been a whirlwind of activity.  About two hundred miles later we finally arrived in Tucson and the Voyager RV Resort.  

We had stayed previously at the same RV Resort.  In those previous visits we really enjoyed being at the park.  This time it was different.  We ended up in the pull-thru section.  Our site was level but our neighbor had his wheels up off the ground trying to level.  The RV sites are so narrow in this section of the park that there is no patio.   There is a small section of concrete next to your site that's no wider than a  sidewalk.  That's your patio!  In other words, we had none.  We were reprimanded the first night for putting out our awning because it encroached on a empty neighboring site.  The awning might obstruct an incoming RV.  

That same night we lost electricity twice and the next day the water pressure was almost non-existent.  We had registered for seven nights but ended up staying four. 

  --Terry, mom, uncle and aunt

We arrived in Tucson on Saturday so timing was perfect to meet up with Terry’s family at Casino del Sol on Sunday.



                              Terry’s sister  ---- 

Monday we were busy scheduling other appointments and cleaning out our bins.  We purchased a bunch of plastic tubs so we could move all the unnecessary “stuff” from the RV to Washington.   What a chore it was going through everything and what an inconvenience having all the tubs in the RV.

On Tuesday Tucson Wash and Wax showed up as scheduled.  They did an amazing job eliminating the RV of all the road gunk we had accumulated over the summer, fall and winter. 

Service work had been scheduled for Wednesday along with quite a few other “issues” we needed taken care of.   We  pulled out of the Voyager at the crack of dawn for an early morning appointment.

While we were homeless with our RV in the shop, we decided to visit with Tom and Dianne.  They had recently purchased a new home in the Tucson foothills.  We so enjoyed visiting with them and we really loved their new home.  It’s close to Old Tucson and the views are fantastic.  The home has so many unique features.  What a deal and what a great place.  We loved it!

We had ordered mail while in Tucson but weren’t quite sure when it would arrive so back to the RV park.  Our timing was perfect.  Our mail had arrived and we were just in time to check out the Market Daze at the park.  It was fun looking at all the great crafty items but we didn’t do any buying there. 


   -----------  We did make a purchase later and it was campfire sheets.

By 2:00 the RV was finally finished.  We had a dilemma now that our mail had arrived and we no longer had to wait for it .  We could either return to our site at the Voyager or we could head for the Phoenix area.  Actually, it was an easy324_19 decision.  We opted for the Phoenix area.  

The winds were strong and at times we felt we were going to be blown off the freeway but the distance was short … a mere 113 miles to our next destination.  

It was a long, busy day but we were happy to move into a new site with a patio and just where we hope to spend the next three weeks.

We have a lot of things to take care of now that we’re in the Phoenix area.  After a good night’s rest, the first plan of attack was to store the kayak.  We knew just the place.  We found a corner in Terry’s sister’s backyard for it.  We also found a spot in her garage for our plastic storage bins.  Of course, these bins will soon be heading north with us but for now we have a place to put them until we rent a trailer and get back on the road leaving our RV in storage for the summer. 

One more repair we needed to schedule was the replacement of our front windshield.  It seems there’s always something needing to be done.   Next on our list is finding a storage lot over the summer for our RV and renting a trailer to take up north with us.   Maybe those will be Friday projects.

We always hold our breath when the mail comes especially after we got a speeding ticket in the mail on a rental car we supposedly had in Washington DC.  It took forever to prove we weren’t in Washington DC.  Instead we were in two cars in two other locations ---  Chicago and Nashville.  What a mess that was.  This time the mail was great.  My credit card had been compromised so it was nice to finally get a replacement card.  We also got a dividend coupon from REI.  Along with that we received a notice of a price increase for insurance on Terry’s phone.  The good thing is he didn’t know he opted for that insurance and his phone had recently broke. So, now the replacement will be almost free!

That’s it for now …..

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. Wow you sure have been busy, travelling without the motorhome ? Oh my....

  2. Welcome back. Hopefully Friday will find storage and a trailer and then maybe you can slow down just a tad. See you sometime.

  3. What the heck are "campfire sheets"? Bed sheets?

    I got tired just hearing about what you have/have to do

  4. every time we've stayed at Voyager we've been in one of those dreaded pulll thrus. We like the park too, but not those sites!!
    I didn't realize that you aren't taking the rig to Washington. Now that we have joined the ranks of those "emptying and storing the RV" I can say I am not a huge fan.

  5. I have often wondered ... when you leave a park early, do you get a refund or eat the loss?

    1. I don't have your email or would have responded to you. We never get a refund but sometimes it's just not worth it to stay.

  6. I'm interested in how you proved you weren't in DC to get that speeding ticket. The way you bop all around the country so much, you might have forgotten you really were there... :cD

  7. Love those REI dividends. Don't love your rate of travel. Good thing we're all allowed to do things our own way.

  8. Oh for heaven's sake. How much can go wrong at one RV park. We don't blame you a bit for leaving early. Too bad they wouldn't give you a refund. That park is off our list.

    Terry's family looks great. So does

    I saw Tom and Dianne's house on FB. The setting does look awesome.

  9. We are just finishing up with all the things on our list...sure can keep you busy!

    Love the campfire sheets!

  10. Always feels good to get stuff done and the rig all nice and clean. 100 miles in those winds is way too far for me, glad it was uneventful for you. Love the cute sheets :-)

  11. Nothing better than keeping busy along the road:)


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