Monday, March 7, 2016

Florida–Alabama - Mississippi

There are special days each year we all celebrate.  Well, maybe we all don’t celebrate the same days but some days just need to be celebrated.  Our anniversary was one of those days and all three of us decided to celebrate at Outback.  Sandi arrived with balloons and gifts.  It was a nice evening indeed! 


That was also the day the FedEx truck showed up with the new little 11.6” travel notebook I had ordered.  It also brought the separate 8GB memory module so that I could upgrade it from the currently installed 4GB to 8GB.   With about 7 screws to remove the back cover it only took about 15 minutes to make the exchange.   Now what in the world am I going to do with the tablet I was using?  I guess time will tell on that one.  

Saturday was our last full day in the Pensacola area or in Florida for that matter.  What’d we do?  Well, we went back to the dog races and I wasted $15 on foolish bets while we downed yummy appetizers.   Sandi was the only real winner of the afternoon.  She walked out with 50 cents  in winnings plus the $20 I spotted her with. 

We certainly enjoyed being with Sandi.  For the last couple of weeks, she had been sleeping on our couch.  We enjoyed having her!  It was time to move and Sunday was departure day.  We didn’t have a long drive planned as we only had a distance of about 115 miles to go.  

Within about 20 miles we were in Alabama and another 60 miles or so we crossed over into Mississippi. It felt good to get on the road again.

-- Ocean Springs Elks RV lot

Our target destination for the day was the Elks at Ocean Springs, MS.  Actually, that was poor planning on my part.   Ocean Springs was off the beaten track, a long slow road to anywhere,  It was just a parking lot with electric only.  Since we didn’t top the tank off with water when we pulled out of Pensacola, we needed water.  We should have gone on to the Biloxi Elks. Well, that’s where we 7_02eventually decided to go.   We moved twelve miles farther and settled in for the night at the Biloxi Elks.  It’s in a great location and just across the road from the beach.

Biloxi Elks RV --------   


Biloxi is a very busy beach town.  Tourists flock there not only for the gorgeous beaches but for all the casinos.  There are a lot of those.  There’s also a lot to see. 

7_06 7_07

One place I did want to visit was Beauvoir.  That is the home of Jefferson Davis and the Presidential Library in Biloxi.  There is so much history to absorb when visiting these Presidential libraries.  I read a little about the Jefferson house and library before we visited.  Some folks refuse to view this place because he was president of the Confederacy.   Some of my ancestors fought for the Confederacy and some fought for the Union.   History is just that, history.  It happened.  We can’t erase it.  We can only learn from it.  

7_04 7_05

It seems we’re again in the path of another storm heading our way.  We’ve certainly had more than our share of them this year.  We figured we could sit in Mississippi until it passes or we could head on into Louisiana and sit for a few days while it passes.  What’d we opt to do?  Louisiana, here we come.

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. Sandi looks sharp in her uniform! Be nice to her, looking at her ribbons, she's a good shot with a gun. :cO

  2. It sounds as if you are having a great time! We love the deep south.

  3. On the move. Believe me, we are ready to be done. With the weather too. I swear we are getting webbed feet.

  4. true... what you said about history

  5. History is history. Tearing down a monument or flag doesn't change one thing. Be safe.

  6. Florida - Mississippi and beyond. That was our route in 2013/2014 when we fled the cold weather at the panhandle. We were eager to get to the much warmer California, but stopped over in Texas.

  7. Have spent many week all along t gulf.
    And even more in Louisiana, love the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain.

  8. That's the beautiful of RVing. If you don't like where you are parked, you can move.

  9. We will add Biloxi Elks to our travel stops. Never been there. I want to see Beauvoir! Add this to my Pinterest.
    Bad weather here today and tomorrow. Sit tight; be safe!

  10. The beach and Beauvoir look beautiful - nice to enjoy some sun and blue skies before another storm. Be safe :-)

  11. The tour of Beauvoir was terrific and we also spent some time walking around the confederate cemetery in the back. We plan to go back one of these days and spend some time in the library.

  12. Happy Anniversary!
    Nothing quite like the gulf coast in my opinion...we always enjoy a stay there!

  13. Yup, we are headed that way in another 6 weeks or so. Hubby originally from Louisiana and lived in MS. Almost like going home for him. Have to take your advice and tour Beauvoir.


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