Wednesday, February 17, 2016

World of Chocolate & Harry Potter World–Part II


We decided to brave Universal Studios on President’s Day.  We knew it would be packed.  After all, many businesses were closed because it was a Federal holiday  but what the heck!  To begin with, we were pleased.  The lines weren’t as long outside the park by the security screeners as they were on day one.  That was a good thing.  Then, the park packed up again beyond the ticket booths just to clear out until we entered Dragon Alley in Harry’s World.  Over all, we’re glad we were brave enough to go!  Universal did an amazing job with Harry Potter.  

The Studio side of Universal is very different from the Islands of Adventure park we visited the first day.  Other than Harry Potter World, there was not much they had in common.  This side definitely catered more to the production and backstage of the studio.  We liked them both but much preferred our first park.

Pictures say more and with less words than I can so here goes.

fb_02 - Copy r16_02

Are you as curious as George?


Remember Back to the Future and the Time Machine?




     This is for Jerry because he loves DONUTS!


We even visited San Francisco at Pier 41


Then, it was off to Dragon Alley and Harry Potter World.  Yes, it was packed there.


r16_12 r16_15r16_16

We also had to travel on the Hogwarts Express.

r16_21 r16_19

There was more.  Next, we found Transformers. 

r16_23 r16_24



That was it and it was definitely another fun filled day.  We had a three-day pass but we were thinking two days was plenty.  Instead, we decided to visit The World of Chocolate, Cafe and Museum.  I must warn you the next few pictures may be difficult to scroll through!

It wasn’t quite what I expected.  I expected to see all kinds of chocolate goodies being made but it wasn’t.  However, they certainly had a supply to sell.

The museum was more about the history of chocolate and where it comes from.  It was interesting but I missed the smell of chocolate filling the air.  When we were waiting for the tour to begin we walked by the cases picking out all the candies we were going to take home with us.  However, once we discovered they didn’t make it there, we weren’t quite as inclined to take a bag home with us.  They sure were beautiful pieces of goodies though.

__16_06 __16_04__16_02

Candy comes in all kinds of flavors and contain a lot more than just chocolate.

__16_13__16_07 __16_09__16_08

There was definitely something to buy that would interest everybody.


On display were many earthly creations.  There were about a dozen of these and they were made entirely with chocolate.  Like the chocolates for sale, these weren’t made in this location.  They were made and shipped from France.

__16_20 __16_18

We did get to taste about ten different varieties of chocolate.  The problem is the pieces were small.  Seconds would have been nice but we were reminded it was a tasting and not a buffet.


This was the tasting from the tour.  -----

That’s it for the Orlando area.  Today we're on our way north.

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. Thanks for taking us along on another tour, brings back memories, travel safe.

  2. Universal Studios sure has changed since we were there last, about 10-12 years ago. Might have to head back there again to take in all the new stuff.

    Heard that chocolate may be in a short supply soon, a museum might be the only place to find some. Now that is sad! :c(

  3. That's too bad they don't make the chocolate right there. Can't imagine a world without chocolate. Think about all the grumpy women there'd be. Safe travels.

  4. I would love the Harry Potter "world". And so agree, what is a chocolate tour if you can't smell chocolate? Pictures look yummy!

  5. Oh my gosh...are friends Margery and Paul were at the World of Chocolate the same day you were. I wonder why my eyes went to the liquor candies so quickly.

    By the looks of the streets, it looks like there were a ton fewer people than I would have guessed. But not so in Harry Potter world. WOW!

    Safe travels.

  6. The temptation would kill me. Gobble gobble oops.

  7. What a wonderful, fanciful place! That dragon is one of my favorite scenes for all the movies - and I can't wait to shop for wands and owls at Diagon Alley! Love the chocolate statues, but agree I'd want to see the making, and purchase something made there.

  8. Maybe they were afraid if the place smelled of chocolate you would be tired of it when you got to the shopping part? Is that even possible?

  9. Are you kidding? You have really been to chocolate world? This is the place I have been looking for all my life and you just happen to stumble right into that?? AMAZING is really all I have to say.

  10. Awesome report. I loved the first of Harry Potter books the best and would like to see "Harry's World". The display looks a lot like old streets in Europe (medieval) with a touch of the New World. They also would be packed with tourists in the summer time. The thing that is missing here though: street cafes. - Chocolate world. mmmh. If you ever come through St.Stephens, NB, Canada, there is a chocolate factory. They let you sample on a good chunk, and the chocolate is produced right there. Dangerously good too. Good to see you had such fun!


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